Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kurhn Dolls, Part Two: Kurhn 6077 Glamorous Kurhn

This post is a follow-up to my original Kurhn post, below. In other words, my original post was way, way too long and I had to divide it into two parts.

In this review, I will look at a slightly more expensive Kurhn doll, the "Glamorous Kurhn," 6077.  I purchased her on eBay from flyinannalee for $29.10 plus shipping:

Kurhn 6077
I bought a second Kurhn doll because I wanted to contrast the basic doll in the kitchen set to a doll that seems more aimed at a collector market.  Right away you can see that this doll has more detail in her packaging, clothing and hairstyle:

She comes in a very appealing window box with a pink ribbon handle and a fancy reflective silver cardboard backdrop.  A plastic stand is taped to the back of the cardboard:

The doll is secured in the box with a few wires and two plastic ties inserted into the back of her head.  She is easy to get out.

The saddle stand comes in two pieces that snap together.  Unfortunately, the doll's feet don't touch the base of the stand:

Incredulous about this poor fit, I inspected underneath the doll's skirt to see what the problem might be.  I wondered if her bulky cloth underpants were giving her an unwanted boost?

The underwear is a bit diaper-like thanks to a very crude, thick crotch seam:

Sadly, even when she goes commando, the stand doesn't fit.  It doesn't fit the basic doll from the kitchen set, either, so I think Kurhn might need to go back to the drawing board with this one.  

This doll can stand on her own, though, with a little bit of work:

This Kurhn is made out of a paler vinyl than the first doll.  The color of her skin combined with her beautifully painted face makes her look like she's made out of porcelain:

Her hair is styled in an elaborate high ponytail.  She has two long tendrils of hair hanging in front of her ears, and these are sewn onto the bodice of her dress to keep them in place:

Part of her hair loops over the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic band and give the style a more elegant finish:

Her hair is parted slightly off center in the front:

I love the color of this doll's hair, and the hair fiber is shiny, smooth and tangle-free.

This doll has gorgeous face paint.  Her eyes are a subtle greyish blue, accented with pale coral eyeshadow.  Unlike the basic doll, this girl has a very natural tone to her lips, with some shading for added realism.

She has expressive side-glancing eyes, but they are a little bit mismatched.

Am I looking at you...or am I looking over your right shoulder?
  She is wearing a sleeveless party dress, a rose choker and a pair of black high-heeled sandals:

The dress has a 5-tiered pink satin skirt and a grey velvet bodice.  It is accented with pink and black cloth roses that match the tiny rose on her necklace:

The choker also has a tiny rhinestone ornament.
The bodice is secured to the doll's body with double-sided tape.  Presumably this is to keep the dress from falling down.  It was actually a bit difficult to peel the dress off the doll and the tape caused some minor damage to the lining of the bodice.  This makes me wonder if the doll is intended for play, or if it's meant to be more of a display piece like the Barbie William and Catherine Barbie gift set.

Here is the dress on its own:

If you look closely, you can see that the tape pulled out some of the threads in the pink lining: 

The dress is nicely sewn and has an attached tulle petticoat with a beige ruffled hem that hangs below the bottom of the pink satin skirt:

The shoes are fairly simple, but they have two molded plastic buttons that actually open and close.  They have a slightly high heel, which I think is interesting considering the fact that the other doll I bought had very flat-footed shoes.

If you look at the doll's feet, you can see that they are sculpted to have a subtle arch that can accomodate both flat and high heeled shoes.  It's pretty clever:

Here are my two Kurhn dolls side by side so that you can see the difference in the vinyl.  The body molds are exactly the same with identical articulation.  While both dolls are painted nicely, I think the doll on the right has a much more expensive look to her.  

The party dress is so lovely, everybody under 12 inches tall in my house wanted to try it on.  Rapunzel went first, and the dress looked great on her, but she couldn't get the velcro in back to close:

Barbie Fashionista Artsy had a similar problem:

Hayden had slightly better luck fitting into the dress (if you tug and pull, the velcro will just barely connect) and the style really suits her large head and young face:

Liv dolls are still my favorite play dolls.  I might slightly prefer the Kurhn face (Liv can look a little bug-eyed) but Liv's awesome articulation, fun wigs and great clothes are hard to beat.

Meygana was appalled that I would even suggest that she try on such a frilly dress...

...but when it fastened perfectly in the back, she quickly got into the mood:

This Kurhn doll looks so classy, I decided that I could bring out some of my collector quality dolls to see how they compare.  Poppy Parker was anxious to get a look at this inexpensive newcomer:

Honey, you need some articulated wrists if you want to play in my league.
Poppy makes every outfit look divine...

But she shares Barbie and Rapunzel's back closure issues:

Integrity dolls like Poppy make my Kurhn look more like a play doll.  Poppy is much higher quality.

Pullip and Tangkou dwarf the Kurhn doll with their large heads, but the bodies are actually quite similar in size:

Loli can almost squeeze into the dress...

...and it fits Pullip beautifully.  Furthermore, the large flower accents scale really well with these dolls' oversized heads.

Pullip and Tangkou have better articulation than Kurhn, but the Kurhn doll's less exaggerated head size might make her more broadly appealing.  

I am anxious to compare this Kurhn doll to a J-doll....

Last, I wanted to compare the Glamorous Kurhn doll to my Momoko.  One of the reasons I chose this particular Kurhn is that her coloring reminded me of my Momoko.  Both dolls have strawberry blonde hair and peach colored fashions.

The bodies look similar in size.  Momoko has more articulation, but her arms fall out a lot.

Indeed, the dolls can swap clothes really nicely.  Momoko's relatively small head does not look quite as good with the large accents on the Kurhn dress, though:

I tried the other Kurhn outfit on Momoko and noticed the same thing--it fits really well, but the scale is too bulky.  

What's interesting to me is that I like the Kurhn doll much more than the Momoko doll--in pictures and in person.  Granted, I had lukewarm feelings about the Momoko from the start, but with the two dolls side by side, I find the Kurhn unequivocally much more appealing.  The price difference is significant--Momoko was $130 (on sale) and the Glamorous Kurhn was under $40.  If I could choose again, I'd get three more Kurhn dolls instead of one Momoko!

Here are some more pictures of the Glamorous Kurhn.  I fear that the pictures don't do her justice--she is every bit as lovely as these pictures and then some.

Bottom line?  Kurhn dolls span both the play doll and the collector doll market.  The kitchen playset doll is a basic toy that could be used and abused by young children. Her face is friendly and wholesome and her clothes are modest and well constructed.  She is appealing and sweet, but not at all fancy. She could be carried along on every imaginable adventure.  With a few upgrades in clothing and styling, the same doll sculpture can be presented as an elegant collectable like the Glamorous Kurhn shown here.  This doll's detailed party dress, gorgeous face paint and shiny, styled hair make me want to display her with some of my more expensive fashion dolls.  

The range of articulation and presentation in Kurhn dolls is very similar to the range in the Barbie line.  One notable difference is that there seems to be only one Kurhn doll face mold, while Mattel offers a ton of different faces for the Barbie body.  Barbie's faces are more realistically proportioned and diverse, but the innocent visage of the Kurhn dolls might be more palatable to parents of young children.  Another difference is that the higher end Barbie dolls (like the Gold Label series) tend to lack articulation while some of the fancier Kurhn dolls have all 10 joints.  On the other hand, Mattel offers dolls like my Fashionista Artsy that have better overall articulation than any of the Kurhns.  If the Kurhn dolls had articulated wrists, a more durable hip mechanism, and perhaps some facial diversity, I would be left with little or nothing to criticize.

You have to be a bit careful shopping for these dolls online.  Watch for the differences in articulation (some of the dolls with elaborate outfits have the reduced articulation) and be careful about the vendor you select.  That being said, I think it is well worth the time to sit down and scroll through the beautiful diversity of dolls offered by Kurhn.  This is a refreshing alternative to Barbie and might be just the thing for you or the young collector in your life.

Age Level
3 and up per the box.  Playsets or intricate outfits might include small pieces that are inappropriate for toddlers.
Despite the added cost of international shipping, these dolls are a good value. Low articulation and/or basic dress dolls tend to be under $20, high articulation and/or fancy dress dolls are under $40.
Very good play doll quality.  Soft rooted hair, beautiful face paint, fairly high level of articulation. Most joints seem solid and durable with the possible exception of the hips.  Clothes are varied and can be quite lovely and intricate on the higher priced dolls.
Good.  Classic cardboard window boxes with cardboard inserts.  Dolls are fairly easy to remove and recycling is simple.
Some of the more expensive dolls have detailed outfits, styled hair and gorgeous faces that make them appealing to adult collectors.  Comparable to Barbie Gold Label.
This line is extremely versatile.  The doll’s face and body make a lovely play doll and also an expensive-looking collector doll.  Partial clothes sharing is possible across a broad array of dolls including Momoko, Pullip, Liv, Barbie and Disney.
I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality and appeal of these dolls.  An excellent, refreshing Barbie alternative.  Recommended.


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    1. I wonder if the early dolls were not marked or if I have 4 clones! Thank you!-Kerri

  2. I always enjoy your reviews but haven't really commented before-I just wanted to say thank you for reviewing these! I'm already falling in love with them and I really want to get one when I have some extra cash, and I never would have known about them if not for your blog. Keep it up! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Zoe! I would never have know about them either if it weren't for this comments section! I hope you get one some day--but choosing which one to get is half the fun, so enjoy that part, too! ;)

  3. She's so beautiful! The subtle tones of her makeup are really appealing.

  4. I'm really surprised at how well Kurhn did when compared to Momoko. I've been interested in Kurhn for a while but haven't made the leap yet. Seems like a great doll to me.

    1. It's hard with Momoko dolls because they cost so much. I think the little disappointments get magnified when I've plunked down a lot of money for a doll. This Kurhn doesn't have many flaws in my eyes, but the ones she has are easier to dismiss because of her friendly price!

    2. I couldn't agree more!! She seems to be a really cute doll at a really cute price. After your review, I decided to take the plunge and am now happily "Kurhn-expecting"! Thank you so much for your great in-depth and extremely well-written reviews!

  5. Yay! You chose the one that I was interested in. Thank you again for the superb review. She is the sweetest little doll and her hair and dress are beautiful. She is now firmly on my wish list, along with half the other dolls that you have reviewed. The pictures of Meygana made me laugh. You really do bring these dolls to life. However, my poor Loli must be feeling a bit exposed standing next to all those glamorous girls without her wig on. Luckily she looks like she can hold her own. x

    1. Thank you so much, Nat Kat. :) I am so glad that this is the doll you wanted to see more of! She really stood out to me in the eBay pictures. I also like some of the girls with the elaborate traditional costumes--they look exquisite.

      Loli is hysterical. I only have to look at pictures of her with her huge, startled eyes and big head and I giggle. She can certainly steal a shot...even with no clothes or wig!

  6. Thank you for your in depth review. I have been looking at the Kurhn dolls for a while, but didn't know how well they were constructed. From your reviews, they look great.

    1. It is surprisingly nice construction. I wish they would change the hips to plastic ball and sockets, though. Remember when Monster High hips were elastic? That didn't go very well. :/ That's my only structural complaint about the dolls, and mostly because I don't know how I would fix the hips if they broke or got too loose.

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  8. Oh, wow! I love this Kurhn doll so much, I just want to go out and buy her!
    This doll made me (s)peachless, I think she stands for everything I love in a doll. Her sweet face, her gorgeous hair, her amazing outfit...
    If I could I would buy her, right now. But of course, I don't have the money to buy her :/
    This is the first Asian doll I'm extremely excited about. And even though I'll probably never have her, I think the fact I know about her is already something to be proud about.
    I think she's one of my favorite dolls out of all the dolls you ever reviewed, Emily! Thanks for sharing her elegance with us :D

    1. I am so glad you like her! She's quite special. Don't you just love the dolls that make you sigh or smile when you first open the box?

      I actually got my prices mixed up in these reviews--this Kurhn was only $28 and the gift set was $38. I will go back and change that! :-O Maybe the lower price will make it more possible for you to get her some day. :)

      It is really fun to look at all of the different dolls. I probably won't buy another one for a long time, but I still enjoy "window shopping" and seeing which doll I would buy next if the time was right. Right now, this is my favorite:

    2. $28 is a great price for this amazing doll, I doubt it if I could ever buy her though. I have no idea how eBay works, my parents don't want Paypal and it's not that I'm able to pay for her myself or anything. I wish I was old enough to make my own money, I would help my parents with money too.

      That Kurhn doll is amazing!
      I think Glamorous Kurhn is impossible to beat though ☺

  9. Both Kurhn dolls are pretty, but the collector doll is so much more appealing. I love her face and elaborate dress! Great reviews

    1. Thank you, Molly! I totally agree. I was actually quite surprised to see how different the two dolls could look given that they have identical bodies. The paint, hair, vinyl color and outfit combine to make a huge difference!

  10. id love to see you review a lottie doll!

    1. Your wish will soon come true! I have 2 Lottie dolls sitting here patiently waiting their turn... :)

  11. Hello from Spain: I love this doll. She is very cute. The dress is awesome. Your photos and comparisons are always interesting. Keep in touch

  12. Hello, thnk you very muh for the review. she is awfully pretty. and i love your blog, though i am curious how you would like hestia? jun plannng had them for a while also. i have one http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003JK0MBK/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00 and i really like her, but i am curious what you would think.

  13. She is very cute! Your review mad me want Kurhn even more, now im sure they are worth trying.
    I think that what makes them so unique is face-girly, kid-firendly and oh-so-sweet.

  14. Thanks for introducing me to yet another appealing doll. Both your Kurhns are pretty although I must admit I prefer this one (and I agree with you in preferring her to the Momoko and I don't think it's just about the price). I wonder if the extra height in the stand means you could use it for Barbie size dolls?

  15. I wasn't really won over by the basic doll in the last review, but this one has done it! What a gorgeous doll...!

  16. I like basic Kurhn but I love those that are a bit fancier, they're so gorgeous!
    By the way, I don't know if you noticed, but there are some that come with applied fake lashes... I personally prefer them painted:
    This one is beautiful (I'm not too fond of the horn-like hair ornament, though lol), she looks like out from a Chinese:
    And these ones represent each season... I thought it was such a fun detail!

    As you can see I also enjoy "window shopping" on the Internet... I love it so much I even do it in languages I don't understand xD

  17. I had never heard of these dolls till your reviews. My goodness they have such pretty faces. I really prefer their look and face paint to barbie. If only they had more joints! Maybe they would make good options to put on obitsu or volks bodies.

  18. Hi Emily, I just came across a doll line you might like to know about. The dolls are called Misaki dolls ander they are manufactered by Integrity (at least, that's what amazon says) The dolls are collectables and so they also have collectable prices :c
    But, I think you'd love to see some pictures of them, they have an Asian vibe over them and I think they're lovely!

  19. The Kurhn dolls are so beautiful,! I actually wish I had one. There is also a doll line in Japan that I recommend called Licca-chan. It doesn't have much articulation though. I'd love to see you review one!

  20. Please, please, please do a review on the Poppy Parker doll! I started saving up for one but can't decide if I want a PP or a Fashion Royalty. The prices are steep so I would like to be confident in my desicion. Thanks!

  21. I just got my first Kurhn doll and this one might be my next. They are a great doll for the price, pretty faces, good paint, and lovely outfits. i think I will stick to the slightly more pricy fancy dolls rather then the play line. I defiantly plan to add more Kurhn to my collection.

  22. Your reviews convinced me to buy a Kurhn doll and now that I finally ordered one, I can't wait to get her. I usually re-body my dolls onto an Obitsu body and re-clothe my dolls, so the clothes and body don't really come into much consideration.(But if they're both good that's definately a plus.) So it's the face that really sold me. I just love dolls with well done faces, and Kurhn dolls look really special to me in that respect. I think it's great that these dolls have such a good price for being so nice looking. If these are China's equivelent to Barbie, I feel like in some ways we're kind of missing out. (Though I do like Barbies, too, sometimes :) .) Thanks for making these reviews, even though these dolls are kind of obscure execept in China, they are definately worth a look and I'm really glad that we get to see a doll we may have never seen before if it were not for your reviews.

    I hope I don't sound rude or akward or anything, I'm just really not good at writing and I don't really do it much except at school.

  23. Coming super late to the party but I have a Kurhn sitting next to me ready to unbox, bought more or less on the strength of this review. :)

  24. I was googling images of Momoko fashion and saw your body compare and fashion swap with Momoko and Kurhn. At the time I just noted the name Kurhn and looked it up out of curiosity and shortly after ordered my very first doll and fashion set. My choice ( http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Kurhn-doll-Chinese-Doll-29cm-princess-doll-girls-toys-joint-body-model-Fashion-Girl-6080-toys/719069_836399346.html ) was based on the clothes and how they would look on Momoko which turned out to be perfect! They share clothes now and thus Kurhn is also allowed to share the shelf in the special glass display cabinet with her wardrobe pirates! The doll itself was not my favorite so there will have be more...and more fashion too.
    I loved the price. Definitely value and quality in one box. The feel of the doll was good although her hair was a bit ordinary, but I wanted a dark haired girl next anyway lol.
    Then I came across your actual review and thoroughly enjoyed reading it and your photos are excellent! Great work - keep it up. You introduced me to another little beauty and sounds like there are others out there basing their decisions on your excellent reviews.

  25. Thank you soooo much for this post!!! I'm so excited to know that Kurhn clothes fit Pullips, I will shopping now! Thanks again!

  26. I have this doll as well as a few other Kurhn dolls. I think she's definitely very well made and pretty. Highly recommended.

  27. Is there any place to buy new with paypal?

  28. I purchased 3 Kurhn dolls about 8 maybe 9 years ago But I cannot find them anymore I want to sell them I also bought from flyingannalee on Ebay but they did not send box or stand then as was cheaper they say to sip to Australia