Saturday, August 25, 2012

Caption Contest Finalists

This was really hard (but fun!) to judge.  There were so many entries that were ten times more funny and creative than anything I could come up with.  My initial list of favorites had 20 names!  I managed to choose six finalists--three clever captions and three great stories that capture the spirit of the blog.  I'm leaving the hardest part to you, though.  Please read through these entries and vote for your favorite in the poll at the side of the page.  I'll keep the poll up for about a week.

After the jump, I have the contest picture posted six times, with each of the finalist's captions.  Just vote for the number of the caption you like best (if you can't decide, it's ok to vote for more than one caption).  Good luck to all of the finalists!

Caption 1: Brothermidnight

Everybody just assumed that a head that large must be filled with delicious candy...

Caption 2: Trish Wheeler

Exhausted from her photo shoot with the Toy Box Philosopher, and the excitement of being de-boxed, Cookie fell quickly into a deep and restful sleep. 

As soon as the coast was clear, and the Toy Box Philosopher left the room, the other dolls who were all playing nearby came, one by one, to inspect the newest member of their ever growing collection. 

Each doll came to examine the sleeping cutie. Some to see her outfit, some to inspect her vinyl and hair, and most to compare their similarities and differences.

LPS Blythe was so frightened by the size of Cookie's head that she fled in fear. (The irony was lost to her.)

Daniela was fascinated with Cookie's removable eyes- she gazed at the glittered heart-shaped chunky eyelashes wondering if changing them out felt the same as changing her own wigs. She was tempted to touch but as she approached she realized Cookies was about to stir.

She asked Yasmina for her cape to use as a blanket. Yasmina, gladly offered up her tattered cloak for a chance to get an up-close inspection of Cookie's paint lines. 

Irritated by all the attention on the new girl Cinderella muttered: "You know- having plastic molded hair that you have to jab things into to look pretty isn't all that cool... it's creepy!" 

She realized Daniela was nearby and tried to laugh it off. Daniela was not amused but too mature to offer a retort.

Clawdeen threw a hissy fit- she wanted to get back to playing dress up and was tired of the interruption. She has a short fuse and was set to scratch the newbie awake.

As Bloom swooped in to try to stop the mean-spirited plan, Rochelle froze in fright after she noticed the TBP walk in the room.... *click* 


Caption 3: Kristina Cain

Preparing to haze the new girl, little Blythe is off to get a bucket of water...

Caption 4: alisha

This was all a plan to fix Cinderella’s crazy legs. Cinderella knew that Cookie held the magical crazy-leg-fixing power in her hair, but she had no idea how to pull those lovely locks from Cookie’s head. That’s when she had an idea - to ask the rest of the dolls for their help. She knew convincing them to help wouldn’t be easy, which is why she told them that Cookie’s hair would fix all of their problems; Whether it was thinly rooted hair, poor quality clothing, bad paint jobs, or any other issue, they would all be fixed. What she didn’t tell them though is that she would use all of the magic to fix her legs, and they wouldn’t get any. All the other dolls were so tempted by the offer, that they all greedily agreed, except Rochelle, who was too terrified of what could happen if things didn’t go as planned. She did follow behind them though because a tiny part of her was curious. As all the dolls planned how to go about the ‘operation’, Cinderella sat back and watched – now that she had all of the other dolls doing her work, she could dream about a crazy-leg free life. Daniela started prepping Cookie by giving her a spa treatment, and while this was happening Bloom started using her fairy magic from above to put Cookie in a deep sleep. With her ability to see into the (very near) future, Yasmina watched Cookie intently to make sure she didn’t wake up. Clawdeen started to inspect the hair, and was foaming at the mouth over the thought that her hair issues would soon be solved! Rochelle on the other hand was so nervous that she couldn’t watch – what if Cookie woke up?! She would surely be angry and Rochelle had no idea what she would do! Little Blyth wasn’t helping much, and claimed that she was bored of everyone being so quiet and careful that she decided to run off to play with her littlest pets. Everything was going as planned, Daniela noticed that Cookie was starting to shiver, and no one was sure if it was from Bloom’s spell, or if she was cold, so to be careful Yasmina’s cape was draped over her. Things were looking up for everyone (expect Cookie), until they started to hear the sound of running animals. As the sound got louder and louder, it started to dawn on them that little Blyth was sending her pets to Cookie’s aid. Everyone froze, and as they all watched Cookie in horror, Cinderella came up with a new plan, one that would fix everything. Maybe.

Caption 5: aprilperlowski

Really, it was only a matter of time before one of the ladies suffered from pink and purple overload. Ohhhhh, the dollmanity.

Caption 6: Dailey_Star

Rochelle and Clawdeen were hanging out in Monster High land when suddenly they heard a loud scream, someone in Cutie Pops land is in danger! Luckily, Cutie Pops land is not that far away from Monster High land so Clawdeen and Rochelle went to the rescue! 

They ran as fast as they could, and arrived in Cutie Pops land about five minutes after they heard the scream.
They went to Cutie Pops village first. There, they found Cookie! She was lying in a chair with her eyes closed, it looked like she was sleeping but she wasn't, according to Yasmina...
'Oh, hi Rochelle! Hi Clawdeen!' 
'What are you doing here Yasmina? Did you do something to Cookie?' 
'No, I didn't do anything! I heard a loud scream and then I found Cookie here! It seems she's in a deep coma!'
'Hmm,'  Clawdeen didn't trust Yasmina, everybody knows you can't trust a Bratzilla...
'Well mon cheries, what can we do about zis problem?' 
'Well, we have to help her, obviously!'
'First, we have to figure out what happened to her, if we know that we can find a solution! We need to be quick though, Cookie can't live without her cookies, if she stays like this without eating cookies for too long, she can turn into an evil Cutie Pop and then she'll destroy every cookie she sees with her big head.'
'But zhen we can never eat cookies again! We can't defeat her big head!'
'I know someone who can help you--Daniela the scientist has a time machine, she can send you two to the past so that you can see what happened to her, the only problem is that she lives in Liv land, that's far away.'
'I know zis fairy named Bloom, she lives in Winx Club land but she can fly very fast, she can carry us to ze Liv land.'
'But can't she help us? If she is a fairy, she has to have magical powers right?' 
'Yes, zat is correct but ze doesn't have her special wings to go back into time, Emily didn't buy her zpecial add on wing pack!'
'Oh No!!!' 
'Luckily, ze came with her regular Believix wings so ze can fly very fast, I will call her now so ze can come help us!!'
And so, Bloom, Rochelle and Clawdeen were on their way to Liv land, to visit Daniela the scientist. Yasmina stayed with Cookie to take care of her, though Clawdeen didn't like the idea of this evil witch looking after her.

In Liv land..
Clawdeen, Rochelle and Bloom found Daniela very quickly, they were lucky she was at home and not time travelling!
'Daniela, Daniela!' 
'Calm down Bloom, just because your all glittery and colourful doesn't mean you have to act like a maniac all the time!'
'Clawdeen! Be nice to Bloom, she can't help it that you're a dark, freakish monster!' 
'Grrr, you keep your mouth shut, stupid statue.'
'Guys, guys! Hey stop that!' 
'Hello! May I ask, what are you all doing here in Liv land?' 
'We are here to talk to you, we have to use your time machine to see what happened to Cookie from Cutie Pops land.'
'Ze is in coma and we are helping her, we have to know what happened to her so zat whe can 'elp her.'
'Hmm, alright then, it seems serious enough, come in everybody, you can find my time machine on the kitchen table.  Alright, just stand here and then I just have to program the time like this.. Ok! all set! Good luck guys, if you want to return just clap in your hands and say: hopscotch!'
'What? What do you think? That we are in Tim Burton land or something?'
'Clawdeen, shut it!'
'Alright, good luck everybody!'
Suddenly, the girls find themselves invisible, it's two o'clock in the afternoon, in Cutie Pops land.
They walk into the village and see Cookie, alive and well sitting in a chair.  Suddenly, they see mini Blythe, walking up to Cookie.
'Well hello, you! Would you like some cookies?'
'No thank you, I just came here to give you this present!' 
'Well, that's nice! I don't even know you but we could be friends!'
*Yeah, right, fat head*
Cookie opens the present, suddenly the air around her turns black, it forms a small tornado and it let's Cookie turn and turn and turn.  There is a big bang and a loud scream and then Cookie falls out of the air, into her chair, with her eyes closed.
'HAHAHAHAHAHA, now I will be the cutest doll again! HAHAHAHAHAHA!'  Mini Blythe runs away while Yasmina walks into the village.  The girls look to each other, surprised and schocked.  Clawdeen claps in her hands and says,  'hopscotch!'
They return to Daniela's house.
'So, what happened?' 'It was mini Blythe! She put a magic spell on Cookie because she wants to be the cutest again!'
'Oh no! That's terrible!' 
'You girls have to find a magic potion, quick! I only know one person that can cure a mini Blythe curse..'
'Who's that then?'
'Cinderella of course!'
'Oh now, first a fairy, then a princess, when is this going to end?'
'Stop whining Clawdeen, where can we find her, Daniela?'
'In Disney Princess land of course!' 
'Luckily I'm just done with my newest invention, a teleporter!'
'We can teleport right into Cinderella's castle, I'm going with you, I'm the only one that knows how to use this machine.'
'Alright, to Cinderella's castle!!'
And so, Clawdeen, Rochelle, Bloom and Daniela teleported to Cinderella's castle...
'Everybody ok?'
'Yes, except, my magic doesn't work here..'
'That's because Cinderella is the only one allowed to use magic in her castle, it's a weird Disney Princess thing.'
'So, where is this princess chick?' 
'I assume she is in her potion room, I know where it is, I went to visit her back in the day, when we went to college together.'
'Yeah, blablabla I'm missing my fangtastic pedicure because of this so let's get on now.'
The girls walked into the potion room.
'Cinderella! Hey girl!'
'Daniela! It's great to see you! Who are your friends?'
'This is Bloom, Clawdeen, and here is Rochelle!'
'And what brings you here?'
The girls tell the story to Cinderella.
'I see, I think I have just the right potion for this problem, mini Blythes can be very mean so I always have an extra potion that works against all their spells.'
'Let's see..... ah! here it is!'
'Clawsome, now let's go everybody!'
'Wait, I also have this potion, it can bring every mini Blythe you want to you, if you just describe the Blythe that put a spell on Cookie, we can get her here and into doll prison!'
'Great idea! Let's write down everything about that mini Blythe we know.'
The girls came up with a great list, perfect to go with the potion.
Cinderella threw the list into the potion and after some sparks and light, mini Blythe was in the room.
'Get her girls!'
Daniela and Rochelle quickly grabbed mini Blythe while she was yelling: 'Let me go! let me go! I'm the cutest, you can't grab me like that!'
'Ok, now let's go to Cookie! Are you coming with us Cinderella?'
And so, Clawdeen, Rochelle, Daniela, Bloom, Cinderella and mini Blythe transported to Cutie Pops village.
'Yasmina! how is ze doing?' 
'She is still the same, nothing different.'
'I see you girls all traveled to cure Cookie, do you have the solution?'
'Yes, and we have mini Blythe, she did it so she could be the cutest again!'
'Hmm, leave her to me, I can punish her with my witch craft!'
'Ok, here is the potion, all we have to do is pour it over her.'
Cinderella took the potion and poured it over Cookie, she was slowly waking up.
'What, what happened?' 
'Mini Blythe put a spell on you so that she would be the cutest again!'
'Oh no, that's terrible!'
'But everything is fixed now, mini Blythe is going to get punished and you are ok!'
'Amazing! Thanks everybody! Now, who wants some cookies?'
'I do!!'

And so, mini Blythe went to prison... Yasmina took care of her first, she cut all her hair off, not so cute anymore hey? :D
And everybody lived happily ever after, with cookies!

The End.


    Congratulations to all of the other finalists and good luck!!

  2. Hahaha, good choices! Good luck to everyone and I know just who I'm gonna vote for! :)

    By the way, this was a fun contest. I haven't done something like this in years! My teacher back in Middle School used to have us play this picture game, where he'd show us a really random picture and give us 30 minutes to write a little story. It was always so much fun. Ahh, those were the days. <3

  3. I cant believe I made it in! Good luck to all :)

  4. They were all great but I did manage to vote for my favorite.

  5. Whoo hoo! This is so exciting!!! Good luck to all :-)

  6. I have been reading your blog for several month now. I am 10 and I am English so I always get frustrated when things are only available in us and I am and stuck in the uk.... One cool thing is that there are more dollars to a pound so when I look at doll like fashion royalty they are
    Ess expensive. Easy elegance Lorraine is fab, she is Out of stock on angelic dreams but there is a waiting list and lots of the other dolls are cool too. Korrinne

  7. Ugh, sorry about that comment above, my keyboard kinda glitches. Easy Elagance Korrine is £69.5 for uk, but is 110 dollars in USA because there is more dollars to a pound, so altho

  8. Hello from Spain: great stories. Good luck to all ... We keep in touch.