Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Virtual Garage Sale

Hello!  Long time no see...except for those of you who've been following along over at The My Twinn Project Shop.  That's a fun time and I'd always love to see you there!

I'm not here to review anything (sorry!) but I am bracing myself to move to a different state for the first time in 15 years (and for only the second time in my life), so I have a lot of dolls to sell...otherwise the whole freakin' moving van will be filled with dolls!

So, I've set up a shop!  Yay!  You can find the shop on the last menu tab, above, or just follow this link.
I hope I'll dig up something that you've been looking for!  Please check out the Shipping page and the elongated Terms of Use.  Thank you for stopping by after all of this time!

Update: I'm going to start migrating listings over to eBay after they've been here for a few days. The visibility is better there, even though I don't really like the culture.  I'll keep adding inventory here first, though, and then move it after a day or two if it doesn't sell.  Thank you to those who've made a purchase!

My Scene Barbie "Sailor Sweeties" Kennedy.