Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monster High "Jane Boolittle"

The poll results are in and the majority of you wanted to see a review of the fabulous new Monster High character, Jane Boolittle.  Barbie's redheaded friend Midge was a close second place in the poll, though, so I will try to review her soon.

Since I have talked about Monster High dolls so many times before, I can just get right down to business and introduce the lovely Miss Jane, who gets her second cover shot in a row!

Monster High Jane Boolittle
Monster High's "Jane Boolittle."
I found Jane at Toys R Us last week during my holiday shopping blog expedition.  At that time, I partially removed her from her box so that I could take a few pictures.  She is mounted against a black and red backdrop with a jungle landscape:

Jane comes with a ton of accessories.  She has a black stand, a journal, a purse, a staff, a brush and a pet sloth:

Even before I took her out of the box, I was impressed by Jane's coloring.  I like her purple vinyl and her super-dark blue hair with neon pink streaks.  I also like the subtle blue dots that decorate her cheekbones.  As I mentioned in my previous post, these dots remind me of the Na'vi from Avatar (and I love that movie!).

The doll's face is much milder and more innocent than her fiery cartoon likeness:

She has an awesome, happy-looking pet sloth.  His names is Needles:

Sloths are named by how many claws they have on each front foot.  Needles has three claws so he is called a "three-toed" sloth.

I actually saw real (three-toed) sloths when I was in Panama last winter.  This one had a tiny baby perched on its back legs, but it's hard to see--even in my brother-in-law's amazing picture: 

Sloths spend most of their time in trees (they even give birth up in the branches!) but they are also surprisingly good swimmers.  

There's a cartoon of Needles on the back of the box, along with a full-body drawing of Jane and a copy of her bio:

Needles looks very happy and mellow.  He also looks like he's been stitched together:

Jane is the daughter of Dr. Boolittle, who I suppose is the monster equivalent of Dr. Doolittle.  I am guessing that Jane's character is inspired by a mix of Jane of the Jungle (Tarzan's girlfriend) and Dr. Doolittle.  

Since Dr. Doolittle took care of animals and could speak their languages, and Jane of the Jungle was an adventuress who lived in the jungle, it's no surprise that Jane Boolittle is an animal-lover who comes from a jungle island, enjoys wilderness adventures, and can speak to animals:

This bio mentions that Needles is a voodoo sloth.  So not a real sloth, then, but more of an animated pincushion.  This explains his name, anyway.

I don't know much about voodoo dolls except that you stick differently colored pins into them to get revenge or to make a wish come true.  With some voodoo dolls, you write your wish on a small piece of paper and pin that to the doll.   My husband brought me this voodoo doll from New Orleans:

It comes with instructions that are very generic except for the specific mention of an ex-wife:

I detect a little grudge.
Anyway, Monster High is often full of quirky little surprises, and the inclusion of a voodoo sloth character is no exception.

De-boxing Monster High dolls is typically quite easy and the boxes are simple to recycle.  Jane's package is just like other Monster High boxes, but it felt like there were a higher-than-normal number of plastic ties this time around.  Maybe it was just that the two plastic ties in Jane's head were really, really tight and I ended up accidentally cutting some of her hair trying to get them out.  That always makes me crabby.  I simply do not see the need for plastic ties in the head.      

Here's everything that comes in the box.  It's a big haul!

I was anxious to get a closer look at Needles.  He's made out of slightly flexible vinyl and has a molded stitching pattern all over his body.  The shape of Needles' body makes it seem like he is intended to be a cross between a pet and a backpack.  The position of his legs is perfect for reaching over Jane's shoulders and grabbing around her waist.

He has a small paint defect near his red nose:

I was surprised to see that he has a slit all of the way down his back--like one of those squeezable vinyl coin purses:

It was not immediately clear to me what this slit is for.  I assumed that it went along with the backpack shape of Needles' body and was simply for storing things.

The slit is cut into a section of vinyl that is separate from the rest of Needles' body.  The seam between the two pieces is a little sloppy and some of the glue is visible:

I love this little guy's face:

Unfortunately, I am not as fond of the stand.  This is the older, waist-gripping style of stand, not the wonderful saddle style that appeared with the 13 Wishes dolls and the Power Ghouls:

Jane's journal has a folded piece of paper sticking out of it:

The diary contains a slightly expanded bio:

A few things stand out to me here: first, Jane doesn't know her exact age.  I guess that's a hazard of living in the jungle and being raised by animals.  Also, Jane has the ability to talk to animals, and she dislikes it when monsters ask her to eavesdrop on their pets' conversations.  Oh--and she also likes biteology, which sounds like "biology."  Cool.

The rest of the journal gives a bit of background on Jane's upbringing and describes how she came (reluctantly) to Monster High.  Here's the first page:

Jane is actually an orphan and Dr. Boolittle (a monster scientist stationed in the jungle) adopted her and raised her with the help of his colleague, Dr. Moreau.  The inclusion of a character named Dr. Moreau is a little odd in this scenario.  The original Dr. Moreau is the fictional antagonist in H. G. Wells' book, The Island of Dr. Moreau.  This Moreau performed cruel experiments on animals, dissecting them while they were still alive to try and give them human qualities.  This is totally creepy and not at all in keeping with Dr. Doolittle's animal-loving persona.  I hope Dr. Moreau isn't the reason why Needles has stitches all over his body.  *shudder*

Also (and this is picky), if Dr. Boolittle is patterned after Dr. Doolittle (who can talk to animals) and Jane is adopted (therefore not genetically related to Dr. Boolittle), then why does Jane also talk to animals?  Or does Dr. Boolittle not talk to animals?  It's just a little bit disjointed and I detect some struggling on Mattel's part to come up with a cohesive new monster character.

The piece of paper that was folded up inside of the journal has a few simple instructions on it:

The first thing I noticed was that Jane's staff is a pen!  It says, "recap marker after use" in the middle of the instruction sheet.  

Let's take a look at the staff:

The staff/marker comes with a protective plastic covering on the lower half.  Sure enough, with the plastic removed, the bottom of the staff can be removed to reveal a purple felt tip marker.  

The top of the staff has a molded skull design with a red plastic bow and a blue feather scarf:

This section of the paper instructions was confusing to me at first glance:

But Jane's purse actually holds the final clue to help explain these instructions.  Let me show you:

The purse has a doctor's bag style with a molded quilting pattern and a red bamboo handle.  The purse opens up to reveal three long rectangular pieces of paper:

The hinges on this purse do not seem very sturdy. They are simply pieces of bent plastic:

I assume that the paper is meant to be used with the marker.

It's decorated with purple tree designs:

So, now when I look at this drawing, everything comes together.  I can see that it's showing how to write notes on the paper and then slide them into the back of the voodoo sloth.  Perhaps this is a way of making a wish or casting a curse without using pins?*

*Update: Nina figured out that Needles must be one of the new Secret Critter pets that are in the works for Monster High.  These pets have different ways of keeping secrets.  That means Jane is a Secret Creeper--the owner of one of these special secret-keeping pets.  This is great information!  Thank you so much, Nina!

"Snow day" is my wish, but maybe I need to try this again with a secret??
It's really fun to get all of these accessories.  They add a lot of dimension to Jane's character, giving her a mysterious witch doctor vibe.

I feel like there has been a trend towards simpler dolls lately.  This is great for getting some less expensive options on the shelves, but if the dolls are going to cost $20-$25, they should be coming with a stand, a pet and a few other tempting extras.  Jane really delivers with her usable, creative accompaniments.

Now, here's Jane herself:

She has a nice face that's very similar to Clawdeen's face, with wide-set eyes and slightly parted lips:

She has baby blue eyes that match the decorative dots along her cheeks.  Her eyeshadow has three layers--pink, bright purple and plum:

My doll has a small paint defect in one of her purple eyebrows, but it's very hard to see.  Actually, there were about five Jane dolls at my store last week, and all of them looked good.  I didn't see any wonky eyes or smudges faces.

Jane's lips are painted a rich dark red color.  I like the shape of her lips, but I think its strange that the paint doesn't follow the contours of the mold with these dolls.  Jane's molded mouth turns down at the edges while the painted lips curve up, and her dark lip paint makes this more obvious than usual:

Jane is wearing a lot of jewelry.  She has mismatched turquoise earrings with a dangling bone and feather design on one side:

And a simpler tooth design on the other side:

Jane's red headband has a winged skull pattern.  

The head piece has a clear rubber band attached in the back that keeps it securely in place but makes it easy to remove and put back on.

One thing I noticed while examining Jane's headband is that her head does not have the hardness and inflexibility associated with tons of glue on the inside.  The head is easily squishable.  This is great news after my icky experience with Picture Day Cleo DeNile.

I'm crushing your head!
Jane is wearing two vinyl neck ornaments, both of which come tied down with a clear rubber band:

She has a red choker necklace and a blue ornament that loops over her shoulders:

The blue shoulder piece has a feather pattern and adds to the detail of her furry cap sleeves:

Without the rubber band, the blue piece falls off very easily.  

The red necklace has a broad plate that hangs over Jane's chest and a ringed section that loops very tightly around her neck:

There are some simple oval decorations on the front, three of which are painted turquoise:

Little animal teeth decorate the edges of the necklace:

Jane also has a fairly detailed vinyl belt that hangs low around her waist:

The belt has three skulls, the largest of which is decorated with some red paint:

The tooth theme continues along the sides of the belt:

Underneath all of the jewelry, Jane's outfit is fairly complex.  It consists of three pieces; a dress, a cropped shirt and a pair of leggings.

Her arms are asymmetrically adorned with a thick blue bracelet on one side and a netted glove with bangles on the other side:

Her hands have to be removed to get the bracelets on and off.

The cropped shirt is made out of a shiny stretch knit.  The fabric has an abstract tree print that coordinates with the three sheets of paper that were in Jane's purse.  The shirt has a diagonal hem and fake fur sleeves:

Underneath the shirt, Jane is wearing a strapless pink dress with a turquoise tulle skirt:

Jane is wearing knee-high mismatched blue sandal-boots:

One boot has a coiled snake design on the top:

And the other has a more elaborate strap pattern with feathers, skulls and rivets:

Both boots have the same design at the bottom, including a fancy wedge heel and a painted red skull:

Unfortunately, the boots have very narrow soles and the seam on the bottom sticks out a little, making it extremely difficult to get Jane to stand on her own in these shoes:

Jane is also wearing black stretch leggings with zig-zag hems that make them look tattered:

She didn't get any new clothes when she was adopted?
Jane's body is all purple, with the same mechanics as other Monster High bodies:

I tried to pose Jane with her walking stick, but although it has a handle, it's pretty heavy and difficult for her to hold.

It's much easier to pose Jane with Needles the sloth--especially because he grabs onto her back so nicely!

Needles gets a little lost in Jane's big hair, but you can see him peeking out here:

If Needles was a little more flexible, cuddling poses like this would look more natural...

...but his sturdy limbs make it possible for him to grab onto a lot of different things!

At this point, I wanted to get a closer look at Jane's midnight blue hair.  Rather than being silky-smooth and shiny, it is soft, puffy and thick.  It feels a bit like mohair.  The hair is arranged into a high ponytail with an extra section of hair tied off at the top to make a little bouffant:

I tried to remove the black rubber bands without cutting them, and this created a tangled mess:

This girl has a lot of crazy, wild hair!

The rooting is good and the scalp is painted black to hide the purple vinyl:

The hair is very dramatic and I love the colors, but I can see the texture being prone to tangles and knots, especially if the hair is down and the doll is being played with frequently. 

The hair is much easier to control when it's back in a simple ponytail:

Bottom line?  This doll avoids many of the flaws that have been creeping into the Monster High line lately.  Her head is soft and pliable, suggesting that she might not have a skull filled with oozing glue.  Also, none of the Jane dolls on the shelves at my store had any serious visible defects.  Far from basic, this doll comes with lots of fun accessories and a complex, multi-piece outfit.  She has a wonderfully unique sloth pet that doubles as a voodoo wish doll.  She has an intriguing backstory and an appealing personality.  

I have only a few minor criticisms: I wish that Jane had come with a saddle stand, and I think Needles the sloth would be more versatile if he was made out of slightly softer vinyl.  I also worry about how tangled Jane's hair might become over time.  Another nagging concern is that I detect the beginnings of some desperation on Mattel's part to come up with unique, cohesive new monster characters.  Jane's story is fun, but it's a little cobbled together and some elements don't quite fit.  

Overall, though, I am very impressed with this doll and thrilled to see improvement in Mattel's quality control and attention to detail.  On sale right now for $22 at Toys R Us, Jane Boolittle is a great deal.  I hope she is easy to find for anyone who has her on their wish list this year.


  1. Hello, Emily!
    Your review of Jane is very good. and I agree with most of your comments.
    Have you seen the new Frights, Camera Action line?

    1. Hi! I haven't seen them yet, no, but then again, I haven't ventured out to the stores yet this week. Maybe I had better go tomorrow? I would love to review either Honey Swamp or Viperine. They look great! :D

  2. OMG wonderful and detailed review, I really like it ^^ I´m crazy about this doll, her Shaman style is so unique (reminds me Skelita) and I want her so much =)

    1. Thank you, Helen! I am so glad you like her! I can see that she and Skelita would be good friends and go well together. They're both very colorful and mystical!

    2. Jane is a great doll! Buy her!!!!!!!!!

  3. She's nice, but a bit overdone for me - I'm not too fond of combo of purple, red and blue.

    1. It is a lot of bold colors--that's true! She almost looks like she should glow in the dark to me. I find that I like her outfit better without the necklaces. Those make the neck area look very crowded.

    2. I would be fine with clutterness if colors were different. I know, that's Monster High, where everything is bold and bright, but neon red isn't color that come to my mind when I think about shaman/witch doctor. I would love to see her in earthy tones.

  4. I am so thrilled you reviewed her : she's what got my sister into being more accepting of my doll collecting hobby (she loves sloths!)
    I really like how despite the mis-matched appearance she flows together really nicely and looks purposeful at the same time? that's probably a bad way of describing it, haha.

    1. I like your way of describing Jane's look! She has many elements in her costume, and a lot of asymmetry, but I agree that everything comes together nicely--except for maybe that vinyl shoulder piece that always falls off. ;)

      It's neat that your sister likes sloths. That's an unusual interest! It's also great to hear that Jane helped her see how interesting dolls can be. My hypothesis is that there is a doll out there for everyone...some people might just have to look a little harder or longer. :)

  5. It's my first time leaving a mesage in your blog but I read it frequently. Reading your reviews is always very instructive and lot of times I've changed my mind about a doll after reading your blog, like now. I'm considering buying Jane since now I apreciate better the details in her, plus the glue-free head. Have you check if Jane is made in China? The dolls with glue problems are usually from Indonesia.

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you for leaving a message and for your nice comments about the blog. :)

      Good call about the country of manufacture! Someone told me this before, but I forgot. Indeed, Jane was made in China and has that nice soft head. Clawdeen (the 13 Wishes doll pictured in this review) was made in Indonesia, and her head is hard! I won't forget this now. I much prefer the softer heads! Many thanks.

  6. I love Jane, she seems like such a cool MH ghoul. I love that she really looks almost like a Avatar from the movie, I think her hair color is really cool..But it looks like it's really prone to being frizzy unless it's in a ponytail. Though I really like Jane I seem to think that her stuff is very Blue, especially for a supposed-ed jungle girl, I would have thought she'd have more natural colors. I also think that Jane is supposed to be a Voodoo witch/witch Doctor type of person, and not more on the sides of Dr.Doolittle.

    1. That's an interesting thought, Amber. It would make a lot of sense to have Jane in more natural colors. I tend to prefer forrest greens and browns, too, so I would love to see a doll like that! Maybe it's more of the witch doctor/voodoo influence that inspires the bright colors?

  7. I love her! Sloths are really cool!
    And please don't take this correction the wrong way, but I think the sloth is one of the new Secret Keepers released in the line. I'm no expert and I could be wrong, but that seems like a likely possibility. Hope that helped any confusion!
    Great review as always!:)

    1. Oh, you're certainly right, Nina! Great observation! I was bending over backwards trying to connect that compartment to the voodoo part of Needles! I hope you don't mind if I go back and add this into the review. I guess my "snow day" wish is now my secret! Oh, well. ;D
      Thank you for the tip! That makes me excited to see the rest of the Secret Keeper pets. I think we might have some treats in store!

    2. i think even though she was adopted that she would be able to talk to animals anyways so maybe they just have alot in common

  8. What a great review (and lovely pictures!), thank you! I only have one MH doll, Howling Clawdeen, but I have a little wish list and Jane will definitely be added to it now.

  9. Wonderful review as always. I love how Jane has a darker color scheme than most of the newer dolls. I'm glad that she has a better variety of accessories and they seem to be more detailed. Needles is the selling point for me though because he's so different and cute.
    Thanks again for another great review.

  10. I'm so happy that someone finally made a decent review about her. I keep searching some reviews about her on YouTube but everyone does the same exact thing: describe what's already obvious. They really don't get into details. Thank you so much for doing an excellent review about her. I used to want her so bad because she looks really awesome, but I was second guessing. In my opinion, she's cute and everything but something about her is lacking. I was kinda disappointed about her hair. I still love her, but I'll wait for her next doll version. :)

  11. Oh and one more thing! I heard that she's supposed to be blind, but in the webisode she's not. I don't how and/or why people came up with this idea, but it would have been cool. I mean, a blind character is not a character that we usually see. :)

  12. fantastic review! I will definitely be adding Jane to my wishlist... (once she shows up in new zealand, so probably mid next year, ahaha) there was some talk in my community about how cool it is to have a doll on the market with social anxiety who was raised by two dads. Monster High continues to impress me with it's diversity and originality of the character designs!!

    Also, to me, the pattern on her crop top looks a bit like a stylized nervous system! I know it's probably meant to be trees, but still - awesome.

  13. I LOVE Jane. I found her this past Saturday at Justice and I was so happy. I think she's so adorable, and I love that midnight blue hair so much.

    I remember there was a bit of a kerfluffle about her. When the first pictures of her from SDCC showed up, people assumed, because of the shoe on her right foot, that she was disabled, that that was some kind of brace or something, and they got rather shirty when that wasn't specifically described at all. Hey, that's what headcanon is for! Also, I think they made up for it by the fact that, the way Jane describes it, both Boolittle and Moreau are her parents, so one could easily surmise that Jane has two dads. Inclusiveness for the win!

    Great review, as always! I found Clawdia Wolf on the same shopping trip, and I'm on the lookout for Viperine and Honey myself, Elissabat I saw in person and she was just kind of a "...meh" to me.

  14. Intriguing to note that Jane appears to have clawed hands! And how odd that her shoes seem to have been missed on quality control! One of the hallmarks of MH is that the dolls can stand beautifully in their shoes. Try sanding down the goofed part of the sole of the offending shoe with an emery board, and see if that doesn't help.

    I think Jane seems to be "cohesively incohesive", with her mis-matched jewelry and shoes, found item clothing, and odd voodoo doll pet. I wonder if there's a special reason for her coloring choices? She makes me think of blacklight posters.

  15. Oh, nice review, Emily! I thought the hair was black with red and didn't know about the clothes layering. One thing that's missing though is a picture with the headband positioned as a tiara on the hairline, like the drawing. I like the drawing very much and I wish the doll looked more like that.
    I was surprised that you noticed the difference between the mouth paint and mould just now. It's literally on every MH doll.

  16. This has nothing to do with Jane Boolittle herself, but I am really sad that Ever After High doesn't have pets. The pets in monster high are great, so why did they delete them from Ever After High? Also, I think the royals vs. rebels conflict is too heavily enforced in the dolls, making less freedom in who's who when kids play with them.Anyway Jane is a great doll and Needles the voodoo sloth is too cute. I wonder what the other Secret Keepers pets will be? I really hope Jane (and the Frights, Camera, Action line!) comes to Australia soon!

  17. Hi Emily! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    Jane is great! What a pretty, unique girl. Her color scheme is so interesting. I think the reason her colors are so bold are because of the voodoo influences...though she'd certainly stand out in the jungle! She has a very sweet face, and Needles is a great pet. I love that they can cuddle! I want to cuddle with a sloth, too...

    Though her bio is a little confusing, I agree with AJ and LOVE the fact that she seems to have two dads. Maybe Mattel was wary to make it too obvious, but the implication is there and it makes me happy. 。^‿^。

    I actually got to play with a Monster High doll for the first time recently! I live in a small town and the only place with a sizable toy section is our Walmart, and even there, the pickings are I'm really hoping to see some of the Frights, Camera, Action dolls when they start popping up. Especially Honey Swamp! I would love to see a review of her from you. She's so cute, her hair is great, her color palette is wonderful...ahh, I really hope to see her in person one day. ♡

    Also, I have a question...! Are there any super special dollies on your wishlist this year? That holiday shopping guide you made was great! But I wondered if you're expecting something extra fancy, like a new Tonner doll? I'd love to see pictures of any and all dolls you get as gifts, even if you don't do reviews on them.

    Take care, Emily! Thank you for the lovely review!


    1. Be on the lookout, I found Honey today at Target and after I get my wrapping paper mess cleaned up, I'll be reviewing her.

  18. Thanks for another great review. I like Jane and her colours although they're not very jungly. And could you please, please, please do a review on Honey Swamp, she looks absolutely gorgeous (although not fabulous enough to spend 50 euro on her). At least perhaps I could drool over your review. ;)
    All the best from the Netherlands,

  19. I love her! You just convinced me to get her! ;)

  20. Hi dear! I just love your posts, I check them every week! I work in a toy shop in Brazil and I don't think this sloth is one of the Secret Keeper pets... The pets are eletronic, with voice recording! But maybe the idea was taken from it, I don't know... Thanks for this incredible review! ♥

  21. She is really beautiful. I love your review.
    Mattel is starting to stock shelves in my local grocery store. We have the Dead tire Monster High girls (including Robecca Steam) and Barbie.
    Keep up the good work!

  22. I can't harp too hard on them including Dr. Moreau in a more kid-friendly light. I mean Frankie Stein's supposed to be the lines 'Frankenstein' but that was the name of the doctor (I don't recall the creation ever getting his own name) and anything that'll pique a kid's interest in reading is aces by me. But I gotta say, the whole get-up is like some kind of alternative history where the Mayans survive destruction into the 80s; it's just too much for me. But thanks for the review, now I know if she actually nabs my attention in the store that I'm in for some problems with that frizz fest of a 'do. :)

    1. I think the monster from Frankienstein was called Adam. :)

  23. It is actually really lovely to see a MH review again after a bit of a break. It is a reminder that these dolls are actually a bit special. I love their expressive faces and the thought and little details that go into their design. I really do think that they stand out amongst the other play dolls. They are so much fun to handle and pose. I love this girl's colourings and her cute little outfit. Thanks for the review Emily.

  24. wow she is so cool. also emily,i saw robecca steam at kolhs along with the orgnal abbey bomadile!
    i reccomend you check at your local kohls.

  25. Oh my gosh, Needles is so dang cute! I want a doll sized stuffed sloth for Christmas :) Sloths are just about the greatest animals ever.

  26. Does anyone know if this doll is out in England yet? And if not, do you know when she will be? She's so beautiful and I love her backstory. I haven't seen her around though and I can't find anywhere to buy her online that isn't from the USA

  27. I really want there to be a dragon character who isn't a make a monster doll or a chinesse Dragon. The Welsh dragons daughter would be cute :)

  28. Good review. I agree about the hair. This is the third MH doll I've purchased recently with the same frizzy, lackluster tresses which is disappointing. The issue has made me think twice about adding any more to my collection for the moment.

  29. I love your reviews and had to come back to a recent Monster High review...another blogger just posted about her Rochelle Goyle Ghouls' Night Out doll. She's very pretty and has great accessories in her purse. What struck me foremost was her face...she reminds me very much of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I was wondering if her facial features had changed since you last reviewed her.

    1. Oh, my goodness, Melody--you are right! I do think the new face seems different, but I don't have my older Rochelle anymore so I can't make a direct comparison. I didn't catch the resemblance to the Olsen twins until you mentioned it (but the face has struck me as familiar...) but as soon as I read your comment, I knew exactly what you meant! Good call. I have been tempted by the newer Rochelle--maybe if I ever buy her I could at least post her picture next to one of my older pics and see what the differences are? Perhaps it's just the different face paint? Now I am intrigued... ;)

    2. Something just clicked when I saw it. I'm eager to see your side by side. :)

    3. I think the only important difference is in the hair. I've only had Scaris and GNO so I can only judge Signature from pictures, but I don't see any changes in the shape. The GNO nose seems narrower at the base because there is more colour at the inner corners of the eyes (black lid crease) and there is the lighter mouth that doesn't clash with the rest and draws little attention. But once I cover the forehead with a strand of hair, the paint differences are insignificant and I see the same face that turned me off in the first version of the character. I found someone's picture of both Rochelles:

  30. You're upset about the stand? Those saddle stands are terrible I was stoked that they included an old one, I'm just sad that they only do them in black now.

  31. Doctor Dolittle (from the picture books by Hugh Lofting) was taught how to speak with animals by a parrot (Polly?) because parrots speak both animal and English, so it is unlikely that the ability would be hereditary anyway. Random thought: It would be cool if she had a pet Pushmi Pullyu.

  32. I really wish my Jane was as nice as yours. She has pink lipstick instead of the deeper color yours has and her head is very definitely filled with oozy glue :(

  33. If you are looking for Viperine She is 18 dollars at walmart

  34. I have this one X3 I have to say, maybe it's just the witchdoctor theme, but after Catty, she's my favorite

    1. And I see you noticed that too! Oh and I forgot to add, I actually played her in a school performance XD dont ask