Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ever After High "C.A. Cupid"

While I was doing my "research" at Target the other day, I noticed a ton of new Monster High and Ever After High dolls.  The Monster High additions were from the "Frights, Camera, Action" series and also from a new group called "Sweet Screams" that I had never seen before.  The Ever After High additions included Cupid, a new "Getting Fairest" Maddie Hatter and Apple White, and the highly anticipated Cerise Hood.  I was going to choose one new Ever After High doll (Cupid) and one new Monster High doll (Sweet Screams Frankie--she's crazy-fancy and fun), but the Ever After High girls were really hard to resist, and so I left with two of them: C.A. Cupid and Cerise Hood.  I will review both of these dolls in two posts.

I was probably most excited about the appearance of Cupid, because she is the crossover link between Monster High and Ever After High.  I have been wondering how Mattel would handle the re-introduction of this character.  As excited as I am about Cupid, though, I'll tell you right now that Cerise Hood outshines her promotional pictures and seems, at first glance, to be the most unique doll in this line to date.  Cerise's review will come soon, but for now, here's the lovely Chariclo Arganthone Cupid:

Ever After High Cupid
Ever After High's new C.A. Cupid doll.
There was a C. A. Cupid doll made a few years ago for the Monster High line.  The story is that this character switched schools, from Monster High to Ever After High, bringing lots of Monster High collectors along with her.

Because there are now two dolls representing the daughter of Eros, I figured I should bring the original Cupid doll into this review for a few comparisons.  At the end, we can decide if it was a good idea for Cupid to change schools...or if, perhaps, she should have stuck with Monster High.

Cupid's box is very similar to the other Ever After High doll boxes I have opened.  There are a few small differences that I'll point out--one of which I might be imagining.  It seems to me like the cardboard is very thin on this box, as if maybe Mattel is trying to cut down on waste or cost.   I found the box very easy to manage, so if there's been a change--I like it.

The front of the box displays Cupid nicely against the usual storybook backdrop.  There were many Cupid dolls at Target when I was shopping, and I thought they all had very messy, sloppily-styled hair.  However, many of the dolls I saw had straight eyes and eyebrows, which was a huge relief.  I think I got a good one:

The back of the box has a short description of Cupid's personality, and I found this interesting since we already know quite a bit about Cupid.

She's a blogger!  Yay!
So, Cupid is a terrible shot with her bow and arrow, but she's great at helping everyone but herself find romance.  She likes Dexter Charming, but doesn't have the courage to tell him how she feels.  Her favorite subject is Mythology and she doesn't enjoy Crownculus (calculus).  At the very bottom of the box there's a question about friends, and apparently Cupid is best friends with Raven and Apple...at least 'til THE END.  After that, all bets ARE OFF.

Now, let's compare that information to Monster High Cupid's card:

I like cupcakes, too.
There's a lot of consistency here, which is impressive.  Cupid has always been a bad shot, and has clearly never been a fan of math.  The only change I can see is that she used to enjoy psychology, but now prefers mythology.  That's fine--a girl is allowed to change her mind.

She doesn't list any best friends on the Monster High card, though, which I think scores a point for Ever After High.  Changing schools seems to have helped her find two best friends and a cute boy.  Not bad.

In the box art, Cupid looks sweet, feathery, and very, very pink:

Here's a side-by-side picture of the box art with Monster High Cupid's collector's card:

I think both cartoon versions are cute.  I notice that the Ever After High doll looks a lot more like her box art than the Monster High doll.  

One thing that is different about this box is that there's a keyhole opening in the back just above Cupid's portrait:

I think this hole must have been added to make the stand more noticeable.  I wonder if lots of people were throwing the first wave stands away because they didn't know they were there?  

The side of the box advertises Cupid as being the daughter of Eros.  Eros is the Greek god of love.  As a noun, the word eros means "erotic love or desire."  The Romans got the idea to have a god of love from the Greeks, but they named their god Cupid (from the Latin word cupido which also means desire).   

I've always thought it was a bit of a stretch to categorize Eros as a "monster" just to fit into the Monster High theme.  Maybe Cupid will keep switching schools and eventually end up at Mythology High where all of the kids are sons and daughters of the gods?  That'd be fun.

The back of the box also has drawings of some of the other Ever After High characters, including Ashlynn, Hunter, Apple, and a character that I have not seen as a doll yet, Blondie Lockes:

I am baffled by the spelling of Blondie's last name.  Goldilocks did not have an extra "e" at the end of her name.  I am also somewhat dismayed by the boring first name.  Why not something a little more creative?  How about Auricomous?  Auri for short?   

In any case, I hope the doll has side-glancing eyes like the picture:

She looks very Lolita to me.
I had an easy time with Cupid's box.  It wasn't just that the cardboard seemed lightweight and pliant, but the plastic tabs on the front of the box were fairly easy to pull out of the cardboard--there was no tape involved at all.  In fact, I disassembled the box in a way that didn't damage anything.  If I wanted, I could put it all right back together again, or I could separate everything neatly for recycling.

You can see the tabs along either side of the plastic.

Cupid had three plastic ties in her head (grumble) but all of the other attachments were easy to cut and remove.  

The cardboard background has the same garbled, multi-language sentences that Apple and Ashlynn's boxes have:

I don;t know why these fascinate me so much.  My favorite sentence fragment is: con sonrisas blancos nacarados and minty fresh, which must mean something like "pearly white smile and minty fresh [breath]."  They're probably talking about one of those Charming boys...

Cupid comes with a bookmark story and a stand.  I don't find the stand very useful or necessary.  It's not a great style of stand, and the dolls stand very well on their own.  

I was eager to see if Cupid's story would reveal anything about why she (the daughter of a god) would be going to a school for fairytale characters.  Indeed, she jumps right in and addresses this in the first paragraph:

Apparently, Eros announced that Cupid was switching schools because the kids at Ever After High needed urgent romantic guidance, and Cupid was the perfect person for the job.  That's as reasonable an explanation as any, I suppose.

In addition to her stand and story, Cupid comes with a bow and arrow, a quiver, and a pair of wings:

The quiver is made out of shimmering gold vinyl with elaborate molded decorations:

It has a black vinyl strap:

And a painted pink heart:

The arrows are not separate (like the Disney Store Merida's arrows...) but are part of the same piece of vinyl as the quiver:

The bow and arrow are also one piece, and are made out of the same gold vinyl as the quiver:

The bow has a handle so that Cupid can hold it:

The details are nice, but the pink tassel at one end of the bow looks like a fuzzy strawberry to me:

The wings are made out of a large piece of solid white vinyl and they have a satisfying weight.  The underside of each wing is covered with a layer of metallic gold paint which is brushed over with a thin coating of white.  This technique outlines the shape of the feathers very nicely:

The backs of the wings are plain white:

Here's a close-up of the painting technique:

The wings attach to Cupid with a small collar piece that is shaped like a bent arrow:

Monster High Cupid also came with a pair of wings, but the two styles are quite different:

The wings have a similar overall shape, and both attach with a collar that is shaped like an arrow, but that's where the similarities end.

Monster High Cupid's wings are made to look like the splayed bones of a rib cage with vertebrae running down the back--like Cupid ripped open someone's chest and used the bones to make herself a pair of wings.  Is that a reference to metaphorically ripping someone's heart out?

Maybe this is what THE END looks like?
It's creepy and unsettling, but the anatomist in me loves it.

So the thing is, I can see someone with this face wearing a gristly ribcage on her back....

I can't help staring at your nice wide ribcage...
 But not someone with this face:

Puppies!  Cupcakes!  Snuggling!
So, maybe that's another point scored for Ever After High?  By switching schools, did Cupid leave behind her darker body-dismembering side?  Or is she just overcompensating to cover it up?

Anyway, let's look at the two faces together:

Monster High Cupid has a mime-inspired, ghostly-white face with sunken eyes and a smile that is camouflaged by expressionless heart-shaped lips.  

Ever After High Cupid is a round-faced girl with healthy-looking skin and sparkling eyes:

Cupid's eyes look green overall, but up close you can see that the color comes from three different areas of the iris.  There's a teal middle region with a royal blue rim and then a lime green iris pattern drawn on top:

Cupid's eye makeup includes shades of sparkling pink, maroon, silver and purple.  She has tiny heart-shaped reflective dots in each eye:

She has the same heart-shaped lipstick pattern as Monster High Cupid, but she has an additional layer of shimmering light pink paint underneath so that the heart isn't as glaring:

Monster High Cupid has deep-set two-toned teal eyes with a yellow shadow under the pupil.  Her eyebrows are rose pink with a severe arch:

Most of Cupid's mouth is left white, with just a small pink heart painted in the middle.  This makes her look like she is pursing her lips

This Cupid's eyeshadow is composed of two bands of pastel pink and blue.  She has very heavy black eyelashes:

Ever After High Cupid has bright pink hair with pale pink highlights.  It is worn down with curled bangs:

The hair has some wave to it and looks messy and uneven right out of the box:

One small section of hair on the right side of Cupid's head is pulled back and tied with a clear rubber band:

Cupid is wearing a gold headband with a bright pink heart and arrow decoration:

The headband sits just behind Cupid's bangs.  It slots into sections of hair on either side.  The hair is held in place around the headband with two rubber bands that encircle the doll's head. 

I was nervous about how this hair would look when I brushed it out.  I was sure it was going to be uneven and scraggly.  It took a while to brush the hair straight, but it actually has a decent shape:

The hair fiber is a lot like Apple White's hair, but with nowhere near as much curl.  It feels soft and puffy--like a low-quality imitation mohair.  This is not my favorite type of doll hair because it doesn't have any shine or movement, and it can look messy if it isn't brushed regularly.

 Monster High Cupid also has pink hair with highlights.  It's a few shades darker than Ever After High Cupid's hair.  Her locks are styled in a short, curled bob.  The hair is plastered with styling gel and is very firm to the touch.  It would take a while to brush this hair out, and it might require a few washes.

Instead of a headband, this Cupid has a twisted section of hair that encircles her head and forms a heart-shaped area that sticks up on one side:

My doll's hair is a little messy in back--and very flat.

Ever After High Cupid is wearing a cute pink dress with a belt and a few small accessories:

Cupid's ring is not as fun as some of the other Ever After High rings.  It's just a black bent arrow, and it's really hard to see the design:

Monster High Cupid doesn't wear a conventional ring, but her bow and arrow are worn on her hand.  This hand weapon makes me think of Wolverine for some reason.  I think this is one of Monster High Cupid's most creative features.

Monster High Cupid's hand bow.
Ever After High Cupid is wearing a gold bracelet with a molded leaf pattern:

She's also wearing plain black heart-shaped earrings.  These are nowhere near as fun as Ashlynn's shoe earrings!

They're not as cool as Monster High Cupid's bow and arrow earrings, either:

Ever After High earrings (L), Monster High earrings (R).
Ever After High Cupid's dress has a pink bodice and a print skirt.  The bodice is covered with a layer of pink tulle, and the tulle drapes down over one side of the skirt:

It doesn't have much in common with Monster High Cupid's dripping black, pink and white dress:

The vinyl belt has a cluster of golden leaves on one side that give the dress a bit of a Greek god vibe.

The belt unfastens in back and can be removed:

The dress has a long strip of velcro in the back and is easy to get on and off.

The sleeves are accented with little leaf-shaped epaulettes:

These decorations are made out of pink fabric with a silver metallic print:

The skirt is a stretchy synthetic knit with a pink and white cloud pattern. The clouds are overset with metallic pink arrow decorations.  The skirt hem is trimmed with black lace.

Cupid is wearing fabulous gold winged shoes:

The outer edge of each shoe has a painted pink heart. The inside edge of the shoe has the same heart shape, but it is left unpainted:

The heel is the fletching of an arrow:

The toes of the shoes are covered in scrolling molded designs that are similar to the decorations on the quiver.

For comparison, here are Monster High Cupid's chain link heart shoes with their bow heels:

This design seems a little cluttered to me.

Under her dress, Cupid is wearing black netted stockings with an elastic waist:

The doll has a dark black smudge on the back of one leg, but it's not clear to me that this was caused by the stockings:

It looks more like paint or ink:

Cupid has the same body design as the other Ever After High girls and she is the same height as Apple and Ashlynn.  As you can see, the color of Cupid's vinyl is right in between Apple's pale white and Ashlynn's golden tan:

Apple White, Cupid, Ashlynn Ella.
I was excited to pose Cupid with her accessories, but it seems that she can't wear her wings and her quiver at the same time.  Bummer.

At first, I posed Cupid with her bow in her right hand, however, if I had been paying attention to the fuzzy strawberry tassel, I would have known that this was wrong:

While the bow's handle fits awkwardly in Cupid's right hand, it fits perfectly into her left hand:

Much better!  Although...she'd need to pull the string back to actually fire that arrow.  Maybe that's why she's a terrible shot?

Now that I have shown you the basics of Ever After High Cupid, I want to back up and show you what happened when my two Cupids met for the first time.

I think they were both surprised to see another version of themselves, and they got a little jumpy...

It's good that neither of them can aim...
Since neither girl is a stranger to rare or magical occurrences, they were able to quickly reason out that this must just be a blip in the space-time continuum, or the workings of a mischievous wizard.  

Once she realized what was happening, Ever After High Cupid was delighted to catch up with her former self and share all of her new adventures from fairyland.

Although she couldn't imagine a time when she would have worn rib cage wings...

She decided that, despite the unusual circumstances, she had surely just found another new best friend!

It's important to love yourself!
Monster High Cupid was clearly less comfortable with the situation--I noticed she kept trying to pull her hand away from her future self.  Perhaps she was wondering if there was still time to reconsider the move to Ever After High?  

I am not sure if I should leave these two together--time travelers say that meeting an alternate version of yourself is a bad thing.  Will Ever After High Cupid's enthusiasm win out, or will she be Monster High Cupid's next pair of wings?  

Despite their differences, both of these dolls are fun to photograph.  They have fantastic articulation and balance, and each has a distinct personality.  I'll end by showing you some of my favorite shots of each Cupid.

Monster High Cupid:

I love the contrast of this doll's pure white body and the black glove-like tips of her arms.  

Ever After High Cupid:

The bow and arrow accessories are very simple and don't have any moving parts, but they are wonderful props for this cheerful cherub:

Bottom line?  It's neat to see Mattel's two very different interpretations of the same character.  Both dolls are successful in conveying a basic Cupid theme while staying true to the essence of their line.  Monster High Cupid captures the dark, unique strangeness of the Monster High franchise with her pale white vinyl, sunken eyes, skeletal wings, and a mouth expression that's difficult to read.  Ever After High Cupid captures the frilly, sweet, upbeat nature of the fairytale spinoff line.

The most unique thing about Ever After High Cupid is her pink hair.  Pink-haired dolls are getting easier to find, but they're still relatively scarce in the aisles of most toy stores.  Even speaking as someone who wouldn't list pink as a favorite color, I have to admit that I like Cupid's candy-pink hair.  It's bright and cheerful and fits with this girl's ultra-sweet persona.  I would prefer a silkier hair fiber, but the spun sugar consistency and volume of this hair seem to suit Cupid.

Like most Ever After High characters, Cupid is a normal-looking, versatile, princess-style doll that reveals her theme only through her neat accessories.  She has great shoes and dramatic, artistic goddess wings.  Her bow and arrow is simple, but it fits into her hand well and is probably the accessory that best identifies her as Cupid.  I love the look of a doll posing with a bow, which is probably thanks to the bow-wielding heroines of The Hunger Games and Brave.  Cupid's dress is what I have come to expect from an Ever After High doll: it has tulle, sparkle, lace and a few references to the Greek mythology theme.  The headband is a wonderful nod to Monster High Cupid's twisted heart hairstyle.  Cupid's earrings, ring and bracelet are unremarkable, but the other accessories compensate for this.

Given all of the new Ever After High dolls on the shelves, I am glad I picked Cupid.  She may not be as exciting as the mysteriously beautiful Cerise Hood, but I think she's a much more interesting choice than the Getting Fairest characters, all of whom I feel like I've seen before.

I don't think it's easy to choose between Ever After High Cupid and Monster High Cupid because they portray such different images.  Monster High Cupid is uniquely weird and Ever After High Cupid is charmingly pink.  Neither is trying for what the other one has achieved.  I'd love to know which doll is more appealing to you, or if you have a hard time choosing as well.  I will start a poll at the top and we'll see if we can get a consensus on the question: is Cupid better off at Ever After High, or should she have stayed with the Monsters?



  1. This was an awesome review!!! I have to admit, I'm a total sucker for the MH girls and have hunted down the new releases... although I was never able to pick up a Cupid, and I've always lamented not finding her!

    1. Thank you, Heather! Cupid is a strange one. The Sweet 1600 doll was only available at Walmart, and was really, really hard to find. Then, at least around here, an almost identical doll showed up at Toys R Us (without the Sweet 1600 label) in huge quantities...but the quality didn't seem as quite as good as the originals. The hairstyle isn't as elaborate, but maybe that's fine for collectors who plan to re-style the hair anyway. I bet the newer version will still show up every now and then--so don't give up! :)

    2. I don't like MH Cupid that much, especially since she just has GHOULIA'S FACE MOLD!! It doesn't suit her AT ALL!!!

  2. Hi! :)
    I'm an aspiring doll collector from Poland and big fan of your reviews. Cupid is probably my favourite character for Ever After High dolls, I love her gold and pink color scheme!

    But I write this comment mostly for ask a question - when do you plan to post Dreamhouse Midge review? She had the most of votes after Jane Boolittle in the pool and you wrote she will be reviewed soon. Sorry for my impatience and sorry if I sounded rude. Dreamhouse dolls are on sales now in my country and I wanted to know if they are worth buying!

    Sorry if I made any mistakes in English. I'm not very good at writing.

    1. Hi Annorelka, you English is great. Thank you for your nice comments!

      I was just thinking about Midge yesterday. I did say I would review her soon--you're absolutely right! :) I tend to get caught up with the newer dolls or new doll discoveries and get distracted from my plan. In other words, my plan changes about five times every week. ;) The thing is, if I don't review the doll that is "speaking to me" at that moment, I tend to get distracted and slow with my work. However, I am glad you reminded me because I would like to review Midge soon! I won't forget her!

  3. She's pretty, I love her wings, but their round faces just don't appeal to me. I'm very interested in your review of Cerise Hood, she's been the one EAH I've been somewhat intrigued by, disappointed by her ears though.

    Was hoping you'd love Honey Swamp (MH) as much as I do, I really wanted to read your review of her hair, her eyes and her body mold. She's been the one doll that really made me take the plunge into collecting MH (I have 9 now, 4 CAMs) when I saw her photos from ComicCon this summer.
    Think I'm just transposing on everyone else since it'll probably take at least 2 more months for the doll to come to Norway, if it ever comes. We've had very few of the newer dolls, we don't have EAH yet for example.
    Might have to bite the bullet and import her, but I'm terrified she'll be wonky and I can't exchange her! :oS

    Love reading your reviews as always. :)

    1. Hi Panthera! The EAH girls do have round faces--that's for sure. There's something about Cerise, though (the hood? The mouth? The nose?) that makes her look less circular. I am getting ready to start her photo shoot, so that review is coming.

      I DO love Honey Swamp :D I actually bought her already, and she's waiting her turn for a review. I ended up liking her more in person than Viperine (who I thought would be my favorite). It might be a while before I review her, though, given everything that's going on. If I haven't reviewed her in a few weeks, send me an email! ;)

    2. Can't wait to her your views on Cerise when you've studied her a bit more. I think she's the only one in EAH that has a unique face mold? (of the women, I assume Hunter has his own, he's awesome by the way)

      Cool to hear that you've already gotten Honey and Viperine. I really like Viperine too, her hippie dress is awesome, but I didn't like hearing her hair kept getting caught in her snakes and her necklace being non-removable. Would love to hear your opinions on her too.

      But no pressure! I like reading all your reviews! Even if I have a huge hankering for a Pullip doll now.. :oS

      Looking forward to whatever you publish next :)

    3. Does anyone else think something about Cerise's face is reminiscent of Jennifer Lawrence? Or just me? LOL sorry.

  4. I loved how you compared the two Cupids! I think I like the EAH Cupid more, but the Monster High one has so much personality!

  5. I really love your blog and how you compare the two, I managed to grab this girl as well and Im really glad to see they continued to keep her close to her original as far as her character.

    While I like the ever after girls, I wished they had a more unique headshape like the MH's or their heads were a little smaller, like how their illustrations portray them. I havent decided what Im looking at as far as collecting the EAH ones. Right now I have been keeping them in the boxes, and im just looking to get one of each of the first girls.

    I did buy the vanity as I liked the style of it, and it wasnt and repetitive like the barbie furniture been for a while.

  6. Oh drat! I thought I was safe for a while, and now I have to look for Cupid (this compulsion for complete sets is dreadful)! She is lovely, and you've answered my questions about how the two different versions compare. Also appreciated the working in of Time Lord references!

    (In Canada) Cerise Hood and Blondie Lockes showed up just before Christmas (about two weeks before). I immediately snapped up Cerise, as I didn't want to miss out on her. I think her head mold is completely different - I've noticed differences in the noses, chins and profiles - and she is a little taller than the other (female) dolls. I think the actual Blondie Lockes doll has forward looking eyes...I don't remember for sure, as she is on my list for future purchase. I do remember being impressed by her dress though; I really liked it when I saw her in the store. Frights, Camera, Action dolls were out at that time too, but I don't know about the Sweet Screams dolls.

    I'm looking forward to your opinion of Cerise - she is a great favourite at my house, to the point where I might have to purchase another for more rigorous play.

    Thank you so much for the unexpected review!


  7. Hi Emily! This was so much fun to read! Personally I prefer Monster High Cupid, except for her shoes (the Ever After High shoes are amazing). I like her more "spooky" appearance, hair and face better. She has a kind of retro look that appeals more to me :-).

  8. you are 100% right! the only first wave stand i could find was maddie's and i have raven and maddie first wave. But really, I didnt save it, it was my dad who noticed it, while it was in the trash, i didnt even hear it when i shook it

  9. Hey Emily I think this is the only ever after high doll I like. The others seem to have rounder faces that are a bit flat. Anyways great review.

  10. Emily,
    It is impossible for me to choose who I like better. IMPOSSIBLE !! So instead of purchasing both-I can admire them reading your review !!! Can't wait to see Sweet Screams Frankie review-she is a must have for me.
    A treat as always, Tina

  11. Hi! I don't collect these dolls but I might just have to make an exception for EAH Cupid. She's gorgeous! I really enjoyed the comparison with her and MH Cupid as well. Thank you!

  12. Haha, funny photos at the end of Cupid with Cupid, to go with another of your amazing reviews. :) I really love the nod to Cupid's non-fairytale ancestry in the design of this doll--the fact that her diary has the quote about being a myth and not a fairytale, and that her accessories are the bronze-ish metallic shade with those olive branch accents and such which are more GrecoRoman reminiscent. It adds a lot of depth to her I think, making her not just another pink princess doll. I really like her, although I like Monster High Cupid as well. I can't resist dolls with pink hair!!

    Also, funny you mention that about wanting Blondie Lockes to have side glancing eyes... Unfortunately she doesn't, and so many of her dolls seem to have REALLY (even for Ever After High) wonky eyes!

  13. Hee! I got Cupid on Amazon and got really lucky, her faceup was wonderful out the box! She's such a pretty doll.

    That said... I do prefer Ever After High Cupid. I just think the Cupid mythos fits better with Ever After High than her being the "daughter of a monster," because Eros wasn't a monster, at all. I also think she's just prettier. Monster High Cupid had that creepy-but-cute thing going, which I do still love, but in the end, I have to give it to Ever After High.

    A few things... Blondie doesn't have side-glancing eyes, but don't let that sway you. If you find one, she's GORGEOUS in person, she really is. Her pictures do her no kind of justice.

  14. Hi Emily,

    Great review! I love the Ever After High dolls. I have all of the basic dolls including Hunter and Ashlynn. I didn't notice before that the back of Cupid's wings are white and not painted. I love the Ever After High Cupid but am not a fan of Monster High Cupid.

  15. I think I like the MH Cupid better, she seems more original. Something about her overall looks is just off to me, not sure what it is. On a side not, there are some views of Blondie on the MyFroggyStuff YouTube channel, not too far back in the recent uploads. I think the title is something about their growing MH/EAH collection..
    I agree that the name Blondie is not the most thought out. I mean, would you let a girl named Blondie into a high school if all you knew was her name? EAH Cupids' shoes are the most awesome things ever, but I starting to wonder how these girls get around their school in shoes like that.
    Thanks for the review,

  16. LOL! I loved the photos of the two Cupids at the end! Wonder how that friendship's going to turn out... ;D

    I can't wait to see your review of Cerise! I saw her once at my Target, but didn't get her because I still wasn't sure about EAH at the time. Now that I've decided I want her, she's nowhere to be found. Grrrrr....!

    I have to admit that I've started to really like this line. I really liked the concept at the start, but wasn't too thrilled with the dolls because of their big, round heads and blank expressions. The newer dolls, though-- namely Cerise, Hunter, and Ashlynn-- seem to have more expression for some reason. Legacy Day Apple, surprisingly, appeals to me too (part of it is probably that awesome big dress, though ;)).

    Thank you for another great review!

    --Kate :)

  17. I love EAH Cupid most, because she is so sweet and also because they mixed the fairytale theme with the greek mithology and looks more greek and acurate with her father that Monster high. I will love a Olympus high theme, i would like an Aphrodite daugther so glimpsy, stunning, gorgeous as Mrs Apple White. I would love getting fairest Apple because her hair doesn't tangled likes her basic form. I love Cupid like my favorite character of EAH: Apple.
    Great review Emily
    You are going to fixed Apples hair with her headband or you arw going to leave her without the crown?

  18. I never liked MH Cupid because of her lipstick painting - she reminded me of the Queen of Hearts from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - but then I saw this awesome doll and I want one. She looks way prettier in the fairytale world than in the monster world, although I have to admit that both have really creative details. That's why we love both franchises, don't we?
    Excellent review, as always :)

  19. "pearly white smile and minty fresh {breath}" is probably referring to Daring Charming :) Great review ! I have Cupid [EAH verision ] and she is so cute ! I had to order Cerise from Target.com because I've never seen her in Arizona. Great review !

  20. Accordindg, to Monster High Wiki,in MH Cupid's S.S.S diary,it reveals she is actually adopted. Her real parents left there at the Eros's doorstep. The Eros found her there and adopted her. Her real parents were elementals of some kind, most probably bone elementals, because of her ghostly white skin and bone wings. That explains why MH Cupid looks like that, and why she went to Monster High. I like this backstory, ( I think it is unique and cool to have a character that is adopted) and it fits well with Monster High, but not Ever After High, especially the bone elementals part. Maybe they changed this for Ever After High? Anyway, I like MH Cupid better, character-wise and doll-wise. Some thing about Ever after High Cupid"s look is incomplete for me. I think it's the dress.

    BTW. Could you please review MH Frights, Camera, Action Clawdia? She is my absolute favourite in this new line. I love her massive, fanged smile! :)

  21. I'm really surprised you didn't swap their outfits haha,

  22. In general, I much prefer MH to EAH, but I think that the EAH Cupid is an improvement on the MH one (although I really love her vertebrae and rib wings; that's pretty creepy by MH standards--I'd expect to see a detail like that on a Clive Barker Cenobite). While her overall design is good, the MH Cupid's weird lipstick application always bugged me.

    As someone who collects both action figures and dolls (well, action figure are technically dolls too, but you know what I mean), I find myself wishing that EAH Cupid's bow really worked and that her quiver had removable arrows. Several years ago, Toy Biz made some great working bows and arrows for their 6" Lord of the Rings toy line (flexible plastic bows with elastic "string" that really shot the included arrows which had soft, rubbery tips, so nobody got hurt). I know some girls are getting interested in archery, thanks to the Hunger Games (one of my nieces, wanted, and got, a real archery set for Christmas, from her father, just so she could be like Katniss), and Mattel could probably lure in some of that audience with this figure.

    Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but didn't you give away your MH Cupid in a drawing, Emily? When did you get another one, or did you just have two of her to begin with?

    1. My sister is interested in archery because of a Disney film,but yeah,more girls are probably into it because of The Hunger Games.
      It really is a shame that Cupid's bow and arrow don't work and you can't take the arrows out of the quiver.

    2. I presume that the Disney film(s) in question that inspired your sister to take up archery would be Brave or Robin Hood? I don't know if my niece ever saw those animated movies or not, but the Hunger Games and Katniss were definitely the inspiration for her wanting that bow and arrow set. Deer hunting is big where I live (Michigan's Upper Peninsula), so I find myself wondering if she'll want to do that too when the hunting season opens again this fall.

      I imagine EAH Cupid’s arrows being permanently molded as part of her quiver was more a cost-savings measure than anything, but she’d definitely be more fun if she could actually shoot stuff (maybe put Velcro on the arrow heads so that they could stick to her targets’ clothing)?

    3. Hi Mark! I did give away a Cupid--you have a good memory. I bought another one (used) on eBay just for this review. I was tempted by the newer ones at Toys R Us, but really wanted an original doll with the twisted headband hairstyle for this comparison.

      I am in complete agreement with you about Cupid's bow. I, too, enjoy action figures and love the detail that is put into some of their accessories. I just got Daryl Dixon (Walking Dead) and hope his crossbow works! I don't think it does, but the arrows are separate, at least. I enjoyed the fact that the first Disney Store Merida had a bow with a real string and individual arrows. Now I want a Legolas figure with a working bow! Wow.

      My kids had a bow and arrow passion, too, but I would only let them have the Nerf bow. ;)

  23. Great review! I personally love EAH's version of Cupid, even though I am more into collecting MH dolls. I think I need to add Cupid, Cerise, and Ashlynn and Hunter soon!

    Emily, I was wondering what dolls you recommend the most out of all the dolls in your collection and that you have reviewed. I have AG, MH, EAH, LIV, La Dee Da, Barbie, and H4H, and I think those are all nice. Please let me know a few dolls in a few price ranges. (ex. under $30, $31-70, $100+) Thank you for your help!


  24. Lovely review!!! I like EAH Cupid better. MH cupid doesn't appeal to me because of those lips of hers!
    By the way how do you properly pronounce Chariclo Arganthone?

  25. WOW! Emily you've done it again.I LOVE this blog! I really enjoy knowing that I'm not the only one who loves dolls.

  26. Hi Emily, I have a question. Do the EAH Dolls have squishy heads or are they glue filled like MH?

    1. Good question, Susan! They have both, just like Monster High. Cupid has a squishy head and Cerise has a hard, glue-filled head. I should have mentioned that in the reviews--I'm glad you brought it up! :)

    2. That's dissapointing since I was really interested in Cerise :( I refuse to buy anymore dolls with the glue heads ever since I had a gross incident with a Frankie Stein doll. Thanks though!

  27. Hi Emily. You know, on Cupid's MH Diary, her favorite subject being Psychology comes from her adoptive father, Eros', wife, named Psyche, who is presumably Cupid's adoptive mother.

  28. Hi Emily, this was a really interesting comparison review. I actually have MH Cupid. I think that she was the second one I bought and I can remember feeling completely blown away by her. I love her lips, her bony wings, the paint job on her arms and legs, her shoes, her pink hair.... I remember think how very original she was and I still feel that about many of the earlier MH dolls. I have a real thing for their hands :D I must have brushed out her hair, because her curl is not as tight as the one in your pictures. I find that a bit too severe. The EAH dolls is cute but like many of the EAH dolls, she lacks a "wow-factor" for me. Most of the EAH faces look the same to me. I find them a bit flat and blank. I do like her fishnet stockings though.

  29. I'm going to vote for the MH Cupid as well. I think the way you captured EAH Cupid's personality says it all. She looks like the kind of person that would touch you out of nowhere because she's so friendly. People like that are so much creepier than a million ribcage/spine pairs of wings. I feel your suspicion, MH Cupid!!
    To be honest I really don't love the EAH line in general, even though I adore your reviews of them. But, I make a special exception for your Apple doll: I love her expression enough to forgive her giant head.

  30. Since she seems to not be as popular, I'm going to go ahead and say that while each Cupid is perfectly suited for her realm/school I would pick her EAH version if forced to choose. EAH really tapped into a lot of my favorite things - fairy tales, girl clothes, an overarching storyline (verses the everyday life of MH that I also love) - and Cupid is just completely stunning. The two of yours together are great and make me sincerely wish that I'd kept my own MH one from all those years ago but at least I can be content that despite her outside being new her inside & personality aligns pretty nicely with her original version.

  31. I do not like MH dolls but adore EA and cannot wait till they get to our shops (due in Aug 14). Thanks Mattel for ignoring us.

  32. I have both versions and prefer EAH Cupid hands down. The MH version has never appealed to me, in particular because her face appears much older than a teen/student. Initially I thought she was an adult character. I only bought her due to the "limited edition" nature of her release. On the other hand the EAH Cupid is exactly what I imagined a teenage goddess of love should look like. I'm very glad she switched schools as it suits her much better.

    Just a thought about MH Cupid's wings too. I believe they are supposed to look like bird wings stripped of the feathers. A disembodied rib cage, while funny to consider, might be a little over the top grotesque for MH's target audience. LOL

  33. I really want C.A. Cupid I like her better then the MH Cupid

  34. I was literally howling with laughter at MH and EAH Cupid's meeting. It reminded me of what Hermione said in the third Harry Potter book: "...Professor McGonagall told me what awful things have happened when wizards have meddled with time...Loads of them ended up killing their past or future selves by mistake!" As usual, you've crafted a humorous, useful review that has tempted me to get to Target and buy this doll.


  35. went down to target to look for lizzie hearts and saw ever after high c.a. cupid and I had to get her

  36. Those ribcage wings look like the facehugger from Alien to me....

  37. While EAH Cupid is very good and a great classic execution, I have to like the MH Cupid more for her sheer creativity. When MH puts their own twists on certain characters, it can be a risk- either it's a poor adaptation (Casta) or a good one (Gigi). I think Cupid pulls off the twisted cherub thing so amazingly well. Her limited palette, her cutesy hair in contrast with her inscrutable harsh face, those amazing wings, and her gothic lolita dress, plus the great archery accessories and her limbs fading into "gloves" and "stockings"...it's a lot of weirdness but it's overall a very clean design.

    Also, is it just me, or are Cupid's wings intended to be ornamental? They never slot into her back, and they've changed style a few times in EAH. I like the idea of them just being an accessory to look the part, since she's only the adoptive daughter of Eros.