Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fairy Tale High "Teen Rapunzel" by S-K Victory

Fairy Tale High (known as "Fairy Tale Academy" at the 2013 Toy Fair launch) is yet another brand of 12-inch play doll that is using the fairy tale princess theme.  Fairy Tale High's angle is that all of the princesses are modern teenagers attending the same school of performing arts.  At least it's not fashion school.

The number of dolls that have something to do with princesses or fairy tales this year is shockingly high.  I can count about nine different doll lines: The current Disney Store and Mattel versions of the Disney Princesses, La Dee Da Fairy Tale Dance, Cutie Pops Crown Cuties, Ever After High, Monster High Scary Tales, Once Upon a Zombie and Fairy Tale High.  And I guess I could also include the Bratzillaz Witchy Princesses, but they don't really look much different from the normal Bratzillaz.  Anyway, it's out of control.  The question is, do we need all of these different princess characters?  I mean, which ones are offering something truly unique?

I have been reluctant to review this particular doll because when she arrived in the mail, her face was a disappointment.  I don't find anything appealing about her facial screening or her expression, and I tend not to review dolls that I know I won't like.  Some recent conversations in the comments section and pictures on Flickr inspired me to reconsider.  I decided that she was worth de-boxing, if only so that I could reference her as I review some of the princess dolls I am more excited about.  Rapunzel cost me $17.99 at Toys R Us:

Fairy Tale High "Teen Rapunzel," by S-K Victory.
Ok, right off the bat, I need to say that this "teen" Rapunzel looks about thirty, whereas Disney's version of Rapunzel (who is also a teen...) looks cute and youthful.  I don't feel like I'm getting a glimpse of Rapunzel's younger years here.  Quite the contrary.  It's like Rapunzel after the Prince left her and she's taken to the streets.

As a reference, for anyone who is curious, the original Grimm Brothers' Rapunzel was 12 years old when she was locked in the tower, and she met the Prince "a few years later." So, the character should never be more than about 16.

This doll's outfit makes her seem even older.  It's a very skimpy, provocative outfit.  Completely inappropriate for a princess--or for any 12-year-old if you ask me.

Now that I have those initial thoughts off my chest, let me show you the doll.  She comes in a narrow plastic box with a cardboard back:

I think Fairy Tale Academy was a more original name.  Fairy Tale High seems like a blatant imitation of Monster High and Ever After High.  I feel like someone's trying to trick me--or an unsuspecting grandparent.

There's a cartoon image of Rapunzel on the front of the box.  I like this picture.  This looks nothing like the doll, though:

There's yet another cartoon version of the character on the website.  This is my favorite rendition--she looks cute, modern and friendly:

On the Fairy Tale High website, there's a free e-book for each doll and two webisodes : 

I checked out both the webisodes and the free book.  The webisodes are very short (just over one minute each), and the book is not really a book, but rather a short diary--another feature reminiscent of Monster High and Ever After High.  

Here's a small excerpt from the diary:

The back of Rapunzel's box is packed with pictures text:

There's a list of Rapunzel's favorite things.  It's interesting that she likes hair ribbons and bows...but doesn't wear any.

The top of the box displays three screenshots from the Fairy Tale High webisodes. 

These pictures are actually what prompted me to visit the website.  The characters look strange--especially Cinderella with her bright blue lips and sour expressions.  Maybe she's just caught in an awkward position in this picture?

She looks like she's about to give someone a right hook.
I had to go see what the animation really looks like.  Here are some clearer screenshots:

There are only three princesses in these first webisodes.   


Sleeping Beauty:

And Snow White:

The huge school seems deserted with only these three students.  

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have the exact same hair:

Clone princesses.
Just for fun, I wanted to try and get a clearer shot of this scene:

Here it is--Cinderella running (not punching), late to class because she lost her shoe:

The voice acting is pretty good in these little shows, but the animation is awkward and hard to watch.

Further down on the back of the box, there are cartoons of all the characters:

I like Belle and Tinker Bell the best.
Again, the cartoons seem to have gone through some changes since the packaging was made.  The group picture on the website has different versions of the girls.  I like the improvements:

Where's Teen Wolf?
All of the different versions of these characters is confusing.  There's no consistency.  The webisode princesses look completely different from the pictures on the website, and those look different from the pictures on the box...and none of the pictures look anything like the dolls.  Many elements of this line give the impression that it was completed in haste.

The branding at the bottom of the box acknowledges S-K Victory, Toon Studio, and the Brothers Grimm (rolling in their graves?).  I think S-K Victory is a new company that has partnered with Toon Studio on this project.  Incidentally, S-K Victory and Toon Studio are also responsible for the new Once Upon a Zombie line--in conjunction with WowWee.  More on that later.

The plastic part of the box is attached to the cardboard with taped tabs.  It was pretty easy to pull the tape off and quickly remove the front of the box.  The doll is attached to the purple cardboard with several stretchy clear rubber bands, a few tougher plastic strings and one little plastic tie inserted into the back of the doll's head.

Here she is:

Her golden hair is longer than I expected.  It's very impressive to look at, but it has lots of crispy curls at the ends.  It's hard to tell what the texture is like because there's so much styling product.  I decided to leave the curls intact until the very end of the review.

Rapunzel has purple eyes, purple lips and heavy pink eye makeup.  I think the combination of dark lips, upturned eyes and heavy eyeshadow makes her look ill. 

The pattern in her irises doesn't look right to me--I think it's partly that it's unusual for painted doll eyes to attempt this level of detail.  The scale of those lines is wrong:

Here's a real eye for comparison:

Human eye with blood vessels

She has a small white strip of teeth visible between her purple lips:

She has a profile that is very similar to the Winx Club dolls, with concave eyes and a nose, mouth and chin region that protrudes forward:

Here's an old picture of Bloom's profile for comparison:

The problem with this eye shape is that the surface of the eye reflects light and makes it very hard to photograph the doll's eyes.  Her eyes always look washed out and unfocused.

The back of Rapunzel's hair got flattened in the box and so it's easy to see the rooting pattern:

The rooting pattern looks good:

Rapunzel is wearing purple hoochie shorts, a cropped purple blouse, a fuzzy vest, fishnet stockings and brown boots:

The vest is made out of a cream-colored velour.  

The vest is unlined, but the collar folds over, creating an area of doubled fabric:

The folded part of the vest's collar won't lay flat, so I prefer this outfit without the vest.  

The purple blouse, aside form being very short, is nice.  The fabric has a subtle sheen similar to silk shantung.  I like the gathered sleeves and the modest v-neck.

Here are the shorts--the gold button decorations are glued on:

The tiny purple shorts come off to reveal full fishnet stockings, complete with an elasticized waist:

The stockings have caused some staining on the lower legs:

Rapunzel has brown high-heeled boots with molded laces.  The heels are painted light brown and the eyelets for threading the laces are painted gold.  It's too bad that the laces themselves aren't painted in a contrasting color.  These boots have a very large, rounded, Micky-Mouse toe.

I agree with those who have commented on the similarity between the Fairy Tale High body and the Winx Club body.  Both dolls have long skinny arms and legs, and very similar joints.  Ken Price from S-K Victory used to work for Jakks Pacific, so I guess the parallels between the two dolls are understandable?

Rapunzel has eleven points of articulation:

She has painted underpants with "FTH" molded into them. When I see that "FTH" I always think, "FTW."

Blue undies For The Win!
Rapunzel's back has a large "S-K" indent:

One of the good things about this doll's articulation is her legs.  She has hinged and rotational movement in both her hips and her knees.  Rotational knees are not super-common, and they add a lot to the posing potential of a doll:

Two bad things about this doll's articulation are her neck and her arms.  Her head cannot move up and down, and it's set at an angle so that whenever she turns her head, she also starts to look up...

If her head is turned all of the way back 180 degrees, she's looking at the ceiling: 

Her arms have several joints, but they don't flex nearly enough.  She can't bend her elbows even close to 90 degrees, so she has real trouble touching her head or putting her hand on her hip--poses that should be simple for a doll with eleven points of articulation.

She can manage some nice, normal walking poses (note how she tends to look upwards, though):

Both of her splits:

Some disco:

And this--whatever this is:

I wanted to compare this doll to a Winx Club doll, and I thought I had a fully-articulated Flora that would work well for that purpose.  I mean, the picture on Flora's box makes it look like she has bendy wrists and elbows, right?

Wrong.  Actually, my Flora doesn't have articulated elbows or wrists, but she will at least serve as a good model for general body shape comparisons:

Here are the two dolls with their hair pulled out of the way:

Their torso molds are not identical, but they have very, very similar proportions:

Perhaps the most notable differences are that Flora has skinnier legs and a narrower waist:

In profile, you can also see that Flora has a more distinct arch in her back:

They have very similar posing abilities (or they would, if Flora's arms were jointed...):

Here are their hands up-close.  Again, they are similar, but certainly not identical:

Not surprisingly, Rapunzel's clothes fit Flora very well:

Including the shoes:

As you might expect, Flora's dress also fits Rapunzel, although because Flora's waist is thinner, this dress is tight:

Flora's shoes fit well, though:

Here's Rapunzel in a lineup with some of my 10-11" dolls.  At a full 12 inches,  Rapunzel is quite a bit taller than most of them:

Bratzillaz Meygana, Liv Hayden, Fairy Tale High Rapunzel, Ever After High Apple White, Monster High Clawdeen.
I liked Rapunzel's outfit more and more as I started trying it on my other dolls.  It seems to magically fit everyone (except for Hayden).  Apple's shorter torso actually makes the blouse appear more modest and classy:

Rapunzel's boots are a bit tight on Apple, though:

The shorts are loose on Clawdeen...

But she could wear this outfit, too:

The ensemble even fits Meygana--no belly showing here at all.  I think these clothes fit Meygana better than they fit Rapunzel!

Unfortunately, other dolls' clothes do not fit Rapunzel quite as easily.  Her wider toro and taller height make most outfits unacceptable:

I also want to do a quick comparison between the Fairy Tale High Rapunzel and a few of my Disney Store Rapunzel dolls:

The hinge-kneed doll from last year (L) and the newest click-knee doll (R).
To compare Rapunzel dolls, it is necessary to examine the hair.  So, I decided to brush out Teen Rapunzel's crispy curls:

The hair styling product made it very difficult to brush this doll's hair.  The brush would get stuck in clumps of hardened gel.  It took me quite a while, with my human-sized wire brush, to get this hair completely brushed out.  

As I was brushing, the doll's hair released lots of tiny white particles:

The worst thing about this residue is that it sticks to the table and is hard to clean off.  That made me upset because I was reviewing this doll on a brand-new clean surface...and now it already has to be replaced.

I made the mistake of leaving my Disney Rapunzel on the table while I was brushing Teen Rapunzel's hair....

When it's all brushed out, this hair looks frizzy and puffy at the ends:

There is absolutely no comparison between the Fairy Tale High doll's hair and the Disney Store Rapunzel's hair.  The Disney Store doll has fabulous hair that is silky and wonderful to the touch.  The Fairy Tale High doll has hair that is hard to brush and prone to tangles and frizz.  It is not fun to play with and does not feel very nice.

Also, while the Teen Rapunzel's hair looks golden blond on its own, it looks melon-colored next to Disney Rapunzel's more natural color:

I braided both dolls' hair.  Again, the Disney Rapunzel's hair is a dream to braid.  It is silky and smooth and you can make a braid in haste and it still looks nice.  The Fairy Tale High doll's hair braids well for a while, but about half way through, the hair gets really frizzy and is hard to tame.

Here is Teen Rapunzel in the Disney dress (it's slightly loose).  She can't really pull off the traditional princess look.  Also, notice how her braid gets messy towards the bottom:

Her purple lips and eyes, rather than making her look coordinated and modern, make this doll look like she's been drowned or suffocated.  This isn't supposed to be the zombie Rapunzel--that review will be next.  :)

Here are the two Rapunzels together:

The things is, if what you want is a modern, stylish version of the Rapunzel character, why not just take Disney's doll (often on sale for under $10) and dress her in something different?  I don't have the best wardrobe for concocting skimpy modern Rapunzel outfits, but an Only Hearts Club top and some Liv shorts are enough, I think, to make the point that Disney manufactured a much more versatile, personable doll:

So, occasionally when I review a new type of doll, I choose a character that might not be the best representation of the line.  In this case, I wondered if Rapunzel's long hair and weird makeup might make her less desirable than some of the other dolls.  Here's a quick peek at Snow White, just to see if a doll with different coloring and short hair is a better option.

Her hair is streaked with red, which is neat, but the bobbed style does not look promising at first glance:

The doll's outfit is very different from the outfit pictured in the webisodes:

I was excited about this outfit in the promotional pictures because it seemed like a funky, modern interpretation of Disney's Snow White dress.  In reality, the outfit is a bit cheesy--and also leans way too much towards the slutty end of the spectrum for my taste:

Here's the doll out of her box:

Given that Rapunzel had a two-piece top, I was hoping that Snow's outfit was nicely layered.  In fact, the top is all one piece, with a fake undershirt sewn in under the sweater:

I think this top is made out of a yellow version of the velour fabric that makes up Rapunzel's vest.

Here's the pleated plaid skirt:

Here's Apple in Teen Snow's outfit--which was Toy Town's suggestion:

I never realized just how round Apple's face is!  Wow.

Last, here is Snow's face.  She has nice green eyes and her eyeshadow is not as heavy-handed as Rapunzel's.  I also like her natural-colored lips:

Her hair was messy in the box, but brushing it didn't help at all:

Snow is wearing a red headband that was attached to her head with two small plastic ties.  The plastic ties can be cut, and the headband has a small square of velcro in the back so that it can easily be removed and re-used.  I tried to re-position the headband so that it would pull Snow's hair away from her face:

I like Snow's face more than I like Rapunzel's face, but her hair is messy and hard to play with, and her outfit does not have many useful pieces.  I have to say that I'm not very interested in pursuing this line any further.  I wish the dolls looked more like the cartoons on the website.

Here are a few more pictures of Rapunzel--I didn't get very many nice shots.  The glare on on her eyes, along with her flawed arm and head mobility make her a tricky subject to photograph:

She does sit nicely, though:

This is what she looked like most of the time during my photo shoot: messy hair, head looking skyward, and limbs akimbo:

Get your act together, girl:

Bottom line?  This doll is not quite as bad as I thought she would be.  For starters, her outfit (while skimpy) is nicely made and has pieces that work remarkably well for some of my other dolls.  I think the blouse and shorts actually look better on many of my shorter-torso dolls like Bratzillaz and Ever After High.

Rapunzel's hair was fairly promising right out of the box, with its styled curls and impressive length.  I wish I had left it alone.  Unfortunately, brushing out the copious, sticky styling product transformed the hair into a frizzy, tangle-prone mess that makes the doll hard to play with.  The hair doesn't add any drama or personality to this character.  Teen Rapunzel's hair can't even come close to competing with the Disney Store Rapunzel doll's hair.

This doll's face and careless articulation are the deal-breakers for me.  I can't identify with her aloof expression and sick-looking color palette.  Her face doesn't have much personality, which is especially disappointing given the nice graphic versions of the character on the box and on the website.  Also, while I love getting a doll with so many joints, if the joints can't perform well, they end up being a liability.  Despite excellent leg articulation, the inflexible arms, limiting neck movement and upturned face are all I can think about.

So, the question I asked at the beginning of this review is, "do we really need all of these fairy tale princess characters?"  I can safely say that I, personally, don't need this particular version.  She doesn't offer anything new.  She tries to provide a contemporary, teenaged version of a beloved character, and instead delivers a mediocre copycat.  She's the Ever After High theme on a Winx doll body.  The reality is that the Disney Store has already made an inexpensive, adorable, highly-articulated, youthful Rapunzel.  With some modern clothes, that Rapunzel doll can fill the trendy teen niche much better than the Fairy Tale High girls ever could.


  1. Rapunzel looks a bit like a dollar store doll. No offense but that was bugging me this whole review. I think it was the eyeshadow. Other than that I may have bought her.

    1. Interesting! I haven't looked at the Dollar Store dolls recently, but I see what you mean. She'd be a pretty good deal for a dollar--I wish that's what I'd paid! :)

  2. The outfit, the purple lipstick... horrendous! She looks like a street hooker. Snow White's outfit didn't do anything to deter that impression from this doll line. Ugh! Why do they market such provocative outfits to tweens and children? Even if the doll is a "teen", would you let your teen out of the house looking like this???

    1. I wouldn't want my teen to dress in these clothes, either! I also don't like them on the Rapunzel character. The outfit isn't fashion-forward, edgy, or evocative of Rapunzel's's just skimpy for the sake of being skimpy!

  3. good review, these dolls should be called the Gothic version of the princesses

    1. they're not remotely gothic, though. they simply seem rushed, to me. i see the attempt at modern teen wear, but the outfits aren't cute enough or detailed enough for the price.

  4. My main issue with these dolls is that they look NOTHING like the characters they are meant to portray. There's nothing in their clothes, or any accessories, to tie them back to their original fairytales. Belle, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Alice could've just as easily been ordinary kids walking out of a (very badly outfitted) thrift store.

    1. Excellent point! You're absolutely right. Maybe Rapunzel's long hair would be a clue, but in general, the line doesn't make any effort to resemble the princesses except through some vague color connections.

  5. I heard about these dolls not too long ago and watched the webisodes. I was not impressed with either the doll line or the webisode. Of course, it probably didn't help that I'd just watched the Ever After High webisodes, which are both clever and beautifully animated. Like you said in the post, the FTH animation is horrendous. It was so bad I could hardly stand to watch it.

    I kind of feel bad for the company because the line was at the Toy Fair long before many of us had even heard of Ever After High, but since the EAH line was released first, it made it look like these guys were copycatting. And unfortunately for the makers of Fairy Tale High, Mattel did a much better job with the same idea.

    I wasn't planning on getting into this line, and this review has definitely confirmed this. I'll stick to my EAH and Disney Store dolls. ;)

    1. That's a good point, Beastsbelle! It's hard to remember that these dolls were announced first since Ever After High dolls have been on the shelves for so much longer. I was feeling a little bad for the company during this review, too. I don't like to be so critical, but I can't support this kind of effort. I mean, a poorly-executed doll that has a neat, original idea behind it is one thing, but a marginally original idea that is hastily (and a bit offensively) executed is just not offering anything to the market. I think you're wise to stick with the other dolls. ;)

  6. Don't forget Tonner is also doing fairy tale princess in his 16" and 22" lines. I'd love to know how all this came about.

    1. Right!! And I should have mentioned Tonner, too, because his Re-Imagination princesses are so cool. This is how the modern princesses theme should be done. I am IN LOVE with the new Snow White and Sleeping Beauty outfits. Can't wait to see the 16" basic doll...
      Thank you for bringing these up, Barb!

  7. She is TERRIBLE. The purple lips make her look like she's suffocating, and she doesn't make me think of a princess at all, she makes me think of a teen in skimpy clothes with super-long hair. I don't like their eyes, either, they make me think that they're rolling their eyes at me.
    On a happier note, I love the Once Upon a Zombie dolls!

    1. Yes--I totally agree! I am up to my ears in the Once Upon a Zombie review and I'm loving the doll. She's hard to put down. The difference between the two lines is like night and day!

  8. This looks more like a dollar store line, not something that's almost $20 dollars with no accessories. I'm not a fan of their faces, and the fashions are not terribly unique or modern. It's like these same dolls could have been made in the 90s. While I think Rapunzel looks the best out of all of them she's dressed too much like a streetwalker. The shoes seem okay though. Is Snow White paler than Rapunzel? They look about the same color.
    I'm also curious to know what you think about the facial changes they made to the EAH Legacy Day dolls.

    1. Snow White and Rapunzel are the exact same color. I think Snow White's dark hair makes her seem a bit paler, but they're the same.

      You know, I didn't realize that the EAH Legacy dolls had any differences! I have Legacy Apple, and even after I read your comment, I can't see any difference in her face! Maybe I'll de-box her next so that I can take a closer look. In fact, my first impression when that doll arrived was that she's not different enough from the first wave. Her book and key accessory seem like the best new things about her!

      Thank you for pointing this out! I will definitely pay more attention to the face when I review her. :)

    2. I think Apple looks more similar to the first, but the difference in Briar is much more noticeable.

  9. Oh dear! What on earth is going on with the dark shade on the lips? She looks so very ill. I liked the comment above about these dolls being Gothic versions of the princesses. I would like that actually :) It is so disappointing because a couple of things about this doll really appealed to me. I loved her hair right out of the box, but what is the point if it is not fun to play with, and I loved her body shape. It is such a shame that her articulation is so bad. I don't care for her clothing and at the end of the day they are just copying the better known and loved "famous characters in high school theme". Thanks for this review Emily. I might have been temped but I won't waste my money. I might have to have another look at the Winx Club dolls....

    1. The Winx girls have some of the same problems, but I like their faces a lot more, and while they have skimpy outfits, too, the fairy theme makes that a bit more acceptable. Would Tink be threatened by more fairies in the house, do you think, or could she learn to get along? ;)

      Gothic princesses would have been much more fun. I don't think a play line has attempted that approach yet! Tonner did Gothic princesses really well, as Barb reminded me, but those dolls are in the $100 range. It'd be great to have a 12" play scale equivalent!

  10. "It's like Rapunzel after the Prince left her and she's taken to the streets." Haha. That's funny. I've seen reviews of these dolls on Youtube. Someone got it right when she said they look like dollar store dolls. They look like cheap knockoffs. Will definitely be passing on these. Can't wait for Ever After High to get to NYC.

    1. Ever After High isn't in NYC yet? That seems backwards! I figured you'd get most things before Maine! Strange. You can order them online from Justice if you get tired of waiting, but the risk of getting wonky eyes is really high. I hope they come your way soon!

  11. Yeah... no. I'm content with my Disney Princesses, Barbies, and La Dee Da doll. She is WAY to un-modest to be marketed as a children's doll, or at all. She'd be pretty without the eyeshadow, lipstick, and showy outfit.

    1. Oooh yeah! Maybe she's a perfect candidate for a repaint. I don't have much to loose! I could trim her hair, too, and get rid of those frizzies....
      Now you've inspired me! Makover alert.... ;D

  12. I actually quite like how they look!
    I agree that the outfits aren't entirely appropriate and that the makeup isn't the best, but I'm still drawn to the Fairy Tail High dolls somewhat! I haven't spotted any of them around my area yet.

    1. I haven't seen any in the stores yet, either, which is strange. I actually pre-ordered mine when they first showed up on the Toys R Us website (a long time ago). I hope you can find them soon--maybe with some of the great sales that have been reported!

  13. Hi Emily!

    I agree with you...I'm really not fond of this Rapunzel at all! She looks very cheap in her execution, especially with that bland face that has no personality...she's worth much less than what you paid for her! It seems the company was in a rush to put these dolls out and cut a lot of corners as a result. I agree with a lot of the other comments that she looks the kind of doll you might find in a discount store...but I've seen much cuter dolls in discount stores!

    I quite like some dolls that have not-so-modest clothing, when it's done well and looks edgy and high-fashion (of course, those kinds of dolls would be for older collectors). But this dollie's clothes are unattractive and inappropriate, especially for the young girls who are the target audience. I kind of like the style of the shorts with the high waist (which I think is fashionable right now), but I would much prefer them with maybe some colorful tights with a fun print underneath and a longer shirt.

    I have similar feelings about Snow White...her hair looks terrible! The clothes are unattractive and the face is unappealing, generic, and blank. These dolls don't have the nice sort of ambiguous expressions which children could project their feelings onto (like Sasha Morgenthaler's Sasha dolls), but rather expressions that lack personality.

    I don't blame you for not being eager to write this review, but you make a lot of good points about how there are so many fairy tale/princess dolls out right now and how this one really doesn't bring anything exciting or unique. The Disney Store Rapunzel is so much cuter and appealing to me, and she can be very versatile. I used to play with a little girl who loved her Disney Rapunzel. Sometimes we would play out Rapunzel stories, but other times, we would include other dolls and just play "friends." :)

    Also, I wanted to ask (and I don't mean to pester you!) if you would ever consider doing a review of the Sasha dolls by Sasha Morganthaler, as I noticed in some of your other reviews that you own (at least) one of them? I ask this because I mentioned these dolls above and it reminded me. :) I have been interested in these dolls for a long time because I enjoy reading books about emotionally disturbed children by author Torey Hayden, and she very often used Sasha dolls in her classrooms and therapy settings because of their versatility. They are so interesting to me, but I can't find much information about them online. So I'd love to hear your opinion about them! Of course, I know you have lots on your plate and many reviews you want to write, so I'm just asking this as a "maybe someday" sort of thing. :)

    Also, I'm asking Emily as well as other readers you have any other doll review blogs you recommend? Because of this fantastic blog, I'm really interested in learning and reading about dolls now! So if you have any others you like to visit, please let me know!

    All in all, unimpressive doll, but another informative and interesting review! It was a lot of fun to read and cheered me up. Thank you for it, Emily, and please take care!

    1. Hi Lissy! You make some excellent points! I especially agree with you that the skimpy outfits would be acceptable if they were attempting some kind of edgy high-fashion statement. These outfits don't do that at all. I also like your suggestions for an easy fix--lengthen the shirt and substitute opaque, colorful tights for the fishnet. Not too hard.

      I have two older Sasha girls and two babies. I had two others, but I sold them years ago when their elastic loosened (I didn't know how to fix it myself). Kinda regret that. I have never thought to review them, mostly because they are treasured childhood friends and there's no way I could be objective. I adore them because of the history I have with them. I used to sit and read the catalogue for hours--loving how Ms. Morganthaler tried to create a doll with no ethnic identity and no pre-determined personality. A blank slate for a child's creativity. I might buy one of the newer ones-then I could be more detached, and also make a comparison to the older dolls. I will definitely consider it! Thank you for the suggestion.

      I do read other blogs, but I actually try not to read other opinions about dolls I plan to review. I like to stay un-biased as much as possible. Having said that, I am in the process of putting together some new pages for this site, and these include lists of blogs and other websites that I visit regularly. Like everything else, I am just very slow in getting it completed! Sorry! :D

    2. Hi Lissy (if you're still reading): two useful Sasha websites are (British) and (American). They both have a certain amount of information, as well as dolls for sale. Three new Sasha books have been published recently - Sasha Dolls: the History, Sasha Dolls: Clothing and Patterns and Sasha Dolls: Series Identification. I realise your interest may not take you as far as buying books, but all three are wonderful, and you can read about them on the US website.

  14. Ugh, no thank you. Thanks for this, you solidified that this is a line I'm staying far, far away from.

  15. Jenna Starry-NightsOctober 5, 2013 at 7:41 PM

    Man, if you slapped Honey's outfit from the previous review on one of these dolls, they'd look just like one of those diner waitresses! I look forward to seeing this horrendous line get cancelled.

    1. Oh! That image is burning my retinas! Teen Rapunzel in Honey's outfit??? NOOOOOOOO! ;D

  16. Whoa. She looks like one of those hookers you find on the street. This is NOT a line I plan to touch. I did not dress like that when I was a teenager.

    1. LOL, "streetwalker" was the first word to come to my mind about these dolls.

      Thanks for the through review of them, Emily. Now I *know* that these aren't good for clothes nabbing or body swiping. Whew. One less set to investigate.

    2. That wasn't my style as a teenager either, Mimi. Although a doll line that was dressed the way I used to dress would be a total failure...for completely different reasons! :)

  17. I apologize in advance for the length of this comment, but these dolls really frustrate me and I'd like to explore why.

    First of all, thank you for doing this review! I'm relieved to see that you (and most of the other commenters) dislike these dolls as well. I think the reason they make me angrier than most is that I've dedicated my life to story and character, and these dolls do both very poorly. That isn't to say that every doll line needs to tell a story. Barbie's creator decided not to attach a story to Barbie, preferring to let girls imagine their own stories. Cutie Pops have no real story or defining personalities and I'm fine with them.

    Here's the thing: S-K Victory has chosen to release a line of dolls inspired by fairy tales, which are STORIES! Stories with characters. I don't mind that they want to do an edgy twist, but what about this "Teen Rapunzel" other than her long hair says anything about the story or character of Rapunzel? Why is her color scheme predominantly purple? Why, because the Disney version dressed her in purple, of course! They could have put her in a chic climbing gear-inspired ensemble, or added references to brushes and combs throughout her design. Instead, they just slapped her in a "trendy" purplish outfit and called it a day. Look, S-K Victory, if you choose to do a line about storybook characters, you must either make reference to the original story or you must give SOME justification for why you are choosing to ignore it.

    I've watched the webisodes, visited the website, read several articles, and watched an interview with the line's creator. The more I see, the more I see nothing but laziness and cheap trend-chasing. The interview with the creator was full of lines like "these dolls are really on trend" and "our target demographic - little girls - want to imitate teenagers, so we made the characters teenagers."

    They claim that they want to show the "teen versions" of these characters, before their "happily ever afters." Well, if they had bothered to think about it for a moment, they would have realized that most of these characters WERE teens in their original story. How old was the little mermaid, in both the book and the movie? As you pointed out, Rapunzel should be no older than sixteen. And why on earth - if this is supposed to take place before "happily ever after" - is Teen Cinderella wearing glass slippers like it's no big deal? Why is she not in rags? Man, it's like they didn't even read the fairy tales they're meant to be representing!

    The reason why this sort of thing makes me so indignant is that I've worked at Disney Feature. I was there when Tangled was being made, and there was no talk of being "on trend" or "demographics." Instead, there were impassioned debates over whether this or the other gesture was in character for Rapunzel, whether this color was appealing or this design garish. A lot of people poured a lot of hard work and love into making the Disney version. I see a similar kind of effort - though smaller in scope - put into Ever After High. Things like Tangled and Ever After High work hard to create a clever, engaging, and emotional experience for the audience. By halfheartedly referencing better works, Fairy Tale High is just scavenging what's left of our excess love for something much, much better. Or trying to, anyway. You hit the nail on the head when you said that the line felt like it was trying to trick the unwary consumer. I really hope Fairy Tale High doesn't do well. I don't like to see such laziness rewarded.

    But at least Meygana and Apple got a new outfit out of the deal.

    To those who like the dolls: none of my frustration here is directed at you. You have the right to like whatever you like. I am critiquing this line sharply because I think the dolls' creators have not put in their best effort, and I want to see better things than this in future.

    1. I love the perspective and dimension you add to this discussion, Casey. I had a knee-jerk reaction to these dolls because they look bad and they aren't fun to play with, but there's a deeper problem here with the laziness and the mindless, un-creative "trend chasing." You articulate these issues beautifully.

  18. I'm sorry to say this but these dolls are horrible. They do not represent princesses. When I saw them, the first thing that popped in my mind was "hooker." I'm really sorry, but these dolls are really not cool. I think the story behind this Zombie princess thing starts with Rapunzel. I mean she looks like she has some kind of contagious disease that will turn everyone into zombies. I just love the fact that their outfit fits Ever After High and Monster High dolls. If they're going to sell some fashion packs, I guess it's worth buying for EAH and MH dolls. I have a feeling that these dolls are going to be discontinued. :/

    You never cease to impress me with your reviews, they are so good and accurate. I also love how you give accurate opinions and captions. They are really funny. I'm kinda curious how Apple White looks like with Teen Snow White's outfit. ;) Anyway, this is such an awesome review and I'm looking forward to see more. :D

    1. You're brilliant! Yes! Teen Rapunzel is patient zero for the zombie infection! I'm sticking with that. She's much cuter and more fun to play with when she fully transforms into a zombie, too, if you want a little spoiler. ;)

      Also, thank you so much for your nice comment about the blog. That means a lot to me--especially after having to write such a negative, no-fun review.

    2. I added in a picture of Apple in Teen Snow's outfit--good idea. :)

    3. I looked up the Once Upon a Zombie doll line and they are so much prettier than these FTH dolls. :) Considering that they are zombies, they are so much better than these dolls. I'm really excited for your next review. :D

      You're welcome, your reviews are really interesting and fun to read. Thank you so much for adding Apple White in Teen Snow's outfit. :)

    4. Oh, and before I forget, Ashlynn Ella, Daughter of Cinderella (together with Hunter Huntsman) is available for pre-order at You might be interested because I remember you saying that you love Cinderella in one of your blogs. :)

  19. I'm glad you reviewed these because I saw them last week at toys r us and I was about to ask for you to review m. Anyways Can you check if the tights fit Liv dolls or at least fit enough to cut the feet off because I really want to get some tights for mine. Im not going to waste 18 dollars on that doll though as there on clearance at my Walmart. I'd also like to say that Its a shame how they came out because they steal the EAH name, have a Winx body and look like Disney ripoffs. When I first saw them they looked like they had great articulation and hair. I looked wrong. Thanks for reviewing them, I didn't want to buy something I wasn't going to keep :3

    ~ Laura

    1. Hi Laura, the tights fit Liv because the waistband is stretchy, but they don't fit perfectly. Teen Rapunzel's legs are longer, so the tights are a little loose lengthwise, and also, the elastic waistband is really tight and so it gets stuck in Liv's hip joints and is hard to pull out. They're not great tights--the seams in back are messy and they don't seem very durable. Hope that helps--I wouldn't pay $5 just to get the tights. The shirt might make it worthwhile, though. I like the shirt. :)

  20. i found the video and watched one and i have to say, your right, to me it seems like the talking isn't coming from the animated people, it doesn't look like their moving their mouths at all.

    1. It's too bad, isn't it? The animation is really awkward--yet another thing that seems hastily done with this line. I like the opening scenes with shots of the school--those look nice, but then it goes downhill.

  21. I don't really like her, I think the makeup makes these dolls look like the work on the streets.... not in a good way! Have you thought about repainting her?
    I've seen the Once Upon a Zombie and they look much cuter.

    1. I like the idea of trying my hand at a repaint with this doll--I don't have any interest in her as part of my collection, so there's nothing to lose! I'll let you know if I try. :)

      I am almost done with my Once Upon a Zombie photo shoot and I agree--the zombies are very cool. I am having a blast! :D

  22. Most of my friends dressed (and still do dress) like this and I'm 18... There's nothing inherently wrong with the doll's "style", the paint job and materials just seem really poor.

    1. That's true, the poor execution makes the outfit seem worse--as do the doll's exaggerated proportions and heavy makeup. I can imagine outfits with a similar style that are much more appealing. Maybe high-waisted military-style shorts coupled with opaque tights, heavy boots, and a silk blouse? That might work. Maybe S-K could have used some advice from real teens?

    2. I think the major problem with most of it is the colour. They seemed to use the exact same shades of purple for the makeup and eyes and that odd orange-y yellow for the hair... We already know how well purple and blonde go together (cough/Disney/cough), but I think they misjudged how far that combination would go.

  23. You're 100% right that these dolls bring nothing new to the table and are, in short, ugly and tacky. Not worth the money or time.
    But I have to say I'm disappointed and a little unnerved by the amount of slut shaming that shows up in some of the comments here. Just because it's a doll presumably intended for tweens doesn't make it okay.

    1. I am not ashamed or disturbed to say that I have no problem telling my daughters not to show so much of their body to strangers. I believe both women's and men's bodies are not commodities to be displayed. You may think how you like, but I will continue to have my own thoughts.

    2. I certainly don't want to shame anyone over a doll. :( I guess the word "slut" is inherently harsh, and it automatically eliminates any grey areas in this type of discussion. Disliking this doll's clothes shouldn't imply too much about any specific teenager and her personal fashion taste. I think there are a lot of scenarios in which a doll’s clothes could be equally skimpy, and they wouldn’t bother me. I also think there are a lot of unique, expressive outfits in the real world that are incidentally a bit skimpy--and those don’t bother me, either.

      For me, this doll doesn’t offer much, and so her clothes seem like a shortcut for getting attention. Perhaps the fact that some real teenagers use this tactic, too, is what inspires the negative connection.

  24. Hello Emily!(:
    I am really happy that you wrote a review on this doll, I was very curious about her. I actually don't really like the Fairy Tale High dolls, the look like knock offs, to me. But for a reason, I really liked Rapunzel. Unlike you, I really love her outfit and make-up. :o Like: uh, Rapunzels boots are zo pretty! ;o I really want boots like that for my dolls.. :o
    But yeah, this is my opinion, hé! (; I loved this review!(:
    And, also, I have a little question-- I don't want to be rude, or something-- but when would you use the picture of Nanette I sent to you? :O (I am just really curious.. :o )

    1. Hi LagoonaLicious! Oh--your beautiful picture! I had a whole thing planned with that, but (long story short) there are some legal hassles that I did not know about with doing big giveaways. I am still trying to figure it all out. :( Maybe I will just show off your picture all by itself! I'd love to get a collection of pictures like that to display on the blog. It's breath-taking and I love it!! :D

      I'm glad you like Rapunzel! Maybe she can come live with you?? ;)

    2. Oh, okay, that's a bummer.. :c Oh, that is so sweet. (:

      OMG:o Are you seriously? :o That would be so sweet of you!! :ooo

  25. "S-K Victory and Toon Studio are also responsible for the new Once Upon a Zombie line--in conjunction with WowWee."

    Upon reading that, I wondered if these were supposed to be the same "characters" as the Once Upon a Zombie girls - before they acted out their stories then fell victim to whatever the heck turns fairy tale people into zombies. Looking at the OUaZ art and comparing it to the character art on the box, there are some similarities there. A few I noticed were Belle with reddish-brown hair and wearing red and gold colors, Cinderella in pink and blue, the nameless "Little Mermaid" with strawberry blonde hair. (That's the height of laziness, not even bothering to give a character a name!) Perhaps it's just coincidence since the OUaZ page claims to be based on a book series, but it would be an interesting twist if they were supposed to be the same girls. Not a *good* twist, necessarily, but interesting at least.

    I am surprised that the FTH dolls are so expensive, considering that they come off looking like slightly higher-end versions of the generic knockoff Disney Princess dolls that you see at Family Dollar around Christmas. The "zombie princess" dolls at least look a little more interesting with their gimmick and their inset eyes. I'm looking forward to seeing your evaluation on those.

    1. Hi Presto, the connection between these two lines took me by surprise, to be honest. I was noticing similarities in the packaging and in the graphics--just like you said, and then I started to read the fine print. I think the big difference is the involvement of WowWee. They've done a much better job with the dolls. You point out some neat additional parallels with the coloring of the dolls! I wonder if that's more in line with the Grimm Brothers' vision of the characters--or just S-K's creative license? I might have to investigate this further. Incidentally, zombie Belle is fantastic with her bright green eyes and red hair. :)

      I like the idea of providing a "before and after" for all of the famous princess characters. The "after" is unique and fun, and I just wish similar creativity had been put into the "before." I am going to try and get my hands on one of the books--they might provide some missing links!

      Thank you for your insights!

  26. :)
    We're all doll people here to an extent, I think it's safe to say most of us realise that child getting Barbie does not equal child wanting/aspiring/attempting to be Barbie, despite some alarmist claims. Child getting a Monster High doll does not equal child aspiring to grow a big head, big eyes and scars/claws/tails/what have you.
    Do sex workers really look and dress a certain way, outside of Fox News/Lifetime movies type of media? Sex workers (who may or may not dress skimpily) are human beings who deserve as much dignity and respect as anyone else. People who show any amount of skin deserve as much dignity and respect as anyone else no matter if they wear clothes like the doll above or a full burqua day to day. Dressing a certain way does not determine your life's worth, or say anything about your morals, character, or sexual habits.
    So, I can understand if people say "wouldn't buy this for my kid", it's your kid, your money. But people who say "ew ew ew ew hooker" or try to play the modesty police ("shouldn't be allowed") need to take a serious look at themselves sometime.
    Social Justice Runia OUT.
    xxxx :)

    1. I love how thoughtful you are, Alrunia. I suspect that the negative “eww” reactions are because the doll makes people (including me) think of the exaggerated societal/media stereotypes you describe--not actual people. Those stereotypes are problematic, but they're hard to avoid. I am rarely thinking of real people when I select a doll. I often choose or reject dolls based on what persona or ideal they evoke--however unrealistic it might be. For example, I like dolls that portray the cliche sweet, happy-ending princess, but I know that’s not an accurate representation of a real princess--or anyone real, for that matter. I think it's ok to choose dolls based on these emotional/visceral reactions. What’s important, though (as you say so well) is to keep the diversity of real people in mind so that no one is disrespected by knee-jerk reactions to a stereotype. Thank you for the reminder to stay more aware of this.

    2. Thank you for saying this, Alrunia. My own beliefs align with yours and am disappointed in the slut shaming behavior most of society displays today towards women.

    3. Thank you, Alrunia! I really appreciate this, the slut-shaming was getting to be a little much in this post and I was disappointed! And thank you Emily for taking it well, I've seen too many people get really offended when problematic behavior is pointed out. Of course, shouldn't have expected any less from you, you're a class act, but still it was heartening to see!

  27. I'm glad you decided to review these but I must say I didn't want these dolls before I read your review and I still don't afterwards, something that never happens!

    I think Rapunzel's make up is atrocious, way too dark and monotone. I thought her hair was pretty until it was brushed and revealed how poor quality it really is. I think they were trying to go for the high waisted short look that's in right now, but they failed when they skimped on the material for the both her shorts and shirt. The shorts should of at least cover her belly button if that's the look they wanted. The only thing I like about her are her shoes, which remind me of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita boots.

    Snow White is disappointing as well. I don't care for how they executed her hair style and her outfit reminds me of the school girl outfits you find in Halloween shops around this time of year.

    I also don't like how it's obvious that the company pretty much copied the look of Disney's characters. Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc. can all have different hair colors from their Disney counterparts and wear different clothing colors. As big as a Disney fan as I am, Disney did not invent these characters. There's many other motifs you can use to represent them that can be found in their source material. At least they didn't give The Little Mermaid bright red hair, but she still is wearing green and purple and is a ginger. I understand this is how little girls recognize these iconic characters, but Ever After High doesn't rely on the color schemes of Disney's characters and I think it's still a wonderful line.

    Overall this line just reminds of the cheaply made knock off dolls you find in dollar stores.

  28. It's really sad that this could have been a good idea, but so poorly executed and rushed that it ended being a total failure. I like to say that I'm a modern Alice in a 21th century Wonderland, but if I were going to design a doll line based on the crazy ideas I have on my mind, first of all I'd NEVER design my dolls' outfits in such a "slutty" way (sorry for the expression). Maybe a dark, gothic design, or something even "normal" for this time, but, even when miniskirts and shorts are cute, their clothes are TOO short. Maybe they look like that due to the dolls' long legs, but the outfit overall gives that appearance.
    The head mold looks awful. And the color palette, the combination and the painting makes her look like a messy adult, rather than a cute teen princess.
    For me, it isn't really bad that there were so many fairytale-based dolls out there (remember the Moxie Girls' fairytale collection? I regret not having bought the Alice one u_u), but this one looks cheap and lacks of the "sweetness" and "cuteness" all fairytale-based dolls have.

  29. I actually think the idea was a little too ambitious for such a small company since its clear they had a rather tight budget. I kinda feel a little bad for the company. Wowwee has been making toy robots for quite a while and have something to fall back on if Once Upon a Zombie fails. SK Victory has nothing to fall back on and I have a feeling Ken will soon be begging for his old job back.

    The dolls are cute to me but not cute enough for me to spend $20 on them. I can't afford to buy every new doll out there so I need to be selective. If I saw them for a couple of bucks on clearance or at a thrift store I would snap them up.

    SK Victory has nothing to do with Once Upon a Zombie. Toon Studio makes animated movies based on classic fairy tales. SK Victory and Wowwee both worked with Toon Studio to create their respective lines. Its why there are similarities like both Rapunzels wear purple and both Belles wear red and yellow.

  30. I saw these at my local TRU and wound up bypassing them because they don't look well-articulated (it didn't look like anyone could bend at the knees), even though the "Alice" piqued some initial interest. But now that you've de-boxed two and shared the results, I think I'll continue ignoring them At $20 I want a doll that can move that doesn't require being totally stripped down to be made awesome. Thanks again for saving me from disappointment!

  31. I feel a bit bad for FTH as technically they were the first to debut this kind've modern interpretation of classic fairytale princesses - they were at the toyfair in february along with once upon a zombie - but to me they just are a bit flat on multiple levels. Aside from the problems of bended legs they have no brushes, no diversity in the way of hair color (excluding their little mermaid, Snow & Belle) or races and almost all of them are dressed in the same way - skirt & top with vest and boots. Not to mention, their lack of media presence and webisode content. All of these problems for $20 a pop? No thanks! Alice jumps out to me but not at that price.

    I do think that, overall, the concept was a fair one and I do like what they were going for but this line needed a LOT more finessing, if only on making everyone more unique looking design wise and advertizing, before it debuted (like, until this upcoming spring). They're clearancing in a lot of places just getting them (some walmarts have them for $10 while one had them for $5 each) so their future seems a bit bleak but if they can weather this storm intact then I hope they get another shot at this and figure things out so they can be successful.

    1. Now $5 is more like it for their quality! I might have to pick up Alice if they are this price at the Wal-Marts near me.

  32. Thank you for a wonderful review. Your attention to detail is amazing. Loved the "hoochie shorts" comment. The outfit does look better on the shorter dolls. Do you think the fabric softener hair spritz would help tame her mane?

  33. I had mixed feelings about these dolls, I sorta liked them but at the same time it was like I didn't like how they looked in the face like you said with the blue lip coloring. I also didn't think that they really represented the princess's in the way they were dressed, Like Rapunzel's short shorts. To me she should have been dressed with a peasant blouse and a long skirt kinda like a bohemian look or something. To me these dolls do not look like they should be on the same shelves as the leading play-line dolls that are out right now, I do think that the only thing that these dolls having going for them..would be the shoes, I really like Rapunzel's boots lol and maybe some of the clothing pieces that they have equipped on them. I think that with the right doll the clothing items could work, Like what you did in your review, I did like the look on Apple. I would love to see a Rapunzel doll version on the Evert After High line, I mean why not right? They have just about every other character. But that's for another time lol. Anyway! Like always Emily, Great review, Great pictures and a great opinion on a doll line.

  34. The biggest problem I have with these dolls is that their head mold and facial prints just seem weird. Even the ones like Snow White that don't have the strange colored make-up look weird just because of the shape of the faces and their features.

  35. I hate these dolls, but I love the Once Upon a Zombies...They look soooo cute!I cant wait for your next review :)
    p.s.: even my pony fakies have better hair than this doll ;)

  36. It would be nice to see some creators make dolls that are dressed decent, beautiful and pretty, feminine yet decent not like a hooker like most dolls are dressed now days.
    I'm not slut shaming but to me a doll should be beautiful and delicate, like a princess and the fact these dolls are SUPPOSED to be princesses just doesn't sit right with me, i understand that MH dolls dress like this too but they are supposed to be somewhat dark and edgy, if they had decided to make 'teen dark and edgy princess' dolls she might suit better, but no.

    Sorry for the mini rant i'm just sick of this oversexulized culture we live in now days in which nothing sells unless it has sex appeal.
    I'll just stick to playing with my Blyth's and lolita BJDs lol!

  37. My thoughts; We need a doll that has... well... Grr! If I could show you a pic of one of my doodles I would! A doll that depicts life as an adult, married and having kids, going to work, ect. not just a fashion doll like most dolls seem to be. Maybe one with an office job, one as a stay-at-home mom, and even a teacher! and not showing her as the sizes and shapes that barbie dolls are, but a few different sizes, shapes, and colors! Dolls with glasses, dolls with medical issues....... you get the overall idea. No more disgusting makeup and non-decent clothes! some with less pointy features! Some with braces! A farm girl, a homeschooler, a doll collector, a cat lady, a dog lover, and an overall, ALL-AMERICAN DOLL! NOW WHO'S WITH ME?! -raises cheer-
    - Anonymous A.

  38. I actually like her clothes and I felt veeeery strange reading all those comments about slutiness :)
    However, I would never dress like that dolls for kids. I wouldnt mind my barbies wearing fishnets or hot pants (are they hot pants? never sure...), but Im adult, my innocence is long lost and gone so no damage here. However, I have same issue with some of My scene's clothes, Bratz, even Monster high- Sraculaura wore fishnets too, and her look is not even subtle version of lolita. I like Liv's dolls and wish they would continue that line for kids' sake.
    Im pretty sad that they don't sell those ^ dolls in my country.

  39. Problems aside as you mentioned, I think a big problem companies have is that the general public look at every fairy tale princess doll and compare it to their Disney version. Disney makes billions of dollars of "their" princesses, when in fact, these are public domain characters that have been around for literally centuries. When the quality if poor, it needs to be called out, and that includes design and execution, but I do feel for companies putting out "famous princess" dolls, for they are going to be instantly compared to the "right" version. In addition, it seems in the past few years pop culture has turned from science fiction to fantasy, with fairy tales in the forefront. What is interesting is that these tales are being portrayed as "darker re-imaginings" when many of the original tales were much darker to begin with, and not necessarily intended for children. I grew up with Disney but also the collected tales from Hans Christian Anderson, the Grimm Brothers, and Charles Perrault, and so on. It is somewhat humorous, then, when someone finds out, for example, that "Ariel's" "happily ever after" wasn't what they thought, and yet, I find it troubling that in less than one century, people view the Disney versions as definitive.

  40. Snow White looks bad with that makeup, but I could see redoing her face and sewing her a new outfit that she would make a cool cosplay character.

  41. I agree with absolutely everything you said about the Fairy Tale High Rapunzel doll. It's tacky, boring, and juts plain sloppy. But I guess the clothing swap possibilities are nice. Speaking of which, what was the outfit you had her in during one of the swaps, the blue coat-dress with the high collar and teal tulle underskirt?

  42. What I dont't like is whenthey think "teen" they just put ridiculous makeup and skimpy clothes on them! I just imagine a tween seeing theese dolls and thinking thats what being a teenager is about! I thing the idea has potential to make younger versions of princesses bht instead the just make the look like older more irresponsible people.

    1. I would say what they look like, but it wouldn't be something nice, and as the polite girl I am, I can't say that kind of words.
      That's not a teen, that's an adult with some interesting.....*sigh*.

  43. Oh goodness, can the toy manufacturer be anymore ready for copyright issues! These are clear copies of Disney princesses, and I am almost positive that they aren't licensed by Disney. Though that in itself isn't quite as easy to press blame, the Teen Belle is my problem. Belle isn't Beauty's real name! Most everybody believes that it is, but it's simply the fact that the story is French! It should be Teen Beauty, since Belle is copyrighted by Disney. I apologize for my rant, but I needed to get it off my chest.

  44. When I saw her in the first photo I thougth I was seeing Zombie Rapunzel's twin sister. I mean, my God, we all know Rapunzel wears an awful lot of purple thanks to Disney, but ALL OF HER??? She doesn't have any other color!!!
    What were they thinking with the eyes??

    "Oh, yeah, um, boss, we got an awful lot of purple on this doll, but we still have to paint her eyes, so...what color?"

    "Pfff, dunno...put some purple, and some lines, whatever, is for little girls"


    The doll on her own could have been beautiful if her eyes and lips weren't purple. If her lips were a nice, light shade of pink and her eyes maybe blue, she would actually look cute. But no. Purple, because we couldn't get enough of it.

    Then I saw the price...welp, if that doll comes to Spain anytime soon, I'll wait for the price to drop a bit.

  45. Great review.

    These dolls look terrible to me, and their look, clothes and overall, does not look appealing at all.

    This version of Rapunzel (but can we really call this doll Rapunzel?) in particular looks like an over 20 prostitute.

    By the way, aren't the fairy tales girls supposed to be teen already?

    The only parts of this doll I like are the reusable fishnets and the shoes (that seem to be unexpectedly detailed).

    I saw the zombie versions in a toy store (the once-upon-a-time-Toys'R'Us currently called Toys Center).