I am not a company, just a single (busy) person. Because of that, I have set up the virtual garage sale store to be as simple as possible in terms of shipping and payment.

I am only using USPS Priority mail (with insurance and tracking). Shipping is "free," but I've added a base shipping fee to the cost of all dolls. This is why, for example, you might see what you know is a $20 doll listed for $30 or $35. I do not ship internationally. The shop should be set up to filter out international addresses, but I reserve the right to cancel any sale that has a shipping address outside of the United States. Sorry--international shipping is too pricey and unreliable right now.

Payment is only through PayPal because that's the only thing I'm signed up to accept right now!

Recent changes at USPS have significantly slowed service--including Priority mail. I have no control over these delays, but will do my best to help: after 5 days beyond the projected delivery date of a parcel, I will open a case with USPS. If your package has not been delivered after 30 days, I will report the package as lost and refund your money. If a parcel is marked as "delivered" through USPS, I will consider the transaction complete.

All sales are final. Please ask questions before your purchase--either through the comments section or via my Etsy store.

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