Friday, May 11, 2012

Monster High Cupid Giveaway Results!

The time has come to see who wins the elusive Monster High C.A. Cupid doll!  I love giveaways, but I hate that not everyone can win.  I wish you could all win.  I've only ever won one thing in my whole life I think--my dad and I won a quilt raffle once when I was a teenager.  That was pretty awesome.

Also, I loved reading through your descriptions of favorite dolls!  I learned about a few dolls I had not been aware of, and I added a few dolls to my wish list.  I got a new idea for the blog, too.  I think once a week I'll share a doll from my collection that doesn't need to be reviewed, but just wants to show off.  Kind-of and oldies but goodies feature.  We'll see how that goes.

Anyway--the good news is that I found a few more Monster High girls to join in the fun:

Monster High runner-up prizes.
So, I'll draw five names in order from 1st to 5th place.  If you win first place, you can just email me your first choice doll and it's yours.  Doesn't have to be Cupid.

If you win 2nd-5th place, email me your list of doll preferences numbered from 1-5.  I'll give the second place winner their top available choice and then move down the list.  Does that make any sense? Basically anyone who wins should email me a ranked list of the following dolls:

Here are all of the names:

Purrsephone will pick the big winner (actually, it's my husband doing the picking, but his flare for the dramatic is not quite the same as Purrsephone's...)

Unbiased Husband Hand
Yay!  This is going to be great!
Who could it be??
Congratulations to...The Girl!  Let's hear it for The Girl!  Give The Girl a hand!!

You go, Girl!
Ok, I need to calm down a bit.  The excitement is getting to me.  I think I'll let Lagoona take care of choosing the second place winner.  She's chill.

Chillax, bro.
Hmm...let's see here...

The second place winner is...Ty Ghoul!  Ghoulishly delicious! 

Ok, so you lucky winners can email me, and I am going to take a QUICK break and will be right back with the last three winners!

I'm back!  Here are the rest of the winners.  Ghoulia inspects the bowl for the third place winner...

Hey, this is like reading a comic book!
 Third place goes to...Molly!  Good golly!

Frankie and her attitude will pick the fourth winner.

You want me to put my hand in there?? 
My preciousss...
Fourth place goes to...ryusmom!  Toys R(y)Us mom?

 And last of all, Meowlody will grab the fifth place winner:

I'm gonna get the one on the very bottom...

Fifth place goes to...L'Hiver!  (L'Hiver) which is "winter" in French.  I think.

So...that's it!  Email me your preferences and when I have heard from all five winners, I'll let you know which doll is yours!  

Thank you again to everyone for sharing your favorite dolls!


  1. This has to be the cutest giveaway announcement ever..
    A bit bummed my named wasn't picked but thanks for the giveaway =)
    And congrats to the winners..

    1. Sorry you didn't win this time. Never fear--there will be more giveaways! :)

  2. I love the way you used the dolls in this. That's what I love about the "Monster Girls" or Ghouls... The different characters personalities really make things more fun. My boyfriend entered this contest under Raven Omni. He's (of course) a guy, and hardly much interested in dolls until I started talking to him about Monster High. After getting deeper into the show, the characters, and looking at the detail put into every doll, he has also taken a liking to them. In fact, he's been more excited about finding Rochelle Goyle than I have been, and is even looking forward to the other two new additions coming out (Robecca Steam and Venus McFlytrap). I find it hilarious, and yet appreciate that we have another thing to add to our list of common interests. Of course, I like the dolls for the same reasons he does, but I also have my own interest in designing clothing for them (I have tons of scrap fabric from my old job and some others I've bought). The more I get into it, the more detail I'm putting into each character I have which I've noticed is the most important part about their wardrobe. I've even started making jewlery (including little earrings) for them! I'm 24, and I think these dolls have made me just a tiny bit crazy, but I love it. :)

    Since I first noticed them in stores around Christmas time, I've collected Ghoulia Yelps (Dead Tired), Draculaura (Skull Shores), Frankie Stein (Basic), Abbey Bominable (Skull Shores), and Lagoona Blue (Mad Science). I just can't get over how awesome they are. Before I had them, however, I was gaining an interest back into Barbie and similar dolls I'd been finding at the Goodwill and making clothes for them. I never played with dolls as much as I did with my stuffed animals back when I was young, but I remember having a lot of Barbie things and dolls given to me from my sisters old toys and things they'd bought for me during Christmas time and on birthdays. I remember having a Fashion show a couple of times with Barbie, but for me that was as far as it went. Oh... I did have an operation happen once when I decided to find out how the peeing mechanism on a certain Kelly Doll worked... Poor doll didn't know what hit her, and she never did work right again. Heheh.

    Anyways, I absolutely adore your Blog and I'm glad I came across it. I was looking for reviews on Clawdeens little sister Howleen and I found your post. You're hilarious, but your attention to detail and excellent picture taking was what really caught my eye.

    And now you've got me looking into Liv dolls... hah. What have you done?! I'm looking forward to seeing what you post in the future. Thanks for the awesome reviews and special look closer at my new favorite line of dolls. :)

    Oh, one last thing, I LOVE what you did to Meowlody's hair. It looks much better that way. ;)

    1. Spirit, this blog is totally responsible for my Liv Doll addiction. I will not admit to how many I have now, but many and lots of outfits as well. They are so fun. The articulation is really amazing.

    2. Hi Spirit! I think it's great that you and your boyfriend can share the Monster High hobby/obsession. I'll admit that my husband likes the Monster High girls better than many of the dolls that pass through this house. I bet making clothes for them is an excellent creative outlet--you can dress them in anything, the crazier the better!

      So, I am trying to post a nice calm comment here, but I am a bit hung up on...there was a PEEING KELLY DOLL???!!! Eeeek! I need to find that. You and I are kindred spirits, I think, because I'd have found it difficult to avoid that particular "operation" myself. Poor Fab Faces Kennedy is watching me with very uneasy eyes these days as I stroll past her shelf, twirling my sharp scissors around my finger and wondering what's under her face... ;)

      I am so glad you discovered Liv dolls before they disappear! They are so much fun. You can find some incredible deals on them these days, too. Toys R Us is clearing many of them out, as is Walmart. I even have a free one on the blog here somewhere that no one has claimed. It's an excellent time to stock up!

      Thank you for your post! So glad to have you here. :)

    3. Hehe! You crack me up! Yeah, it was "Potty Training Kelly," and I found the commercial here on Youtube:

      It came out in 96, so I must have been in either the first or second grade when I started the operation. >_>;

      It was a two day ordeal and took at least five of my fellow stuffed animals to help me out. I guess I was a weird little girl. Ha! If you do end up going after Kennedy, you should definitely blog about it and take pictures. Now that would hilarious. :)

    4. OMG!! That is the funniest thing I have seen all week! "She really tinkles!" We just watched that video five times in a row.
      I love the part at the end where the woman says, "Now, have EXTRA fun with Kelly and her little friends!" I expected her to say, "Now, have extra TINKLING fun with Kelly and all of her little friends!" Too much.

    5. I know, it's so priceless!

      Actually, it just reminded me of a time--not too long ago--when I checked out some of the games on Mattel's official website for Barbie (I was curious), and there was one called "Potty Training Kelly". At first it seemed weird, but then once I started playing the game the idea wasn't as bad as it sounded. Basically, what you had to do was lead Kelly around a maze (Barbie's house) and keep her from running into any distractions so she could make it to the potty on time... Well, if you succeed, it ACTUALLY shows Kelly getting on the toilet, and then making a face so giddy that you have to laugh! Then, the worst part is that she SHOWS you what she did! We laughed so hard at that game because we really couldn't believe that such a thing existed!

      But, of course, Mattel has gotten even stranger with this:

      I'm glad that by the time this came out, I was way over Barbie. XD

    6. Yeah...the pooping toy dog is too real for me right now to be entertaining! With three actual dogs (and one puppy), I don't want to have to keep up with fake dog messes, too! I might have to check out the potty training Kelly game, though. I want to see the face at the end!

      I spent way too much on Amazon for a Potty Training Kelly doll of my very own. I couldn't resist. So now, with you and the Liv dolls and me and my tinkling Kelly doll, I think we're even. ;P

    7. Heheh! Have fun with her! ;)

      And yeah, I know what you mean about Dogs and their messes. I used to work with them, plus I have one of my own. Smelly, but loveable little devils, aren't they? :)

  3. Nice and fun way to announce the winners! Very cute! Congratulations to all!!

  4. Lots of fun with this giveaway -- Congrats to the winners!!! I'm still hanging onto my chair out here over Frankie's "My preciousss..." LOL!


  6. Hello from Spain: Congratulations to all. Beautiful photos. Keep in touch.

  7. hi if no one claims that liv doll may I please have it