Monday, March 26, 2012

And the Winner is... (Updated!)

Update: Tabitha has posted some gorgeous pictures of her daughter enjoying the Kitty Surprise prize!  I won't give away how many kittens there were, because you won't want to miss these priceless pictures!


We all adore the name Charlemagne and love how it makes us think of Rome.


Felix Charlemagne
...a big name for a teeny dog!
Thank you, Tabitha--it's so much better than Monkeypants!
Tabitha--send me an email at ToyBoxPhilosopher at gmail dot com and I'll send you your prize!
We're all desperate to know how many kittens there are in the Kitty Surprise, though, so it'd be so awesome if you would take a picture and send it to me so I can post a birth announcement!  :)

Thank you again to everyone for the creative, fun suggestions. We have had a very fun time naming this little guy.


  1. Congratulations Tabitha!! Felix Charlemagne is too cute? : )

  2. Wooohoo!! I'm glad you guys liked it! Thanks for having this contest! <3

  3. Love the name combo -- congrats Tabitha!! :)