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Hi:Glamm "Pam" Doll (Discontinued) by MGA Entertainment

Hi:Glamm dolls were recommended to me in the comments section of one of my earlier reviews.  I love getting suggestions and finding out about new dolls.  In this case the "new" doll is actually five years old and discontinued, but she fits nicely into my recent fascination with MGA Entertainment, the mega-company that markets Bratz, Moxie Girlz, Moxie Teenz, Lalaloopsy, BFC Ink dolls and Novi Stars.

Hi:Glamm is a series of vinyl fashion dolls released in 2007.  The debut release included 5 super long-legged dolls that were also marketed by an Italian toy company called The Giochi Preziosi Group.  I am not positive about what (if any) differences there are between the two versions of the dolls, but this picture of an Italian Pam makes me think that perhaps the European dolls are better.

The MGA dolls seem to have had very little success on the shelves, and as far as I know, there were no additional releases in the US.  It's not so easy to find these dolls anymore.  The pickings on eBay are slim, and the few dolls on Amazon tend to be overpriced.  I found a Pam doll on Amazon for $28, which is less expensive than some of the other characters but still way overpriced.  I think the original cost was closer to $14.  Here's Pam:

Hi:Glamm "Pam," by MGA Entertainment.
In the box:

It was very hard to take Pam's picture through the prism-shaped plastic box with all of the sparkly glitter in the background.

Hi:Glare box.
A few things about the box caught my eye right away.  First, the name of the line, Hi:Glamm.  I don't like the misused colon or the double "m," but it's fine.  It's just that glamm with two "m's" makes me think of words like clammy and whammy.  And Pammy.

She loves shopping!  And makeup! And likes being on the cover of magazines!  Still, all of the text on the box is repeated in French and Spanish, so that's slightly educational, I guess.

Two of Pam's accessories are these little fashion magazines.  They look neat, but the covers are odd:

The legs power...what?  The space shuttle?
Also, the slogan of the line is ill-conceived.  The Glamms are called "special ordinary girls."  That would have made my high school English teacher crabby.  If you look in a thesaurus, you'll see that the antonym of "special" is, in fact, "ordinary."  How can someone be both?

The Oxymoronic Girls?
Pam's box is a geometric plastic tube with a sparkly cardboard insert.  The plastic tube is closed with small tabs that are pretty easy to cut through.  It's much easier to appreciate the doll and the back of the box with the plastic removed:

The back of the box is a bit unusual.  Rather than having pictures of the other four dolls in the line, it has some tiny text in an old fashioned typewriter font and then five enlarged photographs of the just dolls' eyes.  Each of the eyes apparently represents one of the "secrets to be Hi:Glamm!"

Pam's eyes = glamour/fashion trends.
Nicole's eyes = emotions/love.
Alex's eyes = global life/travel experience.
Julia's eyes = positive thinking/communication.
Kit's eyes = wonky.
The box suggests that it takes more than a good sense of style and a healthy passion for shopping to be considered Hi Glamm.  This is encouraging.  In fact, I think I just happened to choose the character with the fashion-crazy personality.  This seems to be a trend for me.  If I had been able to find the redheaded doll, Julia, who's all about positive thinking and communications, I'd have a doll who enjoys photography, wants to be a journalist and who comes with a laptop and a camera.  I would relate better to that doll, I think.  

So, I was getting a good sense for what these dolls are all about, and appreciating their diversity, and then I read the little paragraph at the bottom of the box:

I give up.
This confuses the heck out of me.  There's a nice long list of positive-sounding words like "fun," and "love," but what does it all mean?  To live a global lifestyle, do I have to be fresh?  Or do I have to be fresh (and colorful?) to have an extra-ordinary friendship?  To I have to live a global lifestyle to live an extra-ordinary friendship?  The other way around?  Ahhhhhh!

One highlight is that apparently French people know that you shouldn't capitalize "freshness,"  which is a step in the right direction.

In any case, it's not so hard to get the doll detached from her cardboard backdrop.  She's tied on there with a few wire ties and some of those friendly little rubber bands.  It got tricky in this area because the hair is sewn into plastic and the plastic is attached to the cardboard:

Once the doll is removed from the box, you still have to get that irritating plastic strip out of her hair.

The first thing I noticed about this doll is that she has terrible hair.  It's thin and stringy and falls in hard, crispy clumps.  The other immediately apparent issue is that her skirt is way too small...and she comes with underwear:

That's not London, or France.
Pam comes with a cloth purse and a plastic makeup case.  Both are attached to her.  The purse is connected to her shirt with a small plastic tie and the makeup case is tied to her hand with a rubber band.  Her necklace is also tied to her neck and chest with a rubber band.

Here she is with everything detached, still holding her purse:

From the back (after I tried to pull the skirt down a bit):

She doesn't come with her own brush, but any small plastic doll brush will work.  I used a Liv brush to try and fix her hair.  The stiff texture of the hair actually brushes out well.  It takes some effort, but I was able to brush her hair until it was pretty smooth--not at all crispy.  A fair amount of hair fell out in the process.  The problem is, the style of the hair is really thin and ragged, and so even when it's brushed out, it's still straggly and unattractive:

Pam's features are subtle and pleasant, but overall this face is unremarkable to me:

She doesn't exude any kind of personality.  A lot of it could be that her features are very pale, and so they don't stand out much.  I wouldn't be surprised if a character with a darker palette had a more distinct look.  In fact, check out this lovely picture of Julia.  Her features are more vibrant and appear more detailed.

Pam has some nice detail in her eyes and a frosty pink lip color.  

That lipstick makes her lips disappear.

My other hypothesis about Pam's face is that maybe because her head is so small compared to her long body, her head just gets lost in the exaggerated overall appearance of the doll.  Or, I could just be too accustomed to looking at the big-headed dolls that I'm obsessed with right now.

An unexpected surprise is that this doll can stand on her own--without too much fiddling and balancing:

The outfit is a disappointment.  Not only do I think that the style and colors look cheap and slightly obscene, but the fabrics are unappealing and there are a few sloppy flaws.

The top is a pink knit with an off-the-shoulder style and a subtle sweetheart neckline.  The knit part of the shirt is cute and stitched nicely, and I even like the decorative green rhinestone buttons and the contrasting green thread in the hem:  

What I don't like are the gaudy green fake fur cuffs and the loosely woven fuzzy yarn straps.

The shirt has a stain on the front of it, right in the middle.  I have no idea what could have caused this with the doll sealed in her box. Perhaps some glue dripped there during production and over the years the dust has stuck and darkened that area?

Apparently, the Global LIFEstyle is not so fresh.
The fur cuffs are not attached all of the way around the sleeve, and so when you take off the top, the cuff pulls away from the rest of the shirt:

The skirt is made of a lightweight denim and has an iron-on white fleur-de-lis style design.  The belt is silver pleather and is laced through actual belt loops.  The belt has a big studded rectangular buckle.

The fit of the skirt is terrible.  Also, there a rip in the fabric along the hem.  It almost looks as though this doll has been played with, although that seems unlikely.

One reason that the skirt rides up so high (especially in the back) is that the doll has a short torso with a very exaggerated arched back.  The arched back pushes the skirt up in back, and the short torso makes the skirt look like it's riding up higher than it is.

Appalling lack of skirt.

Pam is wearing very long sheer striped thigh-high stockings and high-heeled ankle boots.

David Bowie + the Grinch = Glamour/Fashion Trend?
Who knew. 
I like the combination of blue and green on these shoes, and their shape is very stylish and attractive, but I am really not a fan of the fake green fur.  It looks like a craft project to me, with the pieces of fur hastily cut out and glued to the top of the boot.  

The stockings don't have any feet, which is fine.  It actually makes them easier to get on and off.  I really like the stockings--they're the best part of the outfit.

Pam comes with an extra pair of blue fishnet stockings.  I actually thought these were gloves at first because they are so small.  They must stretch a lot in order to fit.  The regular stockings aren't impossible to get on and off, but they're hard enough that I didn't even attempt these.

Lazy me.
Here's a closer look at Pam's purse:

It is all denim on one side and then has a purple/pink shiny pleather panel on the other side.  There a green accent on the strap.

The makeup case is bright blue and very cute.  It has a decorative "G" on the front with three dots underneath.  This looks classy.  Maybe the name of the dolls should have been "Hi Glamm" with three vertical dots in between the words instead of a colon?  Too late now.

The case opens, but the top usually just falls off.  It can be easily snapped back together.

Pam comes with three makeup items for her case--a perfume, a lipstick and an eyeshadow case:

The perfume bottle is a bit boring, but the lipstick and the eyeshadow kit are great.  The lipstick cap really comes off:

Better yet, the eyeshadow case opens...

...and the tiny applicator brush comes out:

I am always disappointed when these cute little magazines don't have anything printed inside.  

Not surprisingly, there seems to be an emphasis on legs.
Underneath her clothes, as we know, Pam has some white cloth underpants:

And underneath the white underpants, she has some painted pink underpants:

Double pants.
She has an arched back similar to the Monster High dolls, but her torso is shorter, especially relative to her extremely long limbs.

The Hi:Glamm body has 7 points of articulation.  It has a swivel neck, hinged shoulders, ball and socket hips and rubbery click-jointed knees (like the older Disney body).

Having such long rubbery legs is both good and bad.  Bad because they're hard to control and good because they can bend to accentuate certain poses:

She's like a daddy long legs spider.

The absence of articulation in her elbows makes some poses look a bit unnatural...

Or, maybe it's more than just the elbows that makes this look unnatural...
I have to admit, the long legs are fun.  They add a silly uniqueness to this doll.  I can't say that they add a ton of elegance to her appearance, but the legs are definitely eye-catching and oddly endearing.

Here's a lineup so that you can see how extreme Pam's legs are:

Liv, Barbie, Hi Glamm, Monster High.
The other thing I noticed when taking this picture is how Pam's face just disappears in the mix.  It's what I was saying before--her face just fades into the background.

Even Clawdeen's extreme body starts to look realistic by comparison.
Pam's features remind me a lot of the Winx Club dolls.  Here is Pam with Bloom and my old Tecna who was rescued from eBay:

Remember when I thought Bloom's legs were long and spindly...?

Bloom and Pam, in particular, have similar faces.  I find Bloom's face much more sweet and expressive.

Bloom looks happy, Pam looks mildly bored.
My Tecna is a mess, but you can still appreciate the similarities--the slant to the eyes, the narrow face, the small nose and those simple, arched eyebrows.

Just a note--when I was redressing Pam, those green cuffs were really irritating.  The doll's splayed fingers make her hard to dress under the best of circumstances, but the half detached cuffs made it really frustrating.  I ended up just removing the cuffs (very easy to do). 

Pam's head can only spin around the axis of her neck--she can't look up and down.  Furthermore, when she looks to the side, she also looks up slightly.  This makes it hard to get her to look at the camera:

Despite an inflexible neck and some very spindly legs, Pam can strike a few poses that look pretty ordinary:

Ordinary...for a stilt-walker. 

The poor girl can barely see her feet...

 And could certainly never pick anything up:

(at least without exposing more of her underwear than she'd like...)

But I guess she can be pretty special, too, if these outlandish poses are any indication:

Bottom line?  Making a doll with spindly, exaggerated legs is a good idea.  Many dolls have distorted features, and legs seem like an obvious target for this kind of amplification.  MGA wasn't the first company to experiment with this body type.  Hasbro made a line of long-legged dolls in the 70's called, appropriately, Leggy Dolls.  These weren't much of a success, either.  So what is the problem with these dolls?  I don't think it's the long legs.

As a matter of fact, I found the legs to be the most exciting feature of this doll.  They are unique, endearing, fun to pose, extremely silly, and would come in handy during a flood.  Even the rubbery legs and click knee joints work well, with the locking knees giving the legs some rigidity and the rubbery contortions of the lower limbs adding to the doll's appealing absurdity.  The legs give the doll most (if not all) of her personality.  The problem with this doll is that her other features can't keep up with her legs.  Her face is unremarkable, her hair isn't pretty (or any fun to play with) and her clothes are skimpy and cheap.  Most of all, the posing possibilities made available by Pam's spectacular, rubbery legs are diminished by the lack of articulation in the rest of her body.  I always like to see bendable elbows and wrists with expressive hands.  With this doll, those features would have made her so much more hilarious and adorable.  I can see it so clearly--I would have posed her with her hands up to her mouth as she struggles to balance on her spidery legs, or maybe with one hand laid in exasperation on her forehead as she tries in vain to touch her would have been really, really fun. 

There's definitely a theme emerging in my mind regarding play dolls, and it is exemplified by MGA products.  MGA has a lot of good ideas, but they often fall short in the execution.  It seems to me that you can make a nice doll, or you can make an affordable doll.  We get these brief, wonderful glimpses of the two combined--Liv dolls were an excellent example and Cutie Pops are an exciting current example.  In the long run, though, I think the high quality $20 dolls are not sustainable.  They either get discontinued for lack of profit, or they have to take a hit in quality.  MGA might be a big enough company that they aren't concerned with releasing a high-quality first run doll--they don't need to attract buyers.  They go straight to the cheap version of their great idea.  This probably makes excellent business sense, but it is sad for this particular doll collector.

For Azzure Sky:


  1. She's such a fun looking doll! Great review as always! I emailed you too!

  2. I saw the Asian one of these at Goodwill for 50 cents. I wondered what on earth it was! I debated getting it for moment, but it was just kind of creepy....

  3. Hey .! Another good review , but I've been looking around for a dark , yet whismical doll line . Could you help me ?

    1. Hmm...whimsical? I assume you know about the Living Dead dolls, they're certainly dark, but I dunno about whimsical! Another interesting (but discontinued) doll line is the Bleeding Edge Goth dolls ("BEGoths"). They are similar in theme to Monster High but not as articulated and slightly edgier. They have a lot of facial piercings and tattoos--that kind of thing. I have one of those I have been waiting to review. Robert Tonner's Tim Burton dolls are slightly dark, but they're at a higher price point. Of course some of the ball jointed dolls are downright creepy...and they can be customized to fit your taste. In terms of a play line, though, that's about all I've got. I'll keep thinking...

  4. I sort of like it's long legs, and those shoes are surprisingly cute! (With the cuffs off, of course)

    1. Yeah--the shoes are fun. There's something about their shape that I find appealing. They have long clean lines. As an added bonus, they help her stand on her own!
      The legs are certainly the best feature, though.

  5. I recall when these came out. I almost bought one but the price was a little more then I wanted to spend. I did think of the 70's doll Leggy when I first saw them. Overall I think the outfits were just too 'trashy' for my taste.

    1. That's a good way of describing the outfits--Pam's outfit, anyway. I won't tell you the bouquet of words my husband used to describe it. :)

  6. I would like to ask - can they share clothes/shoes with Monter High dolls? Hi: Glam are extremely cheap here and I'm wonder if I could use as donor of clothes for my Rochelle.

    1. Good question. I was thinking the Monster High torso is too long, bu I can investigate that for you...

    2. I know, that boots fits MH dolls, but I heard mixed things about clothes, so I wanted to make sure. They are cheap, but I'm unwilling to spend even that little unless I can use most things.

    3. Yep--I'll post a (bad quality) pic of my Clawdeen in Pam's clothes. The sleeves are too long and the skirt is a bit loose (and still too short). I wouldn't spend the money.

    4. Personally, I think it looks quite nice on her! Anyway, I think I pass on deluxe set and maybe get basic Julia doll just for accessories, when I will have spare money. She come with quite cute laptop and camera.

    5. The long sleeved look is endearing, it's true. The skirt isn't too much worse on Clawdeen than it is on Pam, but I don't think the outfit is worth much. If you can find Julia, that changes my advice. I think Julia looks lovely and many people who have her agree that she's the best from this line. I'd probably buy her if I found one! I like her laptop and camera, too. :)

    6. Azzure Sky (who is too lazy to log in)September 12, 2012 at 5:25 AM

      Oh, I didn't noticed it earlier - photo of italian Pam from very begining (the one you mentioned to be better that yours Pam) is just delux set. All Hi: Glamms are sold as basic (one you have) and delux (one form photo) sets. Delux dolls have different outfits and extra stuff like boots or bags and they aren't even much more expensive than basics. (In our country delux sets cost just 1$ more)

  7. Honestly, this doll doesn't really get my attention. I guess it's what you're saying, she's just plain and a bit cheap looking. And that outfit... I think it's the tackiest thing I've seen on a doll! lol
    Right now I've been really into asian dolls like jerry berrys, latidoll and especially doran doran dolls! This last ones are my definition of cuteness, I need one >.<

    1. Oh, that was fun! I just looked up all of the dolls you suggested. Wow! How on Earth is it that I've never paid attention to Latidolls before? I'm kinda in love with Largo (on the cover of the website) and the little Yellow line girls like Cookie and Lea--ADORABLE. The problem with BJDs is that I see the price and think, "Hmm. That might work," and then I start adding all of the cool extra features...and I am very quickly in big trouble!!
      Thank you for sharing those, though. What wonderful looking dolls--all of them!

    2. Love the wistful face on Lea! I've been looking at her for ages, but just can't justify the cost right now ... ended up with a 5StarDoll Mia who also has a delightful wistful face, although is taller than Lati Lea.

    3. You're welcome! I'm glad you liked them too :)

      I agree with you, latidolls are super adorable! They have this innocent and charming look that just makes me want to take them home lol ( I particularly like those in the white and yellow lines). The price is quite a downside (especially for me, since I'm not serious about collecting yet) but I still enjoy looking at them any way, even if I can't get them!

      I know of some other asian dolls but I don't know if I'm bombarding you with all these dolls! lol

  8. Hahaha! You are the best doll reviewer. Maybe if ever end up with a supernatural element in my doll world, I'd add her.

    1. Thank you. :) I think you're on to something--they should have a super long-legged humanoid alien on Star Trek or Dr Who or a show like that! I'd watch. ;)

  9. Yay, finally this review :D
    I have every basic Hi Glamm doll except for Nicole (never saw her here) The dolls weren't even supposed to be sold here but I found them a long time ago at a very cheap outlet store (maybe dollar store is a better word for it?) for only a few euros a piece.
    Pam is actually my least favorite of them, I was hoping you got Julia, she is the perfect doll for you and my personal favorite :)
    These dolls do have some quality issues (mostly with the clothing) but I was surprised about the hair, the hair on my Pam doll is gorgeous and soft!
    I can't get the arm cuffs on again so maybe I'll just cut them off like you did. And you're so right about the skirt, waaaay to short!
    Julia is the only basic doll that isn't showing her belly button, she's wearing a cool dress!
    Anyway, I'm glad that you did a review on this doll, it's a shame that you had to pay so much, especially in comparison with the price I paid!
    Oh, and one thing, I didn't know you had a mattel Winx Club doll! :O
    I have a lot of mattel Winx Club dolls, I think those are the best, why did mattel stop making them? :c
    You even have a rare doll! That Tecna is singsational Tecna!
    Really rare here in the Netherlands, but all Tecna (and Musa) dolls are rare here, I have a ton of Flora, Stella and Bloom dolls but only 1 Musa and 1 Tecna. I hope I can find more of them in the future! :D

    1. Oh, you are so right!! I wanted Julia badly, but I couldn't find her for an affordable price. Everything about her is so much more appealing to me! I'm still really glad that I bought Pam and got a chance to look at this line. They are very unique and gave me a lot to think about!

      I bought my Mattel Tecna on eBay for an insanely cheap price, but she had been very well-loved. I tried to fix her up a little but went overboard with the facial glitter. :D I still like having her so that I can compare her to the newer Tecna. I like the Tecna character a lot!

    2. Well, if you like Winx Club, you love glitter! :D
      Tecna actually was the least popular character of the series, maybe because of her look? How she dresses?
      If you compare her season 1 Winx Club outfit to the others, you'll she the differences that likely caused the Tecna dislike factor among children. She never was a girly girl so I think that's why she was the least popular character, although I really appreciate her, Winx Club wouldn't be Winx Club without Tecna, that's for sure!

  10. Is it wrong that I keep thinking that her body would make excellent fodder for a Slenderman custom?

  11. Have one in the box from Goodwill, (probably 3 years ago) and have never figured out if I love her or she's just funny. :) Perhaps I should see if she'll sell. (?)

  12. Hi Glamm dolls were a hit here in Italy when they came out. Giochi Preziosi made a collaboration with Calzedonia, an italian chain store underwear, in which they gave a limited edition fashion pack for the doll and a special prize for the stocking sold in Calzedonia stores

  13. Hello from Spain: these dolls were very successful in my country. Because they were so high they were known as spaghetti dolls, like food, because they were very thin and tall. I do not like it do not seem real. Your details, as always, is very thorough. Keep in touch

    1. Anda, yo también soy de España! :) ¿Tan famosas fueron estas muñecas? Yo las acabo de conocer con esta review xD Las que sí que tuve de pequeña fueron las Betty Spaghetty (tengo que buscarlas!). Pero bueno, estoy de acuerdo contigo en que se vean algo irreales, no sé, hay algo que no cuadra... y también está esa ropa hortera que llevan! xDD

  14. Wonderful review as always! After reading it and looking at the pictures, I can't help thinking: how about Hi:GAMS doll, LOL!

  15. Hi Emily,

    I have to agree about MGA and the quality issue - I can't say that there is a doll they've released that I could rate highly and I think you've described it perfectly in your closing paragraphs (going to the cheap version of a great idea). Other than that, great review. I've only got a couple of the dolls, Nicole and Alex, and they are from a fitness line, so they are not quite so skimpily dressed. I also saw that you mentioned putting the stockings were a bit difficult, and I wondered if Pam came with some little plastic tubes to assist with that? The tubes are somewere between a regular and a freezer ziploc bag in thickness, so they aren't flimsy, and you would slip them onto the leg before putting on the tights. I haven't removed the clothes on mine (yet), but I can see where that would be of assistance. Also, if you have an MGA Top Model doll (I think that is what they were called), Hi:Glamm can borrow their shoes. Looking forward to your next review!

    1. Oooh--interesting! Pam might have come with a stocking helper and maybe I threw it away thinking it was part of the packaging? Tonner dolls come with plastic on the limbs, so I guess I am just used to removing stuff like that and throwing it away. That's too bad. The rubbery legs definitely make it hard to get those stockings on.

      Also, your comment gives me some new information! If there was a fitness line of these dolls, then I was wrong about there being no additional releases. I was made aware of a deluxe set version, and found some pictures of those dolls, but hadn't heard about the fitness line. I'm glad the clothes are better!

      Now I am kind of excited to check out MGA Top Model dolls...although I might need to give MGA a bit of a break just for the moment. ;)

  16. Those are still surprisingly common and super cheap over here (markdowns + unpopular), so I've gotten quite a few of them just for their accessories.
    To the person above who asked, most of their clothes are too big for MH in the chest and midsection as far as I can tell :D
    I totally agree with all of this review, I never had this Pam specifically but Julia's the only one whose face is of any interest, she has very pretty curly red hair too- good quality curls, not crappy stringy messy ones. In fact I kept a single Julia head to perhaps fit onto a better more articulated body at some point. (for anyone who wants to attempt a body swap on these, be warned that the neck joint is extremely fragile and will most likely break upon removing the head, even if you heat the head up and soften it properly) The knee joints tend to break easily too.
    But overall, these dolls have had some amazing accessories- the purses, the little extras and of course the leggings. Their shoes (specifically the pumps, not necessarily the boots) also come very close to being a perfect fit for Monster High.
    I do wonder what's up with the dual manufacturer, were they originally designed and owned by MGA or Giochi Preziosi? Did GP/MGA actually manufacture them for their respective countries, or were they manufactured by one of them and distributed by both.. hm. :)
    In any case thanks for another great review Emily :D

  17. Hi these are strangely porportioned dolls and they have funny legs and super straggly hair i think my friend has one of these she has brown hair but still not sure i love your reviews and i will proably be coming back to this site

  18. Yeah, a little bored, I totally agree. I didn't realize that the green and blue combo was a no-no. I kinda like it, but I also like flip-flops and sweatpants. ;)

  19. Another great review. I have all 5 Hi:Glamm dolls (as well as all 4 Leggy dolls) but as I got Pam and Alex on ebay from a seller who had deboxed them I never got to do it. Julia, which I bought right around when these dolls came out because she reminded me of Leggy Kate, truly does have the best hair of them all. It still has never gone frizzy. After that a distant second is Nicole's hair and the rest were as bad as you've seen on Pam.

    1. Ok, now I really want Julia! I love red hair and I really do enjoy the silly long legs on these dolls. They're very fun! The quest begins...

  20. Wow! I have her! I thought that no one even knew of the brand. I use the makeup all the time with my other dolls.

  21. Ii made a lps Blythe cam mh hybrid!

  22. I think I remember these dolls, But I always passed them by or never payed much attention to them because of their loong bodies! I can see now why I did pass by them, They def don't go with my Liv, Monster high and Moxie Teen dolls.

    On another note, I have to say that I really love and enjoy reading your Reviews, You've Reviewed a lot of the dolls that I had thought about adding to my collection or just wondered about. I was really impressed with your Review on the new Merida doll from the new Disney store line of articulated dolls, I really want her as well as the new Bratzillaz dolls which I'm really would like to get. I'd love for you to Review the new Jasmine (I'm a sucker for Princess Jasmine) from the new Disney store line, As well as Jade J'adore from the Bratzillaz doll's since I'd really like to have her.

  23. wow. that doll has long long long long legs. definitely catches your eye!

  24. Hello! Just in case you'd like to know-you can easily order those dolls from polish auction site, they cost around 6$ (plus shipping ofc). I bought Alex (the brunette) but they got all kinds. Basic and er, deluxe version (some accessorizes and extra clothes). If anyone is interested i can post a links to this shop (or just check
    Anyway, thanks for such detailed description. I must admit i like Alex's hair v much, they look better than Pam's-at least in my opinion.
    What i LOVE about these dolls are tiny accessorize sets-so fun and quite well done too. Alex comes with two CD records (which means she is not so modern as producers claim)and you can actually take discs from boxes. Or put her boom box in her bag.
    To sum up-they are really fun to look at and unique.

  25. The "special ordinary" slogan means she is special due to her legs, but yet ordinary so the girl playing with the doll is supposed to feel like she is not out of reach. For example "top model dolls" are said to make girls feel inferior. She is ordinary like a ordinary teenage, but special due to her legs. I think this what they were trying to portray with that slogan.

  26. I used to love these dolls and I collected every single one of them my favourite was julia I loved them but one day I gave them away. Then I couldn't find another one ever again I wanted to know what happend I guess you answerd my question.

  27. These kinda remind me of the Betti Spaghetti dolls so popular long ago. Now those were FUN.

  28. I used to have this doll! Wow, it's been forever... owo

  29. Those are some pretty dang long legs.

  30. wow! she is a mix of pretty, and weird (those long long legs!!!)

  31. I could mention several tacky, cheap-looking or shallow headed dolls, but these ttally take the cake

  32. I Think, the eye SHADOW and the lipstick are Great, gut her Face looks a bit Nasty.

  33. You can see cause this doll line is made by Mga because if you look on how the eyes are painted you can see cause they're are made by the same company.
    The sassy shape of her eyes and eyebrows are like Bratz but smaller.
    Very good review .
    I love this doll line.

  34. sweater looks way better without those dumb muppet-fur cuffs, good call there.