Sunday, August 19, 2012

Giveaway Week...Closed!

The 4 giveaways here are closed, but you can still enter the caption contest until tonight at 6:00pm EST.  I'll do drawings for prizes and post the finalists for the caption contest tomorrow.  In the meantime, a few giveaways continue over on facebook.

Absolutely anyone can enter.  You can enter to win as many of the toys as you want.   If you enter anonymously, though, please send me an email before you comment so that I can give you a secret code name.  After you get the code name, you can comment with that name and be officially entered.

To start things off, see if you can come up with a caption or a story for the following picture and post it in the comments section.  You have all week for this one.  I'll pick some finalists at the end of the week and then we'll have a poll to vote for the winner.  The winner gets all of the dolls in the picture!  All dolls are used (out of their boxes) and have been reviewed.


  1. Everybody just assumed that a head that large must be filled with delicious candy.

  2. While the others greeted the newcomer warmly, Clawdeen was planing something quite sinister. . .

  3. Ok: Cookie is sleeping beauty, and seven dwarfs found her. Now they want to take care of her, but the youngest dwafr (mini Blythe) is afraid of that Big-Head Beauty and run away. Rochelle is like "I don't want to see what they will do with her (especially Yasmina)", and Cinderella asks: We're dolls, not dwarfs at all. Why are we doing this? Yasmina wants to take closer look on Beauty's eyelids, cause they look, ekhem, yummy. Daniela is the most caring, so she just want Beauty to feel good.

  4. Such a fun idea! Cookie has lost her other set of eyes and now they are permanent closed. Rochelle is thinking how horrid it would be to not be able to open your eyes while Clawdeen is wondering if there is a way to make it so Toralie could not see. Bloom is trying to use her magic and Cinderella is wondering where her fairy godmother is. Yasmina is closely expecting the damage with the help of the Daniela while Blyth goes running for help.

  5. When Cookie arrived, she and Daniela began to bond with the both of them having abnormaly big heads. Then, all the other girls began to gather around to see the new comer. Little Blythe gave poor Cookie a swift kick to the head, jealous of her beauty, and ran off. Cookie fainted and Daniela tucked her in. Yasmina was called in to inspect her head injury with her magnifiying glass.

  6. Daniela says cookie is so cute, Yasmina lend me your cape so she won't be cold. Yasmina wants to have a closer look at her. Cinderella doesn't know if she really is asleep or just pretending. Rochelle can't even look. Clawdeen is thinking of something sinister she can do when no one else is around. Bloom is flying over head to have a birds eye view and little blythe is so scared of "big head" she is running off.

  7. She may look like a sweet little cherub, but Cookie snores like an old man...

  8. Yasmina has been called in to investigate Cookie's coma mystery. Bloom is horrified her friend has suffered such a mysterious ailment but Cinderella can offer no explanation or advice. Rochelle and Daniella are overcome with grief as the Little Blythe quietly makes her escape with the antidote. Clawdeen shows up too late only to be upstaged by her bitter detective/fantasy/magical rival Yasmina.

  9. Daniela came running inside the Candy Cottage shouting, "Help me quick! A girl, there's a girl in the meadow, she's unconscious!"

    Everyone gasped and came running swiftly, following Daniela's tracks. They all carried the poor girl inside their Candy Cottage, the young Blythe said, "Uhh, she's so heavy... Her head is so big." Blythe paused for a moment after helping her candy club sisters lay down the big-headed girl on the bed and said "Oh my God, she might eat me!!! Waah, I want my mommy!!!"

    "Sshhh... Nonsense! Look how cute and sweet she looks. She won't eat anyone, Blythe," said Daniela, the motherly President of the candy clubhouse.

    "I wonder who she is," Yasmina said as she knelt beside the mysterious girl using her magnifying glass because of her poor eyesight, "Hey look, she's got a name!" Gently opening a paper clutched by the girl in her right hand, Yasmina said, "Her name's Cookie, I think. It's written here."

    "She's still sleeping," said the flying Winx Bloom... But Clawdeen butted in, "Or she might be dead..."

    "No, don't say that..." Rochelle muttered as tears began filling her eyes and cried.

    "I think we have to consult my Fairy Godmother on this one. She might know what's wrong with Cookie." Cinderella said and turned to Bloom, "Bloom? Can you fly to my godmother's home in the clouds? Just say it's an emergency for Cinderella, okay?"

    "Okay, got it," said Bloom as she flew away to fetch Cinderella's fairy godmother.

    Clawdeen looked over Cookie and said to herself, "She's just faking it so she could join our exclusive candy clubhouse. Don't they remember what I did when they don't want me to be a part of this clubhouse? Sheesh..."

  10. Really, it was only a matter of time before one of the ladies suffered from pink and purple overload. Ohhhhh, the dollmanity.

  11. Is it ... diabetic coma, or ... Blythe's Revenge??!!

  12. It's never a good idea to be the first to fall asleep at a slumber party. I wonder if she will wake up with sharpie marker on her face or if they will rearrange her parts while she sleeps.

  13. My story:
    Rochelle and Clawdeen were hanging out in Monster High land when suddenly they heard a loud scream, someone in Cutie Pops land is in danger!
    Luckily, Cutie Pops land is not that far away from Monster High land so Clawdeen and Rochelle went to the rescue!
    They ran as fast as they could, they arrived in Cutie Pops land about five minutes after they heard the scream.
    They went to Cutie Pops village first. There, they found Cookie! She was lying in a chair with her eyes closed, it looked like she was sleeping but she wasn't, according to Yasmina..
    'Oh, hi Rochelle! Hi Clawdeen!' 'What are you doing here Yasmina? Did you do something to Cookie?' 'No, I didn't do anything! I heard a loud scream and then I found Cookie here! It seems she's in a deep coma!'
    Hmm, Clawdeen didn't trust Yasmina, everybody knows you can't trust a Bratzilla...

  14. 'Well mon cheries, what can we do about zis problem?' 'Well, we have to help her, obviously!'
    'First, we have to figure out what happened to her, if we know that we can find a solution! We need to be quick though, Cookie can't live without her cookies, if she stays like this without eating cookies for too long, she can turn into an evil Cutie Pop and then she'll destroy every cookie she sees with her big head.'
    'But zhen we can never eat cookies again! We can't defeat her big head!'
    'I know someone who can help you, Daniela the scientist has a time machine, she can send you two to the past so that you can see what happened to her, the only problem is that she lives in Liv land, that's far away.'
    'I know zis fairy named Bloom, she lives in Winx Club land but she can fly very fast, she can carry us to ze Liv land.'
    'But can't she help us? If she is a fairy, she has to have magical powers right?' 'Yes, zat is correct but ze doesn't have her special wings to go back into time, Emily didn't buy her zpecial add on wing pack!'
    'Oh No!!!'
    'Luckily, ze came with her regular Believix wings so ze can fly very fast, I will call her now so ze can come help us!!'
    And so, Bloom, Rochelle and Clawdeen were on their way to Liv land, to visit Daniela the scientist. Yasmina staid with Cookie to take care of her, though Clawdeen didn't like the idea of this evil witch looking after her.
    In Liv land..
    Clawdeen, Rochelle and Bloom found Daniela very quickly, they were lucky she was at home and not time travelling!
    'Daniela, Daniela!' 'Calm down Bloom, just because your all glittery and colourful doesn't mean you have to act like a maniac all the time!'
    'Clawdeen! Be nice to Bloom, she can't help it that you're a dark, freakish monster!' 'Grrr, you keep your mouth shut, stupid statue.'
    'Guys, guys! Hey stop that!'
    'Hello! May I ask, what are you all doing here in Liv land?' 'We are here to talk to you, whe have to use your time machine to see what happened to Cookie from Cutie Pops land.'
    'Ze is in coma and we are helping her, we have to know what happened to her so zat whe can elp her.'
    'Hmm, alright then, it seems serious enough, come in everybody, tou can find my time machine on the kitchen table.'
    'Alright, just stand here and then I just have to program the time like this.. Ok! all set! Good luck guys, if you want to return just clap in your hands and say: hopscotch!'
    'What? What do you think? That we are in Tim Burton land or something?'

  15. 'Clawdeen, shut it!'
    'Alright, good luck everybody!'
    Suddenly, the girls find themselves being invisible, it's two o'clock in the afternoon, Cutie Pops land.
    They walk into the village and see Cookie, alive and well sitting in a chair.
    Suddenly, they see mini Blythe, walking up to Cookie.
    'Well hello you! Would you like some Cookies?'
    'No thank you, I just came here to give you this present!' 'Well, that's nice! I don't even know you but we could be friends!'
    *Yeah, right, fat head*
    Cookie opens the present, suddenly the air around her turns black, it forms a small tornado and it let's Cookie turn and turn and turn.
    There is a big bang and a loud scream and then Cookie falls out of the air, into her chair, with her eyes closed.
    'HAHAHAHAHAHA, now I will be the cutest doll again! HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Mini Blythe runs away while Yasmina walks into the village.
    The girls look to each other, surprised and schocked.
    Clawdeen claps in her hands 'hopscotch!'
    They return to Daniela's house.
    'So, what happened?' 'It was mini Blythe! She put a magic spell on Cookie because she wants to be the cutest again!'
    'Oh no! That's terrible!' 'You girls have to find a magic potion, quick! I only know one person that can cure a mini Blythe curse..'
    'Who's that then?' 'Cinderella of course!'
    'Oh now, first a fairy, than a princess, when is this going to end?'
    'Stop whining Clawdeen, where can we find her Daniela?'
    'In Disney Princess land of course!' 'Luckily I'm just done with my newest invention, a teleporter!'
    'We can teleport right into Cinderella's castle, I'm going with you, I'm the only one that knows how to use this machine.'
    'Alright, to Cinderella's castle!!'
    And so, Clawdeen, Rochelle, Bloom and Daniela teleported to Cinderella's castle...
    'Everybody ok?'
    'Yes, except, my magic doesn't work here..'
    'That's because Cinderella is the only one allowed to use magic in her castle, it's a weird Disney Princess thing.'
    'So, where is this princess chick?' 'I assume she is in her potion room, I know where it is, I went to visit her back in the days, when we went to college together.'
    'Yeah, blablabla I'm missing my fangtastic pedicure because of this so let's get on now.'
    The girls walked into the potion room.
    'Cinderella! Hey girl!'
    'Daniela! great to see you! Who are your friends?'

  16. 'This is Bloom, Clawdeen, and here is Rochelle!'
    'And what brings you here?'
    The girls tell the story to Cinderella.
    'I see, I think I have just the right potion for this problem, mini Blythes can be very mean so I always have an extra potion that works against all their spells.'
    'Let's see..... ah! here it is!'
    'Clawsome, now let's go everybody!'
    'Wait, I also have this potion, it can bring every mini Blythe you want to you, if you just describe the Blythe that put a spell on Cookie, we can get her here and into doll prison!'
    'Great idea! Let's write down everything about that mini Blythe we know.'
    The girls came up with a great list, perfect to go with the potion.
    Cinderella threw the list into the potion and after some sparks and light, mini Blythe was in the room.
    'Get her girls!'
    Daniela and Rochelle quickly grabbed mini Blythe while she was yelling: 'Let me go! let me go! I'm the cutest, you can't grab me like that!'
    'Ok, now let's go to Cookie! Are you coming with us Cinderella?'
    And so, Clawdeen, Rochelle, Daniela, Bloom, Cinderella and mini Blythe transported to Cutie Pops village.
    'Yasmina! how is ze doing?' 'She is still the same, nothing different.'
    'I see you girls all traveled to cure Cookie, do you have the solution?'
    'Yes, and we have mini Blythe, she did it so she was the cutest again!'
    'Hmm, leave her to me, I can punish her with my witch craft!'
    'Ok, here is the potion, all whe have to do is pour it over her.'
    Cinderella took the potion and poured it over Cookie, she was slowly waking up.
    'What, what happened?' 'Mini Blythe put a spell on you so that she would be the cutest again!'
    'Oh no, that's terrible!'
    'But everything is fixed now, mini Blythe is going to get punished and you are ok!'
    'Amazing! Thanks everybody! Now, who wants some cookies?'
    'I do!!'

    And so, mini Blythe went to prison... Yasmina took care of her first, she cut all her hair off, not so cute anymore hey? :D
    And everybody lived happily ever after, with cookies!
    The End.

    More like a whole story book, My imagination went all crazy xD
    Sorry for the long story, it didn't even fit in 1 comment xD
    I really, really hope I win, that would be amazing!

  17. Oh, and I looked up what the time difference is with the Netherlands so it's around 14.00 here and around 8.00 in Maine (if I'm corrct) so when it's 16.00 here, it's 10.00 in Maine.
    Ok, got, it, all set! :D

  18. Wait, omg, I could've just looked at the date above my last comment -,-
    I'm so stupid :')

  19. Cookie is the new doll in town, so she decides that having a party would be a good idea to get to know the other girls. Rochelle knows that Cookie has a sweet tooth, so she bakes a big blueberry cookie for her.

    They all arrive to Cookie's party except Cinderella. Rochelle gives Cookie her big biscuit and Cookie thanks her. They are all having a good time eating and talking to each other when Cookie says she's feeling bad and cold, so Daniela takes her to the nearest chair. Suddenly Cookie faints, so Daniela borrows Yasmina's cape and asks her if she can look into Cookie's future and see what's going on. At that moment, Clawdeen remembers that Yasmina owes her money because she read her future the other day. She starts screaming at Yasmina but Bloom calms her down.

    After taking a look with her monocle Yasmina says that Cookie will end up in the hospital because of food poisoning. The dolls tell mini Blythe to hurry and call an ambulance.

    Rochelle gets very worried and says "Oh no, she must be allergic to blueberries. It's all my fault". And stars crying badly.
    At the very moment Cinderella appears, she looks at Rochelle and says "Dear, why are you crying? You just got PUNK'D!!!"

  20. Trying to stay as calm as possible is tiring when I should be exploding with joy. I had a rock hard alias. No one would suspect me, if I go along with what they're saying.. how they act so shocked.. no one will suspect that I murdered Cookie.
    " - and then I told Stella not to touch my stuff but she did anyway!" Bloom ranted to me while I waited. I nodded and smiled saying the usual. "Yeah, I know, right? You should give her a piece of your mind!" Right when I said that, I heard it. I heard what I was anticipating for. The scream.

    Blythe started screaming and Bloom and I exchanged glances. We ran to the main room of the hotel. But considering my legs, it was kind of hard to do. Curse these legs. When we got into the room, I saw everyone there. Bloom, myself, Blythe, Rochelle, Yasmina, Daniela, Candy, and Clawdeen.

    Everyone was freaking out, Candy had blood all over her lower stomach area and everything is perfect.
    "What happened?"
    "Oh Candy!"
    "What should we do!? There's a blizzard outside and we're all-"
    "BE QUIET!!" Yasmina screamed. Everyone turned to look at Yasmina. Yasmina had a particular face, like she had everything figured out. She took off her coat and put it over Candy.
    "This obviously was a .. murder." Yasmina eyed everyone in the room.
    "Who would do such a thing?!"
    "Be quiet! I don't know who it is, but I'll find out!" Yasmina said while she whipped out her fancy monocle. Like that made you a great detective.
    I observed everyone in the room. Bloom was fluttering like she as a spazz, Rochelle was covering her eyes and whimpering. Daniela was caring for Candy's body. Yasmina was looking for clues.. and Blythe was no where to be found.. Where did she go? I was looking around for her when I met eyes with Clawdeen. Such hateful eyes burning into my own and that's when she suddenly screeched.
    "CINDERELLA DID IT! She totally did it! She's not freaking out!" Clawdeen shrieked.
    Everyone looked at me. I started laughing.
    "Really? That determines if you committed murder?" I raised a eyebrow. "Really?"
    Clawdeen looked a little shaken. "Uh.." That's right. I can do this.
    "You know, maybe it was Blythe." I suggested.
    "Blythe? Are you crazy? She's a small girl!" Yasmina snapped at me.
    "..but she's not here."
    Everyone looked around and she was nowhere in sight. Just maybe, I can frame Blythe.
    Maybe they'll never find out that I did the deed.

  21. "EEEEKK!!" Rochelle screamed covering her eyes. Bloom flew swiftly to Rochelle. "Rochelle, what's wrong?" Rochelle pointed to the Sleeping Cookie. " Ze new doll, it is deed!" "D-DEAD?!" a tiny voice squeaked. Bloom looked down to see Blythe. Oh no, the poor girl, she's now scarred for life! Ugh what do i DO?! thought Bloom. " Chillax girls, she's prolly just sleepin'!" Clawdeen waltzed in with Daniela. " Yes, just sleeping, is there anything to keep her warm?" Daniela whispered, looking up to see any donations. Just then... " Oh where's my monocle??" Yasmina patted the ground. "Ah here it is, right next to Cookie who's dead. ... DEAD?!" Clawdeen muttered, "Oh brother..." Chaos was coming and going everywhere!!! Until... " CHILL MY HOMIES!! I GOT THIS!!" Who was it ?!? Stay tuned! ... Just kidding. It was Cinderella! " I suspect the murderer is one of you! It's ROCHELLE! Case solved." ... " Dolls don't listen to her.. where is a coat?" Cinderella shrugged. Daniela then spotted Yasmina. "A cape... It'll do." She plucked it off of Yasmina. "H-Hey..." Daniela put the hole-filled cape on Cookie. "There. She sure is a deep sleeper." Cookie opened her eyes, " Huh? Did Cookie miss anything?" (Cookie speaks in third person.) " AHH!" Blythe got startled and ran away. Everybody started to laugh. Cookie was very confused.
    THE END.

  22. Exhausted from her photo shoot with the Toy Box Philosopher, and the excitement of being de-boxed, Cookie fell quickly into a deep and restful sleep.

    As soon as the coast was clear, and the Toy Box Philosopher left the room, the other dolls who were all playing nearby came, one by one, to inspect the newest member of their ever growing collection.

    Each doll came to examine the sleeping cutie. Some to see her outfit, some to inspect her vinyl and hair, and most to compare their similarities and differences.

    LPS Blythe was so frightened by the size of Cookie's head that she fled in fear. (The irony was lost to her.)

    Daniela was fascinated with Cookie's removable eyes- she gazed at the glittered heart-shaped chunky eyelashes wondering if changing them out felt the same as changing her own wigs. She was tempted to touch but as she approached she realized Cookies was about to stir.

    She asked Yasmina for her cape to use as a blanket. Yasmina, gladly offered up her tattered cloak for a chance to get an up-close inspection of Cookie's paint lines.

    Irritated by all the attention on the new girl Cinderella muttered: "You know- having plastic molded hair that you have to jab things into to look pretty isn't all that cool... it's creepy!"

    She realized Daniela was nearby and tried to laugh it off. Daniela was not amused but too mature to offer a retort.

    Clawdeen threw a hissy fit- she wanted to get back to playing dress up and was tired of the interruption. She has a short fuse and was set to scratch the newbie awake.

    As Bloom swooped in to try to stop the mean-spirited plan, Rochelle froze in fright after she noticed the TBP walk in the room.... *click*


  23. You gave my the code name Arctic Fox to enter :)Here's my story:

    Dolly Fashion Police Episode 1

    Bloom: "Help, you guys!"

    -Everyone Rushes Over-

    Bloom: "We have a fashion emergency! Look at Cookie's dress!"

    Cookie- "Is it really that ba-" -Realizes She Will Never Win This Battle, So She Shuts Up and Closes Her Eyes-

    Clawdeen: "OMG, she looks like she just came straight from Candyland!"

    Rochelle: "Vous les gars, ne soyez pas si méchant, elle semble très agréable." (You guys, don't be so mean, she seems very nice.) Rochelle mutters and covers her eyes.

    LPS Blythe: "AHHHH! I can't even bear to look!" -Sprints Off-

    Cinderella: "Listen, it's not that bad."

    Clawdeen: "Coming from the girl who wears gowns to scrub the floor!"

    Cinderella: "Missy, you know how strict my stepmom was!"

    Clawdeen: "Hold my earrings Rochelle! This might get ugly!"

    Yasmina: "Girls, we're not going to solve this problem by arguing! We need to examine the original outfit..."

    Bloom: "Blah, Blah, Blah. Enough with the scientifics Yas."

    Daniela: -Just Runs Over- "Blythe just told me about the horror! Yasmina, give me your cape!"

    Yasmina: Hey, this was a gift from my sorcery teacher at Hogwarts!"

    Daniela: I don't give a piece of plastic! This is a fashion emergency, and I plan to turn it into an adorable mini-dress for Cookie!"

    Yasmina: "Fine, but you owe me!" -Hands over cape-

    Daniela- -Snips, Stitches and Slips On Cookie- "Much better! This looks fabulous as a mini!"

    Clawdeen- "Sista, I knew it would!"

    Bloom- "Holy Pixie Dust! She looks like a whole new doll!"

    Daniela- "Well, that was the point. Rochelle, you can open your eyes now!

    Cinderella- "Oh, I have to get out of here! I am going to by late for the ball tonight!" -Rushes Off-

    Clawdeen- "Oh, enough of the fairytale talk!"

    Now for the hair.....

  24. "Ohh!!...So that's how she sleeps without letting the weight of her head crush her to death."

  25. Be very careful with bubblegum. Especially if you are a doll.
    Because sometimes it doesn't just get stuck on your face, it also gets your face stuck on your face.

  26. "get up sleepy head!" or we will glue your eyelids like this!"

  27. Preparing to haze the new girl, little Blythe is off to get a bucket of water...

  28. Huh,and we thought the real dolly drama happened on the forums..

  29. They all shook their heads as they had warned Cookie to take care of her type II diabetes.

  30. In a dolls' world, which are the main concerns?... To start with, the competition. Dolls are made for girls (generally) and are made for play with. The new one gets a great chance in the affection of the girl owner, but what happen with those dolls that have been there for ever...or for a long time. They need to renew the outfits, to be more collaborative and brilliant or just to accept that they are going to loose their power by the time?.....
    The second issue is to loose the hair. Not matter wigs or not wigs, all dolls are always worried of loosing more hair that they can manage.
    I think that the third fact that worries dolls very much, it is to get forgotten in a shelve of a Toy shop for ever. I believe dolls don't mind to be collected, but they don't like to be in a plastic box, to the end of the times, and finally been sold like rare items or in bulk for Asian markets.
    A doll loves to be display, show and play with.

  31. Cutie Pop and the Seven Dolls: 'Bratty', 'Disney', 'Fairy', 'Wolfy', 'Goyle-y', 'Livvy', and 'Mini'.

    \o/ That's all I got, haha~

  32. You can drop your glass shoe on a royal ball without a worry.
    But what do you do if you drop your eyes?

  33. Unfortunately, Slumber Party Rule #1 completely slipped Cookie's mind when she was the first girl to hit the sack...
    and this was only the beginning of a very long night in the hands of some very creative party-goers.

    - Bengal Tiger :)

  34. "Told you she would be top heavy!" (Is it too late??) :)

  35. Yay can't wait :D
    Wish I had Facebook though xD

  36. This was all a plan to fix Cinderella’s crazy legs. Cinderella knew that Cookie held the magical crazy-leg-fixing power in her hair, but she had no idea how to pull those lovely locks from Cookie’s head. That’s when she had an idea - to ask the rest of the dolls for their help. She knew convincing them to help wouldn’t be easy, which is why she told them that Cookie’s hair would fix all of their problems; Whether it was thinly rooted hair, poor quality clothing, bad paint jobs, or any other issue, they would all be fixed. What she didn’t tell them though is that she would use all of the magic to fix her legs, and they wouldn’t get any. All the other dolls were so tempted by the offer, that they all greedily agreed, except Rochelle, who was too terrified of what could happen if things didn’t go as planned. She did follow behind them though because a tiny part of her was curious. As all the dolls planned how to go about the ‘operation’, Cinderella sat back and watched – now that she had all of the other dolls doing her work, she could dream about a crazy-leg free life. Daniela started prepping Cookie by giving her a spa treatment, and while this was happening Bloom started using her fairy magic from above to put Cookie in a deep sleep. With her ability to see into the (very near) future, Yasmina watched Cookie intently to make sure she didn’t wake up. Clawdeen started to inspect the hair, and was foaming at the mouth over the thought that her hair issues would soon be solved! Rochelle on the other hand was so nervous that she couldn’t watch – what if Cookie woke up?! She would surely be angry and Rochelle had no idea what she would do! Little Blyth wasn’t helping much, and claimed that she was bored of everyone being so quiet and careful that she decided to run off to play with her littlest pets. Everything was going as planned, Daniela noticed that Cookie was starting to shiver, and no one was sure if it was from Bloom’s spell, or if she was cold, so to be careful Yasmina’s cape was draped over her. Things were looking up for everyone (expect Cookie), until they started to hear the sound of running animals. As the sound got louder and louder, it started to dawn on them that little Blyth was sending her pets to Cookie’s aid. Everyone froze, and as they all watched Cookie in horror, Cinderella came up with a new plan, one that would fix everything. Maybe.

  37. Once upon a time, in the land of dolls, there was an explosion. One of this caliber had never been witnessed before now, and it has brought together some dolls of very different backgrounds. They were all quite out of their element, surrounded by remnants of sparkles and candy that had been leftover from dolls of the past. The area was like a magical prison; a labyrinth of bare walls and cookie crumbs that led them no where.

    Some of the dolls had quickly realized that they may be stuck in this place, and the only way of survival would be to band together and use their hair-brains to find a way out. A few of the others, however, wanted to take matters into their own hands. Of all the dolls, just two were familiar with each other, for they had gone to the same creeperific school.

    A fairy, two unrelated monsters, a princess, a witch, a regular teenager, and a scared little...girl. These were the dolls that were trapped together, and for Clawdeen, a werewolf from Monster High, she had a hunch that this was going to be a long night.

    The fairy, Bloom, seemed to think that fairy magic and sparkles would be the key to their freedom. Her smiling eyes and cheery demeanor, only made Clawdeen's patience run thin. She was never the type to take things lightly, as she learned all those years growing up with several obnoxious brothers and sisters, who became even more wild and spontaneous during the full moon! Bloom reminded her of Howleen, her young sister that always seemed to have that same perky attitude. Puppies... You can't do anything with 'em!

    But what is this? Clawdeen was beginning to get very hungry, and something smelled delicious. Is that... a cookie? Her dog senses were tingling, and she knew she had to do something and fast!

    Yasmina and Daniela, were bringing in a delicious morsel! A young girl... no... a giant cookie! Clawdeen was getting delirious... no... no, it can't be! That IS a giant cookie! The others laid the delicious piece down on the only piece of furniture in the room, and Yasmina handed over her cape to Daniela to cover the cookie up. Why...? Perhaps they were trying to prevent it from getting any dirtier? Wolves don't care about dirty food!

    When Clawdeen asked the Princess what they were doing with the giant cookie, she shrugged her shoulders. She was useless, and Clawdeen knew this.

    She then turned to Rochelle, "What do you make of this?"

    "Oh chérie, I cannot look with my eyes!" Rochelle replied.

    "Boy oh boy... I guess I have to take matters into my own paws," Clawdeen replied. "All right, that's it. I'll take over from here. This cookie is my responsibility... you guys go find a way out."

    "Cookie is in really bad shape," Yasmina replied, looking through her monocle. "Her eyes are frightening to look at up close."

    "What do you expect, human? She's made of sugary sweet goodness! She's not alive!" Clawdeen replied.

    "Not... alive?" Daniela asked.

    "I believe she is asleep," the Princess replied. "She is awaiting her Prince to grant her true loves first kiss."

    "This is ridiculous... There is no such thing, Blondie. And let me tell you something else... THIS IS NOTHING BUT A COOKIE!" Clawdeen howled, leaping out at the morsel, her eyes on fire with delight.

    "NO!" Cookie screamed. "I'm alive! I just... lost my other eyes, that's all!"

    Clawdeen yelped, "My food is speaking to me?!"

    "I think that it is not your stomach that you should be worried about," Rochelle said, and all of the strangers laughed at the situation they had found themselves in.

    But the question remains... will they ever make it out... alive?

  38. The human race will never understand a dolls fascination for the ability to sleep.

    "She has wings on her... Eyes!? Can't fly with them either, I don't get it"
    - Bloom

    "Oh, come on dolls! This is nothing, a Disney friend of mine slept for one hundred years!"
    - Cinderella

    "The word "yarn" is very simular to "yawn", am I wrong? I wonder..."
    - Clawdeen

    "Okay, you cover your eyes and do nothing! Is this supposed to be fun or something...?"
    - Rochelle

    "I bet she covers her secret with Yasminas cloak! What if I remove it... Hehe"
    - Daniela

    "What actually are her eyes up to under there!? Do the wing-lids-things show movies... ?"
    - Yasmina

  39. "Sacrebleu! Mademoiselle Cookie is unconscious!" Rochelle cried.
    "I guess this is what happens when you eat Clawdeen's 'special candy' without asking first," said Cinderella, whilst Clawdeen grumbled about having to find a new trick to play on Toralei.
    "I have consulted the spirits! She'll be fine in a couple of hours," Yasmina reassured everyone, whilst Daniela covered the sleeping doll with a cape to keep her warm.

  40. cookie fell asleep and they all found her. Yasmina doesn't know who she is so she magnifies her.everyone else just stared in awe

  41. Quick! While she's still sleeping. I bet it's full of candy!

  42. All the dolls want to know what Cookie is dreaming of, so they asked Yasmin to take a look.
    "I see" Said Yasmine," she's dreaming of Dr.Seuss's green eggs and ham!"
    "Ewww" said all of the dolls together.

  43. Cookie had such a fun day with the girls that she was dead tired by the end of the day. Little did she know that the others had more planned. Yasmina wanted to get a closer look at her glittery eyes while Daniela wanted to tuck her in with the cape that she 'borrowed'. Clawdeen planned her evil plans though since Cookie clearly was scary enough for her liking. The LPS Blythe girl began to run, however, because even she knew nothing good could happen from this. Bloom watched over everyone, making sure not to let the others peek at her skirt. She didn't want to spoil the fun that was bound to happen. Clawdeen's head lower and lower the darker her plan got. It started getting so dark that Rochelle started to softly cry to herself. She knew that she was the only one who could protect Cookie with her rock hard attitude about bullying and being mean. Daniela was ignoring the mess near her since she was hoping Yasmina's ability to see things wouldn't notice the 'borrowed' cape. Cinderella watched closely at the start but then grew bored of the lack of princess' here. Nothing good could happen from this. But what did happen? Well, that's for another photo. But let's just say that things got a little crazy.

  44. Cookie is the new doll in town, and it is difficult being new, other dolls are avoiding her because they are afraid of her huge head, colorful lashes, and pop-a-ble eyes. All the dolls are frightened by she because well.... because she's different. It's hard to accept differences and it's even harder for dolls, because there is no one to teach them that. At night, when Cookie is asleep, all of the dolls gathered around her and are odserving her"oddness". "You know, up close Cookie is not that scary, she looks quite cute! Said Daniella as she pulled up the covers for Cookie. 'I think she's the ugly and the scariest thing i've ever seen" Screamed the immature little Blythe as she around so her back is facing Cookie, Blythe is the youngest afterall. The good old Cinderella who is always so gentle padded Cookie's head and said "We are all afraid of the unkown, but once we get to know them, we might be really thankful for having them in our lives". "yes' said Blossom as she flew higher to look at Cookie closer. Clawdeen thought about it for a while' Your right Cinderella, we are all different, our hair our skin even our shapes, but we shouldn't let our fear stop us from knowing eachother, afterall differences is what makes us unique, and without that the world would be very dull." Rochelle Goyle's eyes teared up "Oh Clawdeen, what you said was soo touching..and true" Rochelle covered her teary eyes. Yasmine leaned closer toward Cookie"I want to know her better" so she held up her magnifiying glass and glanced into Cookie's heart "Cookie is a doll full of love and happiness, she is as sweet as candies and eagar to befriend us." All of the dolls fell in silence, they regret the way they treated Cookie, so before the went to bed; each and one of them left a special gift for her, a gift of acceptence and friendship.