Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monster High Create-a-Monster Werewolf and Dragon Starter Pack (and Skeleton Add-on)

I think that the best thing about Monster High dolls is the creativity behind their design.  Each new doll has a fascinating and unique character with a wardrobe and accessories intricately matched to a theme.  When the "Create-a-Monster" line of Monster High doll kits was announced, it seemed like another in a series of innovative ideas from Mattel.  Why not let the buyer have a part in the design of these fun dolls?  Sell the raw materials and let everyone share in the excitement of creating a new monster.  I was definitely looking forward to getting my hands on one of these toys.  When I saw that there was a starter pack that included parts for a dragon doll, I was giddy.  I love dragons.  Once I got a peek at the scaled limbs and green wings that are included in this set, it became an absolute must-have for me.

There are two starter sets for the Create-a-Monster line, the Dragon and Werewolf set and a Vampire and Sea Monster duo.  They retail for $26.99.  These starter sets include all of the parts to make two complete dolls with the irritating exception of there being only one torso.  I was disappointed to learn that the dolls have to share a torso, but I assumed I could use the torsos from other Monster High dolls, like my wonky-eyed Lagoona, and that in the end there'd be plenty of body parts to go around.

I bought both of the starter sets when they came in stock at my Toys R Us, figuring that more parts would equal more fun.  Here's Dragon and Werewolf:

Monster High Create-A-Monster Werewolf & Dragon set.
The back of the box shows the other sets that are available right now.  The "Vampire/Sea Monster" starter set and three expansion kits; "Insect," "Three-Eyed Ghoul" and "Skeleton."  The ad-on sets cost $12.99.

The box shows many of the combinations that are possible if you buy several sets.  They look really fun:

Dragon girl!  Yay!
Skeleton--look at her shoes!
Triclops...uh, creepy.
Insect.  Eeeow!
I bought the Skeleton add-on set because a doll with actual skeleton bones for limbs seems pretty unique.  Also, I teach biology so I like bones.  

The add-on sets only include lower limbs, a head, a wig and an outfit, so you really need to start with a starter set.  Let's open the dragon set.  I can wait to see the dragon!

The packaging is awful.  It is mostly plastic.  There are actually two layers of plastic.  You open the outer plastic shell and there is another plastic holder with compartments for all of the body parts.

The outer plastic box with a cardboard back.
The inner plastic box with compartments.
You can grab most of the body parts right out of this inner plastic shell, but a few of them are securely plastic-tied in place.

There are some instructions that I hope I won't need:

Pile of plastic garbage:

 Here's everything that comes in the set:

The dolls have to share shoes, too.
I decided to assemble the werewolf doll first.  Her limbs and head match the torso that comes with this set.  The plastic is a very pretty shimmering silver:

The hip joints snap together really easily.  It took me a few seconds to figure out which leg was which since they're not marked, but if you get them wrong, it's fairly obvious.

The arms and hands come in three pieces that have peg joints almost exactly like the joints on the regular Monster High dolls:

Regular Monster High dolls have removable hands and lower arms (to make changing their clothes easier) but these limbs do not work with the Create-a-Monster bodies. I can't imagine why they wouldn't have made the limbs compatible.  It's pretty frustrating.

Lagoona's arm not fitting the werewolf body 
You can see why Lagoona's arm doesn't stay in...the peg has a smaller tip:

The regular Monster High dolls don't have removable lower legs, or I'm just not pulling hard enough.  The Create-a-Monster lower legs snap on in a similar way as the arms:

The plastic of the lower leg doesn't quite match the plastic of the thigh and torso.  I am not sure if you can see it in this picture, but the thigh is slightly darker and less shimmery:

Another point of concern is that the upper arm has a seam that is splitting.  It gets worse when the lower arm is attached:

Here she is all assembled:

On her back are two holes for the dragon wings:

 I love the wings.  They look amazing:

The body is essentially the same as the regular Monster High body, with the exception of the hip joints.  The new legs snap on and rotate in a ball-and-socket type joint.  The regular dolls have strung hips.  There's very little difference in the range of motion between these two styles of joint.  There might be slightly more side-to-side movement possible with the strung hips, but not a lot.  I think I prefer the snap-on joints of the Create-a-Monster doll because the hips don't run the risk of loosening over time as the elastic stretches out.  You probably won't have pants getting stuck in the joints with the new hips, either.  

The wig has really pretty colors in it.  I love the mix of pink and burgundy/rose.  The hair felt a bit greasy when I took it out of the plastic, so I brushed it.  It's a total mess:

The ends are very uneven and frizzy.
Tons of shedding.
These dolls have holes in their heads similar to the Liv dolls but rectangular in shape:

The wig has a flexible plastic peg that inserts into the hole:

The wig is easy enough to get on, but it looks terrible.  Here's how it looked right after I put it on:

This is after I tried to smooth it down and tame some of the flyaway hairs:

It still looks like it's been played with for five years.
The colors in this wig are great, but the hairstyle, texture and quality are bad, bad, bad: 

I think the bangs make her look mean.
Liv wigs are so nice and soft, I had to try one on and see if it would fit.  The round peg on the Liv wig actually fits into the rectangular hole of the Monster High head, but the wig is too big:

But don't you think orange is my color?
Time to get this doll dressed!  The pack comes with two outfits.  One of them is decorated with half moons and seems suited to the werewolf character, the other has a green scale print and is meant for the dragon.  The green outfit has a cute little halter top and an asymmetrically hemmed skirt, both with velcro closure:

I love the scale pattern peeking out of the neckline!
The werewolf outfit consists of a strapless dress, a little jacket and matching moon shoes:

That's a nice long skirt!
The moon jacket looks a bit ratty in this picture, but it is actually one of the nicer items of clothing in this set.  It has fun frilly accents:

The jacket has a hole cut in the back to accommodate the dragon wings.  I wonder how easily that will fray over time?  It isn't hemmed or anything:

Doesn't the jacket look great on her?
Here's the werewolf in her dress and shoes:

I feel like there is absolutely no hope for that dreadful pink wig.  Maybe if I tried to cut off some of the scraggly ends?  I kept reaching for other Liv wigs, hoping they would fit.  They look ok from a distance, but they are much too big.  Sigh.

The shoes do not live up to the incredibly cool Monster High standard.  They are a bit hum-drum:

Time to get the mixing and matching started!  The dragon head and limbs are bright pink.  I was thinking that I would steal the torso from an old Draculaura body and use it for the dragon doll, but the torsos aren't compatible because of the strung hips of the regular dolls.  So, the dragon girl will have a silver body.  Not a huge deal.  

I like her face better than the werewolf face:

Wonderful eyeshadow!
 Her ears are really neat:

All of her pink limbs have molded scales on them.  Her calves and lower arms have green spiky fins.  She also has what look like green scale tattoos on her thigh and bicep:

Those fins are molded on and don't fall off like Lagoona's fins do!

Oh, what I'd give for a pink body!
 She looks really nice in the green scale outfit.  It does a good job of disguising the fact that her torso is a different color:

The whole look is ruined by the wig, though:

Here I go desperately trying on Liv wigs again...

This one has green in it...

The wig is so big it covers her wonderful ears.
Maybe if I braid the wig to get it out of the way?

Grr, argh.

This pink wig is so frustrating.  The dolls look fairly good without hair, but there's definitely an urge to complete the look with a wig.  I was hoping that maybe the wig from the skeleton ad-on pack would be of better quality and could save the day.  Time to find out.

The ad-on pack comes with a head, lower limbs and an outfit (including shoes).  The shoes in this set look incredible:

Once the box was open, I made a bee-line for the wig. I brushed it out, hoping for some silky style and manageability.  No such luck:

It's Muppet hair.
Again, the colors are wonderful, but the quality of the wig is unacceptable.

It's a rat's nest.
The arms and legs are every bit as cool as I thought they would be:

They are very fun.  I can't help but wish that the whole body was a skeleton, though.  It looks a bit odd to have the bones showing only below the knees and elbows.

I appreciate the idea with the head.  She has a grey nose to simulate the look of having no nose.  Noses are made mostly of cartilage, and so skeletons don't have much in the way of noses.  However, since this girl also has thick eyelashes and plumper lips than me, the whole "no nose" concept seems a bit lost.  It doesn't fit with the order of decay.

She doesn't have any ears, either.
 By the time I try the wig on, I am getting weary.  This is not any fun.  Look at how much worse this doll looks with the wig:

And then the awesome shoes (on the dragon's feet for better visibility)...

Do this:

Shoe scoliosis.
 The dress is ugly and doesn't even glow in the dark.  It should totally glow in the dark.

Bad Halloween costume dress.
Cheesy Pebbles Flintstone hair clip.
In one last-ditch effort to make an awesome doll, I assembled some of my favorite parts (and even clipped on the werewolf ears to get the full effect) and still felt unimpressed:

Sad donkey ears.
Deep breath.  It is rare for me to feel this irritated about a toy.  I love toys.  I love dolls...I love Monster High.  I do not like this toy.  This might be a good time to mention that I don't buy and review dolls or toys that I don't think I am going to like on some level.  So, my reaction to this product was a complete surprise.

I think my reaction comes down to two things.  First, the wigs are bad.  They're really bad.  If I could have swapped in a Liv wig and continued on my happy way, I'd have felt differently about the toy.  It's not so much about the fact that I spent money for a wig and it's bad, but that there are no other easily accessible wig options.  So, I am stuck with a bald doll or I have to learn how to root hair.  No, thank you.

The second reason that I am disappointed with these dolls is harder to explain.  The thing is, even if the wigs had been wonderful and soft with lots of coordinating colors, there'd still be something missing.  At first glance, it seems like there shouldn't be anything missing.  These dolls look like Monster High dolls should look.  I mean, the bodies are almost identical.  I even slightly prefer the Create-a-Monster body.  The heads look like Monster High heads, and I really like the look of the dragon girl's head with her funky eyeshadow and fancy ears:

I'm not crazy about the skeleton head.
They have interesting and unique limbs, even if those limbs don't match the torso or the design stops mid-limb.

But when the doll is assembled, there's definitely something missing.  In my first blog about Monster High dolls I said, "each new character that is introduced has the same level of individuality and attention to detail as the original five."  I guess this is what I look for in a Monster High doll.  Individuality and attention to detail.  An interesting and intricately rendered character with a careful balance of creepy and cute.  I can't achieve that with the Create-a-Monster sets.  Let me show you what I mean:

Here's Lagoona--a regular Monster High doll:

She has little details and surprises all over the place.  She has a new "hang-ten" hand on her right arm:

She has an absolutely adorable face, cute freckles, purple eyebrows and three shades of eyeshadow that match her outfit.

She has pink fish skeleton earrings:

She has an underwater watch!

She's got pink jelly shoes with bubbles in the heels and a coordinating beach bag:

She wears fishnet stockings, of course:

She has a head-to-toe completely coordinated and carefully thought-out look.  I think she is fabulous!

Now, compare that to Skeleton.  The dress is a total cliche cop-out.  It doesn't match her hair.  It doesn't match her makeup.  It barely covers her posterior.

The bony limbs are awesome, but they are incomplete.  It's a half-hearted skeleton doll.  

The shoes have an amazing concept but the heels are too bendable to support the doll. 

I am supporting the doll's weight in this picture.
She has no accessories and awful hair.

Well, I do like the color of the hair.  But that's it.
She does not have a cute face:

She has an incomplete, poorly-executed look.

I don't think the werewolf is much better:

Why doesn't she have Clawdeen's lovely skin color?
Is there such thing as a glittery silver wolf?   
The Create-a-Monster dolls do not have any kind of personality that shines through.  They are like generic Monster High mimics. They can't fully commit to a style.  I guess that this is the trade-off for having the mix and match body swapping feature.  For me, it is not a good trade.  For my money, I would much rather have a fully realized new character with all of the bells and whistles that make these dolls so much fun.

Girl, your rotting nose smells bad.
Bottom line?  I spent ~$40 for a starter set plus an add-on set and I don't have a single new doll I want to display.  As a person who values Monster High dolls for their carefully conceived and intricately accessorized characters, these Create-a-Monster sets feel like plastic boxes full of extra parts with no value.  I am certainly sad to deliver that opinion, and I really hope that there are tons of creative people out there getting more out of these toys than I can, but for me, this is a complete loss. 

Age Level
6 and up
Average overall.  Body is good quality, with the exception of some cracking in the seams.  Wigs are awful, clothes are passable, but not very creative or special.  Dragon wings are great. 
Bad.  Tons of unnecessary plastic.
No.  This is a play doll kit.
The potential for versatility is huge, but the absence of a usable wig and the inclusion of only one torso makes the concept much less fun.  Body parts not compatible with other Monster High dolls.
Not recommended.  Save your money for a regular Monster High doll.

As good as the kit gets.


  1. Hi Emily! I just love your reviews, this one caught my attention for sure as I just recently purchased the CAM Werewolf/Sea Monster set myself. (I bought mine primarily to use as a mannequin to making clothes since she uses a wig and therefore the hair stays out of the way.)
    I am noticing that mine has several differences to the version you have though!
    The 'skintone' on my grey/silver werewolf is solid all the way through, I wonder if yours was a poorly mixed color batch. :-( Also my torso is different from yours...Mine not only has the slots for the dragon wings but there is a slot that I believe is for a Torelai's! Mine also 'wears' molded panties!
    That being said I pretty much agree with the rest of your opinions. There are things I like about this concept, but several of the ideas just didn't seem well thought including only one torso! And yeah the wigs are hideous! I am thinking of removing the hair that is on the wig cap and re'rooting' her with better hair!

    1. Hi! I just wanted to say that the reason that yours has a slot for a tail, is because they recently came out with a two-pack with a cat and a witch. Therefore, they need a slot for a tail.

    2. Will torelia's or jinafire's tail fit the slot?

  2. No kidding! That's so strange that you have a different body. I definitely do not have a tail slot on mine. Or cute underwear. Huh. Thanks for posting! Maybe we'll hear from others about which body they have?

    These dolls would be great as mannequins. That's an excellent idea.

    I do like many things about the dragon girl. If I had the slightest talent at rooting, I would root her a head of green hair and be pretty excited about her. The purist in me would still have a hard time coping with that torso not matching, though! I'd love to see what you do with the hair. That sounds like a plan.

    Anyway, with so many bullseye hits, Monster High can afford one miss. I am still a super-fan.

  3. A very kind and helpful person on Flickr suggested that a boil rinse might allow these wigs to reach their full potential. I don't know much about boil rinses yet, but I am going to learn, because Lagoona's hair isn't great, either, and I'd like to fix it.

    Just thought I'd put this out there for anyone who knows how to do a boil rinse and wants to improve the wigs on these dolls! Good luck! Let me know if it works!

  4. I had similar thoughts about the differences between the CAM dolls and the regular MH dolls. I like the CAM dolls but they do lack personality and all the little special touches.

    Someone on a MH fansite showed a photo of a skeleton without the painted nose. She said it came like that from the store but anyone could do the same with acetone and a Q-tip. It did make the skeleton cuter.

    There's a video from Toy Fair where CAM parts are displayed on a high shelf in the background. I don't know for sure if they’re future CAM sets, they could've just been there as decoration because they haven't been included in any preview photos I've seen. Anyway, one of them looks like a cat CAM with a tail and its very own torso. Maybe Mattel has listened to complaints and will include torsos that match the add-on parts they sell? I think newer CAM bodies have a hole for the tail because the tail will be included in a future set.

    Mattel's biggest fail was not including two torsos in the CAM starter sets. That seems very cheap and manipulative, two big strikes! I say it's manipulative because if you want another torso then you have to buy another $27 starter set -- and you'll still have heads without torsos.

    You can buy bootleg CAM torsos on eBay and etsy, the ones I've seen look exactly like the real thing (made from molds) and there's an Etsy seller who will spraypaint the torso to match a specified CAM head/limbs. I'd rather buy them from Mattel but it's an option for people who don't mind paying an additional ~$15 and up to complete their CAMs. Who knows if Mattel will send their lawyers after them though, I can understand why they leave OOAK artists alone but this seems to cross a legal line.

    Some people buy starter sets just for the torso and then sell everything else but I'm not sure what those sets are selling for on ebay right now.

    I like these CAM sets but I don't *love* them the way I'm gaga about the regular MH dolls. The dragon wings are super cool. :)

  5. hmm Me thinks I'll pass on this lot. No 2nd torso, bad idea.

  6. AnonymousCoward218March 30, 2012 at 2:49 AM

    Rerooting the MH heads is super easy! Just time consuming! As far as the whole torso dilemma, I caved and bought spare torsos on eBay! I WOULD have just sanded down the peg to the same size and shape as regular MH dolls, but that didn't help for the dragon (you would have to sacrifice the ubercute thigh parts for regular thighs)! I used the torso from the set to build the werewolf doll, and in order to like her ears, I had to poke holes in her head and glue the ears in place! The outfits DO need better accessories! Also, there is only ONE pair of shoes! Ugh! I loved the CAM idea, but execution was seriously caking!

  7. I agree with everything you have said about the CAM sets.

    My daughter HAD to have them, as well as the add-on sets, we also have the skeleton and the insect. I was not impressed with the wigs at all, and was also a little confused as to why we only got one torso. The debacle with the wigs only reminded me of last Halloween when my daughter went as Clawdeen Wolf, and I wrestled with the costume wig forever to try and tame the frizz.

    Despite the issues I have with them, my daughter still enjoys mismatching them and displaying them, but she refuses to display them in her dollhouse with the "real" MH girls and guys. I don't think we'll be adding anymore CAM stuff to her collection though.

    1. That's really interesting! So your daughter enjoys them, but she's definitely in tune to the quality difference. It seems as if those CAM sets are like a separate kind of toy.

      I remember a similar dynamic with my plastic horses when I was a kid. My Breyer models were the "real" ones and then any cheaper models I had were banished to a different shelf. ;)

  8. I think your review has a lot of good points.
    However, I would like to mention that these sets were rolled out with a specific demographic in mind: The fans already modding the dolls into their own creations. People who are making clothes and repainting dolls and manufacturing accessories.

    Additionally, I'm disappointed in your reaction to the packaging. . . I was thrilled. Every inch of the packaging is labelled for recycling or just recyclable!!!

    So, while they aren't complete exactly. I really feel these kits are a boon for the DIY
    /modding community. And those people are all over the place.

    1. I am delighted to hear that the modding community loves these dolls--I admit that I am not very in tune with that community. The sets do have a ton of usable and interesting parts, that's for sure. I am stuck in the middle of two target audiences, I guess--I don't mod the dolls, so I can't fully appreciate that angle, and I am less forgiving with quality issues than a lot of children might be.

      You have an awesome point with the packaging--if that plastic was #1-#7 or whatever it needs to be for curbside recycling, then it's totally my blunder and that pile should have gone in the recycling bin! I will have to be more careful with that in the future. I'll investigate and change the review if necessary.

      I appreciate the heads-up! :)

  9. Have you tried boil-washing the wigs?

    1. No--I actually gave all of my sets away before I discovered the magic of boiling. Kinda want to give the wigs another chance now...

    2. I did the boil wash. It helped a lot

  10. Oh man I braided the red wig for the Dragon girl also. XD I gave her a nice side braid until I could get her a Liv wig. I'm totally addicted to your reviews. :3 You saved me from buying a Bratzilla. (That hair was totally the deal killer.) I can't wait for more reviews!

    1. The Liv wigs are so nice, aren't they? Why can't all doll hair be like that?? Sigh.

      Well, I'm glad I saved you money (because there are a lot of nice dolls to buy right now!) but on the other hand, I do like my Meygana--at least enough to give one of the other Bratzillas a try. I'm crossing my fingers that the straighter hair is easier to handle. I'll certainly let you know! :)

  11. they re-made the cam and it has 2 torsos!! with one wig and shoes. :( i could tell right at the store the wigs were bad.How big are the wigs on them? also one more thing do u know if the liv wig stay on the liv dolls with out the peg??

    1. That's good news about the 2 torsos. Thank you for sharing that!

      I can't remember too much about the fit of the CAM wigs (I gave my set away). I think if anything, they ran small. Liv wigs are too big for CAM heads.

      Liv wigs will stay on Liv dolls pretty well without the peg (I can turn my doll upside down and the wig stays on). There's probably some variability in dolls and wigs, though. Moxie Teenz wigs (which don't have a peg) will also stay on Liv heads reasonably well through posing and light play.

    2. k thx, cause I was going to get it with some wigs and then get some liv dolls to. I wanted to switch the wigs for some pictures so I did not know if they will still fit.

  12. I love monster high and have several dolls of the same but i have never had the problem with the wigs. I found that by adding 1 little drop of lotion the frizzy dies down {conditioner works as well}. I just into re-rooting and was looking around for ideas of hair when I found your page. I agree that it looks like it really wasn't thought out very well but I still think they are very different and that's what makes them Monster High.

  13. I was thinking of getting this doll set but now reading your review I don't think I will do now.

  14. Try brushing the wig a lot over time it will be good -trust me my sea monster vampire is both pink and blue but she looks great

  15. I don't know why some of you Americans complain about how certain fashion dolls are expensive. A basic Monster High doll retails for about 20 USD in America. But back here in Singapore, where imported goods are heavily taxed, a typical Monster High doll costs 50 SGD(Singapore Dollars), which is about 41 USD. The only store that sells Monster High in Singapore is Toys R Us, so if we want to buy something, we just have to live with the high price. Maybe you Americans should think twice before lamenting about a doll's price.

    1. Petition your government if you'd like to pay less, then.

  16. Hello Emily!

    I got a Create a Monster set for doing some customs dolls (the one which comes with the cat and the witch). Once I opened the box I found an unpleasant surprise, the cat head had an awful glue stain. It runs from the bridge of the nose, touches one eye and covers part of the cheek. It's really hard glue! I tried removing it with warm water but no luck so far. The seller on ebay did not reply my messages either (I guess I'm doomed just for living in Argentina ;__;). Do you know of anyone who had this glue issue too? Any tips about removing will be more than welcome. My Rochelle also was bad, her joints were so loose she can't even hold her purse.
    Just to let you know, my wig is even worst than yours, it's a lot shorter than the pictured in the box (it's bellow ears) and it's poorly cut. So I will re root it and sell it on ebay if I have luck!
    Speaking about prices, Monster High dolls are sold for 350 to 450 pesos and up in Argentina, that's close to 100 USD (that's why I got them from ebay :( ). There are also some really ugly chinese copies invading the market :S just for fun if you want to check them :D
    I hope you or some of your readers could give me advice!

    Thanks and sorry for the long message!


  17. I got the werewolf/dragon set today, ended up having to switch it out b/c the joint connections were missing. Couldn't get the ears to stay, so
    I took a screw and poked a hole about mid-side, and pushed the ear peg inside. looks cute, and make her look more innocent. Have a similar problem with the hair as you, might give her rooted hair when I have the time. Boyfriend loves the dragon, and is going to keep her bald and call her Dren from Splice. Fun fun

  18. Thanks now i know never to get this!

  19. Just haunting your reviews now. :) Should you ever get tempted into another CAM set (I was, during the Christmas sales) and can't find an acceptable wig fit, there's a great flocking tutorial on flickr that will give you the fun pixie look of a Liv and the nostalgia-inducing feel of the old GI Joes.

  20. When you braid the hair back and type "grr, argh" I can't help but think of Joss Whedon's zombie logo... I wonder if anyone will know what the heck I'm talking about... :D

    1. Yes Zoe, and I think that is what Emily intended as well. After all, we are talking "monsters" here! Long live Buffy and Angel, my favorite Joss Whedon shows!

  21. The only problem with rooting the old CAM dolls is the hard head, i believe the new ones have soft heads, but then again i could be wrong... i really wanted to make a custom i had drawn out, but DID not want to kill one of my other dolls to make her. Overall, i really wanted these, but after this review.... im questioning it :(

  22. If you don't like the wig then just reroot it and buy some fake hair off ebay it is a way to fix it but it's not an easy fix.

  23. the dragon( to me) doesnt look TOO bad with the wig, i like the 'hang ten' hand, and i would get skelita if your looking for a skeleton doll

  24. I found this set in a bag labeled monster parts for two dollars at a thrift shop. In the bag was a silver torso, four upper arms, lower arms, calves, thighs, and hands in pink and silver, a pink head, a grey head, dark auburn wig, three stands, a pair of shoes, a dress, jacket, wings, and cake. After doing some research I found that I had the cam set. The one torso annoyed me I like the dragon parts better and it just doesn't look right without the right torso. I'm either going to paint her torso or find a pink one on eBay. I have been seeing these customized dolls, and I want to try it. I'm going to practice repaint ing on the silver before the pink and possibly reroof her hair. As this is my first monster high doll took some reading to find out that what I have isn't the norm.

  25. marzy mi się jedna porządna lala z dziesiątkami peruk...
    bo ciuszki i tak lalom sama wydziergam, choć też dziergałam
    szydełkiem peruki dla mej cudnej Oceany...
    zapraszam zatem do mych "potworzyc" a zwłaszcza Oceany
    gargulca Georga i wilka - Uszatego...

  26. Hi,

    I really don't like Skelita's design, so I'm shocked that I like the face of this skeleton so much. I also think that her shoes look like Xenomorph (from "Alien") shoes.

    Cool review. I have the dragon and the werewolf.

    Peppermint Snowdrift