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Bratzillaz "Magic Night Out" Meygana

I reviewed Midnight Beach Meygana Broomstix very recently, so you might think that I'd take a break from the Bratzillaz line for a while.  The thing is, at the end of the Midnight Beach review I said, "If MGA produces another wave of dolls with normal skin and nice hair, I'd be very interested." Well.  It's almost like MGA read my mind.  I am very interested in this new doll:

New "Magic Night Out" Meygana (boxed) with original Meygana (left)
and Midnight Beach Meygana (right).
There are two new waves of Bratzillaz on the shelves--the Magic Night Out line that retails for $24.99 and a more basic group of dolls that cost $12.99.  I'll show you a basic doll later, but I want to show you the Magic Night Out Meygana first because she appears to have all of the good qualities from the first two waves mixed into one doll.  Her hair is straight (not frizzy) and yet she has the same amazing eyes and dark face paint that made the original Meygana special.  Even her outfit and accessories look good:

Meygana comes with a brush, a stand and a magic wand toy that's supposed to look like a broomstick:

The box advertises a twist and dance motion that makes me nervous.  When Spin Master tried that trick it didn't go very well.   My confidence in this gimmick isn't bolstered by the picture on the box.   Meygana look more like she's having a panic attack:

Deform my waist to see me FREAK OUT!
On the back of the box, there's a group photo of all six Magic Night Out dolls:

There is a new character named Vampelina.  Not the best name choice in the world, if you ask me.  I would have named her "Desmona" after the genus name of a vampire bat: Desmodus.  Anyway, Vampie was not in the store when I was there, but in this picture, she reminds me of Frankie Stein.

What on Earth is Vampelina's pet??  A Bunnybat?  A Dragon-mule?  A Vampirabbit?
The box is very similar to the first wave Bratzillaz boxes.

The most time consuming de-boxing steps are removing the plastic shackles around Meygana's feet and cutting all of the threads and plastic ties that hold her onto the cardboard.  As usual, the plastic ties in the back of the head gave me the most stress.

The cardboard backdrop has a pink and blue picture of a fancy sitting room or restaurant:

Here's everything that comes in the box: 

The broomstick magic wand is neat, and I guess it looks a little bit like a broomstick, although the resemblance might be more clear if the wand was brown.  The wand also looks a little bit like a $2 novelty toy.  The wand has two interchangeable fixtures, one that looks like the bristles of a broom, and another that looks like a crystal ball:

The wand shines a blue light through the fiber optic bristles:

The crystal ball attachment is slightly less impressive.  It look a bit like a plain light bulb:

The wand is taunting me a bit, I think:

Try me.  I dare you.

Meygana comes with the same broomstick brush that accompanied the first wave doll:

The stand is the same, too.  It's a nice, usable stand:

Here's Meygana on her stand:

Her face is every bit as nice as the first Meygana's face.  I just love her eyes:

A few lip paint smudges.

Given MGA's track record, my primary concern was with this doll's hair.  The fiber is much nicer than the first Meygana's frizzy mess, but it's not quite as silky smooth as the Midnight Beach Meygana's hair.  This makes me wonder why they didn't just use the same fiber they used for the Midnight Beach dolls.  Huh.    

This doll has long, bright red poker straight hair worn in a simple ponytail:

The hair attracts a lot of static.
Meygana's outfit looks like a cute layered tulle party dress worn under a royal blue coat:

The details in the coat are particularly nice.  The neckline is accented with a teal cravat and the front of the coat has criss-crossed corset style gold thread decorations:

The coat is open in front and then angles into a long tail at the back:

The problem is, the whole outfit is sewn together, and the party dress stops where the coat tail begins. There is no back to the cute little tulle skirt: 

Here's the dress all by itself so that you can see how it is constructed:

The skirt has two layers of glittery pale tulle draped over a shiny teal underskirt.  The underskirt isn't hemmed, but it looks like the edge is finished somehow.

The neckline of the coat/dress is very cute, although the high collar and tulle cravat seem unusually conservative for a Bratzillaz doll.  

The stitching in the back of the dress isn't great--the seam is puckered and there are some threads sticking out here and there.

The blue part of the dress is made out of a slightly stretchy fabric that makes dressing and undressing the doll very easy.  It's not a perfect outfit, but I like the style, and I prefer it to the skimpy bathing suits from the last wave.

Meygana is wearing a flexible gold and black vinyl witch hat.  This is better than the checkered hat from the Midnight Beach outfit.  

The hat's rubber strap is stitched to Meygana's hair in two places, but it is pretty easy to snip the threads and remove the hat:

The ponytail is secured with a clear rubber band.  

I really like how Meygana's red hair looks in contrast to the royal blue of her dress:

Meygana is wearing dangling plastic gold earrings.  There's nothing very special or creative about these:

The earrings are only painted gold on the outside.  The inner sides are shiny silver plastic.

The earrings left gold paint stains in Meygana's ears.  This is odd since the inner part of the earring isn't even painted.

That looks infected.
The shoes are blue high heeled pumps with ballet-style lacings in front.  These shoes are plain, but they look nice and are incredibly easy to get on and off.

Despite the worrisome "twist and dance" action, Meygana's body looks and acts just like a regular Bratzillaz body.  In fact, as I de-boxed her and started looking at her clothes and hair, I totally forgot that she was supposed to panic dance.

I'm chill.
Here she is with my other Meygana dolls.  Midnight Beach looks a little out of place... 

What?!  My glowing green body is way more special than her "dancing" feature! 
You can see how similar Magic Night Out Meygana is to the original doll.  The new Meygana's lips are a tiny bit lighter and her eyeshadow is a subtly different shade of blue.

Magic Night Out (L), Original Meygana (R).
Looking at Magic Night and Midnight Beach together, I find it difficult to remember what I saw in the Midnight Beach doll:

Magic Night Out (L), Midnight Beach (R).
The Magic Night Out doll has a nice bright red color to her hair.  You can see how orange the Midnight Beach hair is in comparison.  As I mentioned before, though, Midnight Beach Meygana's hair is softer and silkier...and less prone to static craziness.

Ok, so what about this dance action?  It is very difficult to tell that this doll has anything different about her body.  A few times when I was posing her arms, I noticed that the opposite arm would kick up a bit, but really, this doll poses almost exactly like a regular Bratzillaz.  

I think I can dance!
I had to employ YouTube to fully demonstrate the dancing action.  This is my first venture into the land of YouTube, so please forgive the terrible video quality and any technical errors.  

So, the dance action in real life doesn't really look like a panic attack.  I take it back.  It actually looks more like catfight action:

*Thank you to my husband for his expert doll wrangling*

Ok, here are some shots from Meygana's photo session.  

I really like this doll.  I feel like this is what the first wave doll should have been.  

I dressed her in the first Meygana's cool steampunk witch cheerleader outfit just for fun:

This outfit and this doll are a great combination.

I want to quickly show you the new basic Bratzillaz Meygana.  This doll has painted eyes and dramatically reduced articulation.  Making a doll like this is becoming common practice for doll companies that manufacture highly articulated dolls.  Reducing the number of joints seems to be an efficient way to lower the price.  Monster High basic dolls are fully jointed, but many lines (Liv, Winx Club, Barbie) have less articulated economy dolls.  Usually, I have no interest in these dolls, but this Meyagan came home with me:

She is part of a 5 doll series:

Where's Vampelina Trampolina?
I bought Meygana (for $12.99) because of her face.  I really like her facial screening.  Translating the appearance of the magical three-dimensional eyes of the original Bratzillaz into painted features can not have been easy.  Look at her, though:

Ok you might not trust me right away, because she doesn't photograph perfectly from every angle.  Give her a minute, though.  I think she has a great face.

She has long, bright red hair (same color as Magic Night Out and same silky texture as Midnight Beach) and a simple outfit.

She's wearing a light blue sundress with a gold wing print.  She has a navy blue tulle cape that looks a bit like a clown collar.  She's also wearing a wing-adorned headband that makes her look a bit like Wonder Woman.  Her dark blue tights are actually just her legs.  She has blue vinyl legs.

The wing theme is slightly overdone.  Just slightly.
Here's the tulle cape.  It has a cheap plastic snap fixture and the plastic wing decoration falls off really easily.

Look at her awesome wing earrings, though!

Love 'em.
The hair at the sides of Meygana's face is tied at the back of her head.  This arrangement didn't survive the de-boxing procedure very gracefully, so I decided to cut the little rubber band and release this part of her hairstyle.

The Wonder Woman headband is sewn into her hair in four places.  Even though the thread matches the color of Meygana's hair, it doesn't look very good from the sides:

I'll probably remove the headband eventually, but for now, removing the tulle cape is good enough:

She has a bit of Jessica Rabbit sultriness in her face:

Meygana's dress reminds me a little bit of pyjamas.  I like the simple style, though, and the baby blue color goes really well with her eyes:

This doll's shoes are the same mold as Magic Night Out Meygana's shoes, but they are made in a slightly lighter blue color:

The body is the same overall shape as other Bratzillaz bodies, but this doll has only 7 points of articulation.  She has internal click knee joints.

She has excellent hip, shoulder and neck mobility:

The blue legs are a little strange.

Girlfriend. Seriously?  Are you wearing tights under your panties??
She's half Na'vi.
These basic dolls share clothes perfectly with the other Bratzillaz:

The Magic Night Out doll has a slightly sweeter face, maybe because of her wider eyes and more parted lips, but the basic doll does an excellent job of capturing the essence of a Bratzillaz character:

Basic Meygana (L), Magic Night Out (R).
I really like Magic Night Out Meygana's casual appearance when she's wearing the basic wing print dress.  I left her in this dress and decided to take her ponytail down to see how that would look.

The rooting is a little thin, and the ponytail's rubber band has left some crimping, but the hair looks fine overall:

Magic Night Out Meygana in the basic Meygana's dress.
Bottom line?  Overall, the Magic Night Out Meygana is a significant improvement on all of her predecessors.  Her hair isn't perfect, but it is good.  Her outfit isn't as cute as the original Meygana's outfit, but is has style, nice color, and it is easy to work with.  The broomstick wand accessory is fine, but it is a bit of a gimmick.  Personally, I'd rather have a less expensive doll with no wand.  The dancing action is not very impressive, but what is impressive is how MGA engineered this feature without changing the basic flexibility of the doll.  Nitpicking this doll too much feels petty because MGA has fixed so may of the things that bothered me about this intriguing line. To me, Magic Night Out Meygana is the best Bratzillaz doll made to date.

The real surprise is how much I enjoy the basic Meygana doll--despite her reduced articulation and blue legs.  For $12.99, this doll delivers the personality of a Bratzillaz doll for almost half the price of her Magic Night Out shelfmates.  My only significant critique of this doll is that while I like the look of blue tights, I think perhaps skin toned legs would have been a more versatile choice.

First Wave Meygana
Magic Night Out Meygana
Large box, difficult to remove the doll.  Hard to recycle.
Stand, brush, broom, goggles, cape, earrings, hat, two-piece outfit.
Stand, brush, broom/wand, earrings, hat, one-piece outfit. 
12 points
12 points. Mechanical dancing action feature that doesn’t interfere with normal posing.

Nice red color, horrible coarse, tangled fiber.
Nice red color, ever-so-slightly coarse fiber, but smooth and easy to manage.  Prone to static.
Face paint
Fantastic side-glancing inset eyes, wonderful dramatic face paint.
Fantastic side-glancing inset eyes, wonderful dramatic face paint.
Pleated skirt and cropped top.  Simple blue cape.
Dress with attached coat.
Fun, dramatic doll with horrible hair.
Fun, dramatic doll with good hair. Price increase.


  1. I find the new economy dolls to be more Bratz like, but I'm glad you did a review for them. I was considering checking them out! Also, If you find a Fianna Finns, I'd love a review of her (:

    1. I am curious about Fianna, too! I keep checking all of the boxes, but no sign of her yet.

  2. Hey! Thank u so much for this review!


  3. Those videos were hilarious! I'm not a big fan of Bratz dolls, but MNO Meygana tickles my wallet.

    1. I totally agree--still can't bring myself to buy a regular Bratz doll, but for some reason the Bratzillaz are appealing (especially Meygana with her bright red hair!).

  4. The catfight video was hilarious!
    Ps: You've enabled me, I'm getting a Meygana.

  5. I love her!she's sooo pretty and those beady eyes!and red hair too! the other- basic one I dislike because of "Navi" legs :P

    1. Yeah, the legs are weird on the basic doll. I don't know what it is about that doll--there's something in her face that I really like and it makes me forget her blue legs and limited articulation. Not a typical reaction for me! ;)

  6. Oooo! MNO Maygana doesn't look half bad as I thought she would! I think I will reconsider getting her instead of basic Maygana. I still thing basic one was pretties, but I will gladly trade some of this prettiness for better hair. Now I need to wait till 'Magic Night Out' hit the stores here (and pray for them being priced less ridiculous than basic Bratzillaz... I would like to see what idiot priced Bratzillaz for 140 Polish Zloty /It's more than 40$, if anybody didn't knew).

    1. Wow! That is really expensive! I wonder why the price is so high? I hope they lower the price of the Magic Night Out dolls for you, too!

    2. I think stores try to jack up prices seeing that Monster High are really popular here and Bratzillaz seems to be MGA's answer for MH. (They did same thing with Monster High dolls. One beginning, when dolls just started to show in stores, they were really reasonable priced. After MH got popular they doubled prices for all MH dolls. So, they probably want earn as much as they can on Bratzillaz from the beginning)

    3. That's really frustrating. So, the prices were normal and they they went up? That's a bit like Amazon. Many of the private vendors on Amazon charge a lot more for the really popular dolls. There seems to be a difference here between the big chain stores (Walmart, Target, Toys R Us) that always have the same price for the dolls (maybe a few cents difference) and the smaller privately owned shops that charge a huge range of different prices.

      I don't think Bratzillaz have been anywhere near as popular as Monster High, so maybe that will help those prices come down! Fingers crossed.

    4. Yes, on begining Monster High dolls cost like 60zł (somwhere around 20$) for first wave basics and 45zł for Dead Tired. Now basic cost from 80zł (on sale) to usuall 99zł and up to 140zł. One chain store even tried to sell Ghouls Rule for 200zł! (Yes, over 60$)

      I know, that Bratzillaz aren't really as popular as MH and there is some kind of stigma for them amoung kid, because they think that they are copies of Monster High, so I hope they will star cutting prize for Bratzillas, when they see they don't sell as good as Mattel's product. And I'm happy I got my Sashabella for half price during Christmas. (Unfortunatelly, only two of them were on sale, Sashabella and Yasmina, and I couldn't get Yasmina)

  7. Ohh, dear. I've been trying to resist Magic Night Out (I've got all the first wave dolls and had to boil Meygana's hair into submission), but your review and amazing videos have sold me on them!

    1. I might boil this Meygana's hair, too, just to get the kinks from the ponytail out...but it is SO much nicer than the first wave girl! I had Yasmina from the first wave, too, and I even think MNO Meygana is nicer than her. I find myself drifting over to the Bratzillaz section to inspect the other MNO dolls...

  8. Hello from Spain: The video is hilarious. Nice review. I like her eyes and hair color. Keep in touch

  9. I love Maygana. I just had to buy the first wave doll after your review of her even though her hair was truly terrible. It is her colouring and those amazing sparkling eyes. I would have to choose the first doll every time because of that cool steampunk outfit.

    The vidoes were so funny and I think that it is fantastic that your husband got involved too :)

    I was interested to hear that the basic dolls have less articulation. I have been drawn to the basic Monster High dolls. I don't currently own any but if I do get one I might just pay out for a full price one. Did I see in a previous review that you got the Clawdeen Wolf Scary Tales doll? I am most drawn to her but I may have missed the boat because I notice that she is not in many shops here now.

    Thanks for the review. Brilliant as always. x

    1. You're right about the outfits--the first wave Meygana definitely has the better outfit. And I love her cape, too, even though it is pretty simple.

      I will tell my husband that you like his videos. He's pretty proud of them, I think. :)

      I do have that Clawdeen! She's very cool. I am trying to think when I saw her in the stores last....I know there were a few Scary Tales dolls at Target last week, but I don't remember seeing Clawdeen. Send me an email if you can't find her...

  10. I really like the Magic Night out Meygana..I'm thinking now maybe I shouldn't have written the Bratzillaz dolls off so fast after my horror with the first edition Meygana. I really like Magic Night out's outfit and her hair! I love that simple ponytail. I'm not a big fan of the new basic dolls, They're too much like a regular Bratz doll to me. But I do love that dress that the new basic Meygana comes. with.

    I also, sent you a email, I hope I got your email right from your profile on here. So hopfully it got sent.

  11. That video cracks me up! You are too funny. I just may have to go out ad get a Megayna, but those Livs are still on the toys R us site and Danelia and Hayden are begging me to let Jake and Alexis come home...

    1. Oooh--Alexis and Jake are still online? I love Alexis and Jake is definitely worth having. He's a cool dude, especially with the right haircut. I hope TRU has a good sale on them...they were on a $7 clearance at the store! Bargain!

    2. Well, they were there a few days ago... now only Sophie and Katie are left. But speaking of libs, I did a custom Moxie Teenz tristen onba liv Hayden body. The heads a bit big, bit I dont even notice anymore.

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  13. I'm so glad you reviewed this beauty!
    I already liked Magic Night Out Meygana from other pics a lot but I really love her now! She might be my fave Bratzillaz doll to date and I might purchase her if she get's released here and if I have enough money :D
    I really love her outfit and the gorgeous face from wave 1 Meygana transferred to this doll, which made her even better!
    The dance feature is a bit strange but also a lot of fun, I laughed until I cried because of those videos! :D
    The economy doll is cute too, but I like Magic Night Out a bit more. The sweet face of that Meygana is nicer and I like her eyes more than the painted ones.
    I love economy's wing theme though, I thought they were moustaches, and those just rock :{D
    Thanks for this great and funny review Emily, I really enjoyed it!

    I also have good news, that one seller accepted my offer on that one doll I so badly wanted to send to you!!
    I hope we'll figure things out soon so that I have the doll and can ship her (with some extra goodies) to you! It's the least I can do for the dolls you've sent me, and Eloise :D

    1. You should not send me anything! You are too sweet. Save that money for a new Meygana. :)
      Besides, if you knew how much pestering I was getting from Eloise about wanting to come live with you instead, you'd understand why she had to leave. ;)

    2. Too late! I got her in the mail yesterday :D
      I just hope you haven't bought her yourself. I could tell you which doll it is but I don't want to spoil the surprise.
      There's just one extra goodie I want to send as well and if I have that, I'll pack everything up and send it to you :D

      Ahw, I can't wait for her to arrive! I'll take good care of her, tell her that ^^

  14. It was fun!)
    Thank you for your review!
    It seems to me that Magic Night Out Meygana has her hair are stitched roughly, yes?
    From Russia with love,

    1. Hi Wilka, the hair rooting is very evenly spaced and nice, bit it's a bit thin, especially in the front. She looks best if she keeps that original ponytail.

  15. Hi!

    Loved the review you did of this girl- I was a bit worried about the body and how it worked compared to the normal ones. I'm glad that it's still functional because I have my eye on these ones!

    As for the hair, all of the dolls in this collection have saran hair, which is the same type of hair used on (non- playline) Tonner dolls, MH, Blythe and Bratz! The hair on MB, the basic line and the original collection is a nylon fiber, which can vary from downright terrible (mostly in curly styles but it can be bad in any style) to really good (My Little Pony, Tangkou, Novi Stars). I much prefer saran hair (and Kanekalon like on LDDs) because it fares better with time than nylon and is more durable but nylon can be good too, with some care.

    1. Wow! Thank you for all of the hair intel! You are the Hair Master. :) I would have said that I MUCH prefer saran, too, except that I like the feel of the Midnight Beach Meygana's hair slightly better. I guess if the saran will wear better over time, I'd much rather they use that. The ever-so-slightly softer Midnight Beach hair isn't worth it if it doesn't last!
      Thanks again!

  16. Have you thought about taking the doll head from the new Basic doll and putting it on one of the bodies with the articulation? Then you'd have a Bratzillaz hybrid doll haha.

    1. That's actually an excellent idea! It's tempting to decapitate the first wave Meygana because of her terrible hair, but I have to admit that she has a special place in my heart. We bonded over all of that hair boiling. :)

    2. Also--I like your Rapunzel avatar. :)

    3. Thanks! :)
      I would use the first wave Meygana myself because of her hair, but then again like you said..with all the hair altering you did. Having a soft spot for her is true. I have yet to treat my doll. But you could always put first wave Meygana's head on the new Basic wave doll body.

  17. Hey Emily, I've never seen the internal click knee joints in person so I have a couple questions about them. When I first saw them I thought "oooh how fancy! you don't have to see little lines where the joints are!", and then "but wait... what kind of plastic must the legs be made of for them to look like that while bending?" And my other question is, since they seem so high-tech and complicated to me, why are they seen in the budget doll instead?

    1. Legs with internal click joints are made of rubber. And they aren't really high-tech - they are use for dolls for long, long time. While they look cool and more natural than 'standard' Bratzillaz joints, they don't provide as much movement - they can only bend to about 45 degree.

    2. Thank you for the answer Azzure! I agree that they look amazing, but the rubbery material can make the legs sticky and hard to dress, the joints do have significantly less movement, and I also wonder about the durability of the klick joints over time. They seem more fragile to me. Also, some of them get weird creases behind the knee when the leg is bent.

      You're right, though, it seems much more complicated to engineer an internal knee joint! I don't understand why they are cheaper. Good question!

  18. Thanks for answering! I don't like the rubbery legs some dolls have, ugh.

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  20. Your videos are hilarious!! Thanks for making them, and one more time your review is very useful ;)

  21. The cat fight video was funny. The dance action reminds me of the Rockers Barbies I had in the 80s. Knowing that they are just as posable and also come with stands, I think I will get Jade if I find her on sale, though the broom accessory looks more like a paintbrush. I'm glad Meygana has better quality hair these days, but it would be nice to see some curls on her again. The basics however look a little silly to me, and the 12.99 price doesn't seem worth it when I've seen wave 1 dolls on sale for that low at Target. It almost looks like they are knocking themselves off. I know they're in competition, but Vampelina and the switch-a-witch packs are too similar to Monster High. To me the best aspects of Bratzillaz are the things that are different from Monster High.

  22. Hi! I love your blog. The photos are awesome and you are quite witty. I absolutely adore the addition of video. The cat fight still has me laughing. More please!

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  24. Ken PayseurFebruary 13, 2013 at 6:22 PM

    I've been interested in this line of dolls since they first came out, mind you, I'm not a Bratz fan or collector. I was just thrilled to see someone giving Monster High a run for their money. I would look at these doll every time I was in Wally World or TRU and grow more and more interested (particularly when I noticed that these dolls actually wear shoes and don't have the snap-on feet like regular Bratz dolls). If one more Ebay seller throws in a handful of Bratz feet (or for that matter, My Scene feet as well) as a bonus gift for ordering from them, I'll scream and I swear you'll hear me...LOL.

    I finally broke down and bought Jade the other day. I'm impressed and now I'm addicted. I think my next purchase will be one of the glow-in-the-dark dolls.

  25. I got one of the cheaper versions and they are actually very pretty so thank you for adding the review at the end. I like MH dolls too but I like the Bratzillaz as they have such pretty faces perhaps a little more dolly like with thier big eyes. To be honest it's great there is much competion with these two big companies over their dolls, makes for more fun for us when they bring out new ones and great to read in your reviews :-)

  26. I think Bratzillaz looks more premium than Monster High although I love Monster High Concept

  27. I just got Magic Night Out Meygana, and I have to agree with everything in this review. I also think she is the very best out of all the Bratzillaz made so far. I do hope they make more with normal skintones.

    I don't like the glow-in-the-dark dolls, and I don't like the half-and-half skin colors they're using for the Switch a Witch sets. I want normal skin colors! I'd love a doll with Yasmina's skin color (a shade darker than Meygana's), with green eyes and black hair. I really wish the mermaid doll wasn't a glow-in-the-dark doll, but hopefully they'll do a normal-skinned version of the mermaid some day without the insane amounts of glitter on her face.

  28. Thank you for providing _exactly_ the review I was looking for. And such an excellent review, too. Mmmwah! :-)

    I like the basic doll's hairstyle - but love the eyes of the full version. I'll go study them at ToysRUs before I decide. They're quite different - compare the distance between the eyes and nose.

    (Relieved that I'm into a fairly cheap doll - I've been in BJD land for a while.)

  29. half Nav'i, hehe

  30. it was a cross hatch hat , not a polka dot hat like you said Emily

    --- Ella