Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Toy Box Philosopher on Facebook

I have decided to set up a facebook page for this blog.  On facebook, I will link to some older blog entries now and then, share pictures, post announcements of my new reviews, do little giveaways, and offer up bits of news and information that are too quick for a full blog entry.  For example, today I am musing about McDonald's Happy Meal toys and My Little Pony, which seems like a good facebook topic.

For just under $6, you can get a very cute My Little Pony figure from Toys R Us:

Rarity figure with a butterfly friend and a suitcase that opens.
I love unicorns.
But if you need a cheaper My Little Pony fix, which is better, the little foil surprise packs for $2.50:

Or the figures in the Happy Meal (about $4, but you get some food, too, or at least some chocolate milk, which is my favorite part):

If you like facebook and want to check out my page, you can follow the link below, or just search "Toy Box Philosopher."

Here's a collection of My Little Pony figures from this review and a few extras I had:

Rarity (out of box), foil pack Pinkie Pie (opened),  McD's Cheerilee (opened) PLUS...
An unopened McDonald's toy and an unopened foil pack!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, thank you so much! That's very exciting!

  2. Hi!! New follower here, found you through The Manor, who won one of your giveaways!

    Please feel free to check out my blog post on how to get which Blind Bag pony you want, lol:

    Anyhow, heading over to check out your facebook page now!!

    1. Hi Heather! Welcome to the blog. Aren't Tabitha's pictures amazing?? I love that post.

      Ok, now figuring out which pony is in the bag is sooooooo tempting, but then there's no surprise! Ack! What to do? Should I look and see who's in the giveaway bag?? I won't be able to stop myself!! I want one of those sparkle ponies!!

      Thank you for sharing the link to your blog! I love your pictures.

      (so, of course I looked and I know who's in there, but I'm not telling) ;) It's not sparkly. :(
      I'll have to go back to TRU today...