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Mischa's Toy Jewels (now with answers!)

I'm traveling a bit this weekend, so today's review will be pretty short, and very different from what I normally write.  Anyone who's read any of my Sunday Surprise posts, especially recent ones, will know that I often comment on how the expense of surprise-themed dolls, particularly those that cost over $10, is risky because of the chance of getting a repeat.  And what happens to all of those duplicate dolls?  Some end up on eBay or at Goodwill, I'm sure, but many probably land in the garbage.  As if the packaging waste from this type of toy wasn't bad enough.

Knowing how I feel about all of this, my friend Ariel messaged me the other day and showed me a cool Instagram page called Mischa's Toy Jewels.  Mischa gathers up unwanted mini toys and turns them into children's jewelry!  How cool is that?  What's even better is that she donates half of the profits from her sales to a local food bank.  I wanted to showcase this neat project, so I purchased several bracelets and necklaces to share with you.

I had so much fun looking through Mischa's selection, not just because the jewelry is colorful and attractive, but because of the variety of mini toys on display.  I could identify some of the brands right away, but not all of them.  The unidentified mini toys were irresistible little mysteries to me, and I had a great time trying to figure out what all of them are.  And I'll confess--Mischa had to come to my rescue a few times!  I thought some of you might be similarly amused by identifying these small toys, and so today's post will have two goals: one is to simply showcase Mischa's fun jewelry, but the other is to play a little guessing game!  I'll show you what I bought, with no labels, and then in a day or two I'll post the answers and a little follow-up review.  Be warned, though, that there's one mini toy in the mix that neither Mischa nor I could identify.  Bonus points to anyone who knows what it is!

A necklace from Mischa's Toy Jewels, $10.00.

Before I show you the pieces I bought, let me tell you a little bit more about Mischa and her work.  Mischa was inspired to start making this type of jewelry by a young woman in the Philippines, Asha, who makes and sells similar items to pay her medical bills--and to help pay the medical bills of others.

I asked Mischa how she got interested in small surprise toys, and she said that her daughter has been collecting them for over eight years, so they've accumulated a big stash!  Looking for a way to do something good with these toys, Mischa decided to donate some of them to Asha for her endeavors in the Philippines, but also to make and sell jewelry herself so that she could help improve the lives of homeless people in her area.  Since the pandemic began in 2020, hunger and homelessness have been on the rise nationally, and Mischa became acutely aware of this change in her home city.

Mischa says that her bestsellers are things like Disney Doorables and Toy Mini Brands (which I reviewed over on Patreon), but her favorites include Monster High minis and Lalaloopsy.  I won't say which are my favorites until the guessing game is over--so I don't accidentally give anything away.

Now I get to show you the jewelry I bought!  I'll number each different type of toy so that, if you want to play along, you can post a numbered list of your answers in the comments section.  I have a feeling at least one of you will get all of them correct on the first try.

Let's start with an easy one, shall we?

Number 1 includes three different bracelets:

This trio is so cute, and I love the mix of colors in the beads:

The beads are plastic, and they're strung onto elastic to that they can easily be stretched over a variety of wrist sizes:

These little dolls have articulated necks that allow their heads to spin all of the way around:

The figures can't balance on their own, but it's neat because the beads of the bracelets can be maneuvered to help them stand up!

This little one is my favorite from the group:

This next necklace is not part of a group, but is a stand-alone piece that I'll call Number 2:

It's a cute little button-eyed chicken with a bow on its head!

Brock brock.
Number 3 should look quite familiar, especially if you're up-to-date on your reading here at TBP!

This is one of the larger toys that's offered, and also has an articulated neck:

One of the things Mischa is really good at is matching the color of the beads to the color of the toys.  The pink beads here are exactly the right shade!

Number 4, who you saw in the cover shot, is one of my favorites from the whole bunch:

I had no idea who this little fairy was when I first saw her.

She has carefully-painted clothing, glittery hair, and little stretchy, rubbery wings on her back:

She has large, almond-shaped eyes with dark blue hearts in the pupils.

Her neck is a ball joint, so she has great head articulation.

And, once again, the beads match her outfit extremely well:

I really like this girl--both as a mini toy and as a complete necklace.  The colors are beautiful.

Number 5 is probably pretty easy to guess, too, but I'll admit that I didn't recognize who she was right away:

This one has black ears and little fangs on her mouth:

Her outfit has a black cat silhouette that reminds me of Emily the Strange!

I love her little cat slippers.
This chain of beads includes skulls, which are freaky, but fit the theme well:

Number 6 is a little baby who I couldn't identify until Mischa helped me out:

This happy kiddo has a soft vinyl romper with a hood.  The whole outfit could probably be removed if it weren't for the necklace ring, but there's not much detail underneath--not even any hair on the back of the head:

I like the ladybug spots on the outfit, but the expression on this baby is just a bit too intense for me!

And the head isn't articulated, either, which is a bummer.

This still makes a great necklace, though!

Number 7 is another one of my absolute favorites.  I coveted her in one of my earlier reviews, if that helps anyone identify the brand:

She has an articulated head, shoulders, and tail fin!

And she fits in really well with my recent mermaid obsession.

The orange star beads in the necklace chain are a great touch, too. 

Number 8 is a two-piece set that you might not be able to identify from the bracelet alone:

But extra credit if you can!
The addition of the necklace character makes this a bit easier:

That's a pretty distinct baby.
This is a fun duo.  It looks like the baby is surfing!

I love the animal hat, too.  But that little spout of water on the top makes me think it's supposed to be a whale.  It looks much more like a shark:

Eating the baby's head.
These two were fun to photograph, because the beads can look like waves in some cases:

I really like Number 9, but this is another one that I wasn't able to identify on my own:

It's a mysterious, big-eyed creature with a sparkling glitter horn and what looks like a sheep's body:

A sheep-a-corn!
It also has tiny wings on its back:

A flying sheep-a-corn!
The eyes on this sheep-a-corn are quite detailed for such a small toy.  It has rooted eyelashes on the top, and inset plastic eyes with quite a lot of detail:

It also has an articulated neck and can look all around:

So cute.
Number 10 is one of the smallest toys in the group.  She's a little pink-haired pixie with a leaf on her head:

The paint work on this doll is quite good for the size, especially the details on the face:

She's articulated at the neck and waist, too, so she can sit down:

And, with the help of her well-matched necklace, she can even fly!

Number 11 is a smaller figure who is attached to a bracelet:

She has purple hair with a little molded braid on one side.  She also has a hole in her back that Mischa says was for meant for a pair of removable wings.  So maybe that's a clue to her identity:

She has an articulated neck and can look around in any direction:

She's much smaller than the purple-haired Number 4 doll, but the two have similar facial features:

Her hand position makes her look very thoughtful!

Finally, here's Number 12.  This is the cutie who stumped both me and Mischa!

Who are you, #12?
She's not articulated, but I adore her.  She has a unicorn horn, blue cat ears, and tiny little wings on her back:

The copyright mark reads, "UD TM&©CT. (s19)" if that helps.  It didn't help me.

Her necklace is also perfectly matched to her coloring.  It's very impressive:

She's a real cutie, and her molded and painted details are all nicely done.

In my opinion, she makes the best piece of jewelry out of the whole group.

Does anyone know who she is?

So, those are the twelve different types of toys that I chose for my jewelry!  I'd have picked twelve more pieces in a heartbeat, but that would have broken the budget.  I felt incredibly good about my purchase, though, and even got a receipt for the food bank donation.  Thank you, Mischa!

Here's a photo of all the dolls together, in order, so you can double-check your guesses and see their relative sizes:

#1-12, from let to right.
I hope that even those of you who didn't feel like guessing the brands at least enjoyed a quick peek at some of the fun jewelry that Mischa is making, and maybe even discovered a type of mini doll that you didn't know existed!

Part 2

I'm back!  It's so great to see how many of you tried your hand at the guessing game!  Anonymous, in one of the first comments, got ALL of them right!  Woo hoo!  I was also impressed by those who found the specific collection or name of each figure!  Amazing.  Thank you so much for helping me solve the mystery of #12.

For anyone who didn't get a chance to guess the brands and still wants a crack at it--no problem.  Just don't read the comments or scroll past this next picture until you have your list ready:

The answers are:
2. Lalaloopsy mini (MGA)
4. Hatchimals Pixies (Spin Master)
5. Monster High Mini Clawdeen Wolf (Mattel)
6. Mini Cry Babies Magic Tears (IMC Toys)
8. Twozies (Moose)
9. Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise (MGA)
10. Awesome Bloss'ems (Spin Master)
11. Hatchimals Mini Pixies (Spin Master)
12. Unicorn Dolls (Cool Things)

The three brands that intrigued me most from this list are the Awesome Bloss'ems, the Hatchimals Pixies, and the Poopsie Cutie Tooties (because with a name like that, how could I not be intrigued??).  So I decided to track down one of each of these to see what they look like new-in-box.

The Awesome Bloss'ems were the hardest to locate.  These are no longer in stores, nor could I find them on Amazon (which usually has everything).  I finally located one through an auxiliary vendor at for $13.

The package is about the size of a cup of coffee, which is pretty crazy considering the toy itself is only an inch tall:

Awesome Bloss'ems, ~$13 on secondary market.
The package is shaped like a flower pot, with a removable dome on top:

The clear dome comes off to reveal a packet of "fake soil," a bright pink base, and a leaf-shaped scoop:

The bottom half of the package is covered with a cardboard disc that has a few perforated flower shapes:

Inside the plastic flower pot, there's a strange blue capsule and a circular collector's pamphlet:

The capsule has criss-crossed cuts at the top, and a large red pull-tab at the side:

Like a flowery grenade.
The red tab loops into a section of the capsule at the bottom, keeping it from detonating prematurely.

The collector's sheet says "read me first" in big lettering on the front, and considering the complexity of the blue capsule, I figured that was an excellent idea!

The list of instructions is long, but the gist is that you put the capsule into the flower pot, cover it with the fake pink soil, and then dump some water over the whole thing:

This should cause the little doll to emerge from the capsule (and shoot into the air?).

The back side of the instructions has a list of all the available dolls.  They come in various categories like "Sweet Chic" and "Posh Floral."  

There's even an ultra rare doll with a gold plated flower on her head!

Okay, let's see how this goes.  I followed the instructions and filled the flower pot with the capsule and then the fake soil:

I was assuming that this fake soil was made out of the same cornstarch-based material that the eco-friendly packing peanuts are made out of.  You know, so that all of the "soil" I spilled into my sink would simply dissolve in water.  Nope.  The fake soil seems to be made out of styrofoam of some kind, so I had to go into my sink and fish out every last little flake one by one.  That was a pain.

Once I had everything ready, I dumped a bit of water on top of the flower pot and waited:

The video ends abruptly because that "pop" scared me half to death.  I shrieked out loud, jumped back, and my finger slammed onto the video button and ended the footage.  Sorry about that.

Here's what popped out of the soil:

She's a cute, purple-haired girl with a winking eye:

But that device looks brutal.  It grips the doll around her neck and then yanks her upwards through the flaps of vinyl.  Yeesh.

I let the whole contraption dry out for a while and then took it into my studio.  

I had to cut the vinyl flaps in order to peel them away and expose the torture device underneath:

The mechanism can be compressed again with some mild pressure:

But it can't be locked back into place in that position--it just springs back up the moment the pressure is released.

Here's how it looks with the doll removed:

It's too bad that the capsule can't be reused in any way.  That thing is more complicated than the actual doll.  A lot of design went into thirty seconds of fun...and a lot of plastic garbage came out of it.

Here's a closer look at the doll I got:

She's one of the Posh Floral girls and has a blue vinyl flower on the top of her head:

The head decoration reminds me a bit of the Blume Baby Pops (those would also make good jewelry!).

This doll is articulated at the waist and neck, so she can look around...

But she can't sit on her own without tipping over backwards.

To help her recline, I set up this little leaf hammock scene that's made from the perforated flower shapes and part of the lid from the flower pot:

Now she can relax:

Here are the two Awesome Bloss'ems together:

The necklace girl does not appear on the collector's sheet that I got, so she must be from a different wave.

These tiny dolls are cute, but I like the girl on the necklace more than the purple-haired version.  The leaf head decoration is more subtle than the blue flower, and the winking expression is a little strange.  Overall, I probably wouldn't purchase any more of these, just because of the overblown focus on the packaging.  They do make me curious about the new Polly Pocket dolls, though!  I suspect they're about the same size. 

The second toy that I wanted to get a deeper look at was the Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise.  How could that cute little sheep-a-corn have come from a line of toys named after poop?  It didn't immediately make a lot of sense to me.

It made more sense when I saw the packaging:

That looks like a poop emoji. 💩
Apparently, the little animal figures are enclosed within glittery poop-shaped containers.  In order to get the toy out, you have to squeeze some kind of slime out of the poop shape:

Who comes up with these ideas?
I can just picture the conversation around the marketing desk:

Hey, I've designed these cute little fantasy animal figures, what do you think?
Oh, we should package them as surprises, so kids don't know which one they'll get.
Yeah, great idea!
Oh--and also we should put them in poop-shaped containers.
Poop is fun!  It could be rainbow poop, too.  Like what a unicorn has.
Oh, oh, oh!  Also, with slime inside the poop!
Slimy rainbow poop?
Exactly! And it could even be scented.

These Cutie Tooties are an MGA product, and the slogan is "collect the rainbow."  That sounds familiar:

I have to admit, the poop container is quite cute in and of itself, with big eyes and a little smiling face:

I think I'm going to name her Gertie Poop.

Gertie Poop was sitting on top of an instruction pamphlet, a collector's sheet, and a round pice of cardboard that describes the different types of slime that are available.  I'm not sure what to wish for here, but the galaxy variety looks pretty cool:

The instructions describe how I'm supposed to open up Gertie Poop in order to access the slime.  It's interesting that these instructions call Gertie a "squishy slime container." That seems like an insult to such a cute little poop.

She's totally a poop.
There's also a section of important information on the back side of the instruction pamphlet.  Some of the points are a little worrisome:

Basically, wear a hazmat suit.
The collector's sheet shows all of the different animals that are available:

The characters resemble real animals, but they all have golden unicorn horns on their heads.

They come in different categories, all poop-related. For example, there are the Disco Doo Doos, the Turdz of Paradise, and--my favorite--the Bougie Poops.

I like the Bougie Poop named Lightning, who looks like an actual unicorn:

Electric Bougie-Poop
I think my sheep-a-corn necklace was made from Woolly, one of the Disco Doo Doos:

I took Gertie Poop into the kitchen to see what kind of slime was inside:

There's a circular area on the bottom that can be pulled off in order to expose the slime:

A pooping poop. Very meta.
As I started to pull on the tab, slime began to ooze out!

Then, after the bottom section was gone, I turned Gertie completely inside-out to make sure I'd removed all of the slime:

It looks like a crime scene.
That was, hands down, the most disgusting toy-opening experience I've ever had.

It looks like Gertie Poop vomited out a toy:

I consolidated the slime and poked at it a bit:

I think I got the "water" slime variety, whatever that means.  It has an unusual texture.  It feels really wet and goopy, and it left a lot of water marks on the paper towel, as you can see, but it doesn't really feel messy.  It didn't stick to my fingers at all--it just made them feel slightly damp.

Next, I opened up the container to see which surprise animal I got:

I'm not really sure what kind of animal this is, frankly, but it's named Spike and is from the Disco Doos group:

Is he a porcupine, perhaps?

I played around with the slime for a little bit longer, but there's not much to do with it:

Furthermore, I didn't really want to linger with a blob of goo that shouldn't be near broken, skin, shouldn't get near my face, eyes or mouth, shouldn't touch anything with color, shouldn't come into contact with surfaces, might stick to paper permanently, and can't be fed after midnight.

I cleaned Spike off, disinfected him, and took him down to my studio:

My porcu-corn.
He's every bit as cute as Woolly the sheep-a-corn, but his head movement is not as good.  When I try to tip his head up and down, it pops off:

He has a few little spikes on his back and head, which is what makes me think he might be a porcupine:

Here are Woolly and Spike together:

What color is your poop, Woolly?
My introduction to this brand was definitely confusing.  Because I saw one of the figures on its own before I even knew the brand name, the poop theme was a total surprise.  It also seemed completely random to me that these cute little animals were packaged inside of poops.

However, the Poopsie line contains several other toys, all of which have an emphasis on poops, farts and addition to having some cute animal characters.  Here's an example:

"All natural poop chips" is not something you see every day.
I suspect that, despite my better judgement, there will be more Poopsie appearances on the blog in the future.  Apologies in advance; poop happens.

The last toy that I bought is this Hatchimals Pixies egg:

Hatchimals Pixies, $8.99.
This is the one that I was most excited about because I really like the doll on my Hatchimals necklace.

These toys come in large egg-shaped blister packs with colorful decorations wrapping around both sides:

The back of the package has pictures of the different Pixies that are available:

The set also includes a Pixie bed and mystery accessories.

Here's the Hatchimal egg:

The idea with this egg is that the top part can be broken open to reveal the Pixie figure inside:

The shell breaks pretty easily, and is made out of the same crumbly substance as the Hatchimals Colleggtibles eggs:

After I broke two holes in the shell with my thumbs, I could see a glimpse of the Pixie's (green!) hair:

And with a little more effort, the whole doll was revealed, although she looks a little shy!

Here she is:

I checked the collector's sheet to see who I got...

It's Gigi!  And she loves gardening, cupcakes, and protecting nature:

So do I!
Gigi was held inside the egg by a small molded piece of clear plastic that lifted easily out:

The bottom half of the egg is made out of solid plastic and does not crumble.  Inside, there's a plastic insert that makes the egg look like a comfy little bed:

I was supposed to remove all of the crumbling shell material at the top of the egg to make the bed look neater, but I didn't realize the egg was part of the bed until now--when I'm in a different state and can't take any more pictures!  Sorry about that.

The bed works without the egg, too, but it looks a little flat!, a mattress would be nice, Emily.
Underneath the bed, I found a plastic bag with Gigi's mystery accessories:

Included in the accessory bag was a small plastic disc stand that inserts into one of Gigi's feet.  This is a welcome addition since she can't balance very well on her own:

She has glittery pale green hair, matching eyes, and a leafy fairy dress.

Her rubbery wings are orange, and she has little bare feet:

The stand is great for displaying my Pixie necklace, too:

Gigi's bag also included a pink headband, a teapot, and a little tea cup!

The headband has molded flowers and little painted green leaves:

This stays in place by inserting into holes on either side of Gigi's head:

It looks really nice on her!  I love the contrast with the mint green hair:

Gigi can also hold the teacup and teapot firmly in her left hand:

She looks surprised that she can hold it!  So am I.
So many mini figures can't hold their accessories, so this is a really nice touch.  And who would turn down a cup of tea from this cutie?

Here are Gigi and the necklace girl together:

Sharing a spot of tea!

These two are really cute and fun.  I can't even pick a favorite between them, and would definitely be tempted to buy more--especially after learning that there are special "Riders" sets that include a Pixie and another mystical animal that they can ride.  I mean, look at this:

That's very tempting and may need to appear on the blog some day.

But, for now, I have to get back to my wonderful family and some sad business for the day.  Thank you so much again for playing along and sharing in my fascination with all of these new types of mini toy!


  1. Ah! These are all really cute (and I love Mischa's idea and shop!), but the dark skinned mermaid is so beautiful! The little elf ears are so cute, and I have fallen hard in love with her! She reminds me of a toy I had when I was 5-10 (or about 15-20 years ago!) That was some mermaid bath toy with sculpted hair except for the ponytail which had doll hair. I only ever had a blonde larger mermaid (but still small! Less than barbie size) and a gorgeous dark skinned mermaid baby/toddler with dark purple hair. I'm really curious to find out who the mermaid is! And how many I can buy lol.

    I haven't bought a doll since you stopped reviewing and of course now that you're back at it I want to buy more!

    1. Oops I think those are fins on the side of the mermaids head, not elf ears

  2. Number 12 is from a blind bag series called “Unicorn Dolls” by Coolthings!

    1. Her name is listed as Stella

    2. Forgot to post my guesses xD Not sure about the names of the characters, but hopefully I got the brand name right

      1. lol surprise minis
      2. Lalaloopsy
      3. Cave club
      4. hatchimals pixies
      5. Clawdeen - Monster High minis (Halloween edition?)
      6. Cry babies magic tears minis
      7. baby born surprise Minis
      9. poopsie cutie tooties surprise
      10. Awesome Blossems
      11. hatchimal pixie mini
      12. Unicorn dolls by Cool Things

  3. Ooh, I'm very curious about a lot of these! I recognize some from toy stores, and some from your reviews, but a lot of the names escape me! And some are a complete mystery!
    My guessed and those I recognize:
    1 - LoL surprise
    2 - lalaloopsy chicken
    3 - pink Dino from the cave girl dolls
    4 - the fairy eludes me
    5 - monster high. Wanna say clawdeen, but that looks like a cat tail.
    6 - no idea!
    7 and 8 were both mystery babies you reviewed, 8 is super distinct.
    9 - I think these are called lil poopsies, or related to that brand? Very poo focused.
    10 - 0 clue, but I bet she was from a Polly pocket style compact playset. That waist hinge really goes with that style of toy.
    11- mystery cutie to me!
    12 - 0 clue, never seen anything like her, but she's so cute!

  4. I couldn't remember the name of #12 but I see someone else identified her. I've bought a couple of them at the 99 Cent Store, they come in blind bags, and they are very cute. I love the Hatchimals Pixies. Kudos to Mischa for her worthy endeavors!

  5. The jewellery is great! I love the colour coordination in each piece. I personally prefer keychains and standalone figures to stringing them with beads, but I can see how it could be a desirable aesthetic and it's a great way to repurpose doubles. I too bought some pendant loops to screw into plastic trinkets, but so far I only used them to turn Draculaura's skeleton doll into a keychain and fix the swinging doors on my litterboxes. I guess mystery toys just don't tempt me enough to buy them, let alone have doubles, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for fun accessories from larger dolls, like that Cave Club dino you have.

  6. If you ever have a mystery like number 12 again, use google lens.
    I used google lens to take a pic of your pic, it then shows you a bunch of pictures that google thinks “match” that picture. It did not recognise the Cave Club Dino, but definitely did recognise the Unicorn Girl.
    (Also really handy to identify flowers or birds.)

  7. 1. LOL Surprise minis (no clue which series, though!)
    2. Lalaloopsy mini? (again, couldn't find this exact one!)
    3. Cave Club Phibian (Lumina's pet)
    4. I feel like I've seen her before, but I just don't know. Probably Spin Master.
    5. Monster High minis Clawdeen (Halloween series)
    6. Cry Babies Magic Tears mini
    7. Baby Born Surprise Mini Babies (part of Beach Party Twins)
    8. Twozies Gale and Oceana
    9. Poopsie Slime Surprise Cutie Tooties (series 2?)
    10. Awesome Bloss'ems
    11. Hatchimals Mini Pixies
    12. I'm stumped!

    That was so hard! I'd like to thank Google for getting me as far as I did hahaha.

    Both Mischa and Ariel are doing such wonderful things. It's lovely that you put a spotlight on their businesses this way, Emily. All the jewelry is super cute, and I'm happy to see all these mini toys get a second life this way!

  8. Hey Emily! I'm so so so happy you two were able to work out a deal, and ngl seeing my name on this blog made me freak out (in a good way!!). They're all so charming. As for guesses.
    1: Lol surprise
    2: lalaloopsy
    3: Cave club
    4: Hatchimals fairies
    5: monster high mini
    6: Idk
    7: Baby born
    8: Tootsies
    9: Poopsie surprise
    10: Awesome blossoms
    11: Smaller Hatchimals fairy?
    12: Unicorn mystery figures (I remember my froggy stuff finding them at 5 below)
    - Ariel

  9. These are fantastic! I have to stop myself from ordering dolls that you've reviewed, because I get down those rabbit holes too deep! However, I absolutely adore this idea, as well as Mischa's altruism. Anything I buy from her is for a good cause and not just another symptom of my hoarding? These could be jewels for my big dolls--after all, I have found myself buying dolls for my dolls lately.... Many hugs!

  10. Commenting a second time upon seeing the answers! I think the poop animal you got is a hedgehog rather than a porcupine, they're so stylized I base that entirely on the colour choice aping Sonic the Hedgehog. It's spot on, so I figure it must be deliberate.
    The flower doll scared the pants off me too, I don't blame you for that reaction!

    I looked up the pixie riders, the animals are very fun, I'd have been nuts for that as a kid. A surprise, and a critter, and magic? Done deal!

    1. my immediate thought was "that's Sonic but worse"

  11. Commenting after the update: since I'm on holiday now I can't write up a long comment but I just had to say that you had me crack up so many times during the reviews, Emily. Your humour is just great. Also, I see what you did with ''can't be fed after midnight'', ghehehe.

  12. Wow! I never knew about these beautiful toys/jewelry. I love these kind of things, especially the miniature LOL's. This is a reason I love your blog, detailed reviews, funny photos and spreading the word about less known brands. The Poopsie are an odd bunch, I'm not exactly a fan, but they sell well if parents aren't yelling yet. The heads seem to be able to fit LOL Surprise dolls though? The ball arrangement looks very familiar and they're made from the same company, right?

    Can't wait for more!

  13. the Awesome Blossoms' bodies look virtually identical to Barbie Peek-a-Boo Petites, so I initially assumed they were made by Mattel. they're very cute, though!

    I wish I'd gotten one of those little MH figures when they were on the market- I haven't looked but I'd assume they're going for more than the original retail price these days. Clawdeen's necklace matches the nonbinary pride flag perfectly, which gives me a decent segue/excuse to talk about the live-action movie's version of Frankie being confirmed as nonbinary and using they/them pronouns! since it's a direct-to-streaming movie, I'm still not really expecting anything great out of it visuals/story-wise, but casual and unquestioned trans representation is of course always welcome, and it means a lot to me as a nonbinary fan. :)

  14. Sending sympathy for whatever sad business you are dealing with.

  15. I didn't write down my guesses, but I definitely got at least half of them (the easier ones, but still!). I completely agree that the blue fairy contraption looks like a torture device. When I saw the first picture of it all closed up, it actually made me think of one of those tampon applicators! Definitely NOT what the designers intended, ha ha!