Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Few Really Quick Things

I have a few quick things to share with you tonight.  First, am I the only person who didn't realize that you could buy the Skull Shores greyscale Frankie online at (almost) NORMAL RETAIL?  I wanted this doll really badly, but assumed she would be impossible to find and/or super-expensive (more like $40).  Apparently not.  If you're like me, and have been hoping for this doll, check out the options on Amazon!

Now $11.99, free shipping!
I love her short hair, and because I don't want to de-box my SDCC black and white Frankie, I am delighted to have a grey Frankie I can play with:

Her eyes are well-aligned and her face is adorable.  I just hope that the tiny black spot between her eyebrows comes off!

The second things is, I bought a Sleepover Party Sophie a week or so ago because I finally found one (on sale at Target) whose eyes aren't permanently half-closed.  I am still not crazy about her face, but since Liv dolls are being discontinued (I think..?), I wanted to make sure I got this version of Sophie for my collection.  She has fully articulated arms, but doesn't have the double articulation in her knees.  Her face is plastic, not vinyl, and has a faint sheen to it that makes her look fresh from the shower...or sweaty.

With special sissy fight action!
The eyelids still look a bit droopy to me.
The shape of her lips is different--very pinched.
She doesn't look like Sophie to me.  She looks a bit angry or irritated.
I like her best when she's sleeping.
The third thing is, I put the beautiful head of my Fallen Angel Stardoll on an Obitsu body, just to see what would happen.  I got the medium soft bust 27cm body in fleshtone:

This body has a magnetic stand--there are small magnets on the soles of the feet and a black metal disc that the feet stick to. 

The body comes with four different head attachment pieces.  I was hoping one of them would fit the Stardoll...and it does:

The Obistsu body has a soft, squishable bust, and the belly is also a bit soft, but you can feel the underlying framework in that area.  The arms and legs are hard plastic and highly articulated.  Her neck articulation is limited with this body--not as good as with the original Stardoll body.  The neck also looks a bit too long:

The magnetic stand is amazing.  Why don't more dolls have this kind of stand?  I love it.

The Stardoll clothes still fit:


The vinyl matches well enough, but the Obitsu color is definitely a tad lighter:

The posing is unreal.  I have only played for a few minutes so far (it's too dark for taking pictures today in Maine...), but the magnetic stand mixed with the high level of articulation is pretty phenomenal:

Even the lower-cut, non-stretch Barbie dresses fit her...and show off her lovely figure!

More posing fun:



There's a lot more I want to do with this new doll.  She's definitely lost that paper doll look, and some of her elegance, I think, but I have so much more fun with dolls that can pose!

The last thing is about that puppy!

Although several of your awesome suggestions made our short list, we actually decided, all of a sudden, to name the dog Felix.  You know how a name can just strike you out of the blue and you're suddenly certain it's right?  Well, that happened.

Never fear, though!  Tonight we will vote on our favorite name from the Comments section, and that person will get the prize.  It'll be Felix's middle name.  I will announce the winner tomorrow night!

Obitsu vs. Liv pics:


  1. If I wasn't so set on keeping to a single version of each Character, I'd pick up this greyed version of Frankie! She is so cute!!!

    I am waiting on a large bust Obitsu body right now, hopefully it will be here soon! It will be for my 'mini-me". :-)

    I am curious how the Obitsu articulation compares to the original LIV body?

    1. Oooh! A mini-me sounds intriguing! :)

      The Obitsu body I got is very similar to the older Liv body...kind of like a cross between a Liv body and a Pullip body.

      Some differences:
      Obitsu has a rotational seam in the lower part of the upper arm, and the arm can come off at this seam
      Obitsu has a torso joint but no waist joint
      Obitsu has a double-jointed elbow (same kind of joint as the Liv and Obitsu knee)
      Obitsu has a rotational point just above the knee, and the lower leg can be removed at this point.

      I added a few pictures at the bottom of the post for you to see. The Obitsu body is really nice, but those rotation points can detach pretty easily.

  2. Love the Stardoll/Obitsu combo, definitely makes a huge difference! And you're right, the magnetic stand/feet gives whole new meaning to poseability ... hmmm, now wondering about making a stand with a magnet under it and finding some type of magnetic tape or strip to put on the bottoms of doll feet or shoes....

    1. I know! I am thinking along the same lines--how to get this kind of stand for more of my dolls? It is so much fun.

      One problem, though, is that if you put shoes on the doll, the magnet's hold is less stable and in some cases the stand doesn't work at all. However, you could put magnets on the shoes, too!

  3. Frankie looks amazing with short hair, I think more dolls should have shorter hair because it looks so cool and mature in my mind. Also, I can't believe Liv dolls are being discontinues possibly! That's really too bad, maybe I'll have to get another cheap one on sale before they disappear.

    1. I like the shorter hair, too! It really suits Frankie.

      I am not positive about Liv, but I did hear that from someone who knows a lot...and, I noticed that my Walmart has stopped carrying Liv dolls completely and last week most of the Liv stuff was on clearance at Toys R Us. Apparently Spin Master has a new doll line called "La De Da" that they showed at Toy Fair.

    2. Oh, I remember seeing promo pictures of those dolls, they actually look really cute. Not on the same level of Liv with their flexibility but probably more creative.