Wednesday, December 6, 2023

More Sale Dolls

My Priority Mail boxes finally arrived (both sets!) and I found a few more dolls to add to the sale.  However, I realized that I have to be careful: if I create a huge inventory, I'll never get back to writing reviews!  So this batch is much smaller than the previous one.

I also finalized the timing for the sale itself.  I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off work, so I'll list all of the dolls for sale next Monday, December 11th, with the idea that maybe I'll have time to pack and ship any sold items on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I know that I won't have time to ship items on any other days;  I barely have time to eat.

I had to dig deep to think about parting with a few of these next dolls, but I have only a very tiny display area, and it makes no sense to have a doll collection that's stored away in boxes.  This girl is especially beautiful and rare, and I wish I had a better place to show her off:

22-inch Princess Aurora by Robert Tonner, LE 100.

I had this doll on display at my home in Maine for a while, which you might remember from the time when a huge tree branch went through the roof.  

Aurora was the one who was staring at the offending branch nervously:

Fortunately, she survived that ordeal unscathed and has been safely stored away ever since.

These 22-inch dolls are so impressive in person.  I particularly love the volume and texture in Aurora's skirt:

She also has a lovely hand-painted face, with side-glancing eyes and applied lashes:

Her hair is in its original style, and feels like saran.

The skirt has two layers, with tulle on top and a rich, bright pink satin underneath:

There's also a petticoat for even more volume:

Under the voluminous skirt, Aurora is wearing matching pink pumps:

The skirt is actually separate from the top, which makes for easy dressing and undressing:

Aurora has an American Model body, with articulation at the neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, and knees:

This doll has a small dark spot on her right shoulder blade:

In the promotional pictures, you can see Aurora wearing a metallic crown and necklace:

I have these items, but have never taken them out of the plastic:

I do not have Aurora's original box or paperwork, so she will come in a plain shipping box, with only the items you see here.

Her skirt is a bit wrinkled, and she might have some dust here and there from being on open display, but she's in great condition overall, and very hard to find.  I actually couldn't find any current or recent listings on eBay, although Two Daydreamers has a new-in-box doll for $1,000.

I also dug into My Twinn storage to see if I could find more of that brand to part with. 

This first girl I found is a Clementine that I painted myself:

Clementine dolls are extremely rare, but this one was made from an authentic Denver body paired with a re-poured head.  So she's not a "real" Denver Clementine.

She sure looks like one, though!

I gave her a heavily-freckled face, with bright blue glass eyes from Hand Glass Craft:

Her wig is a discontinued Monique human hair wig that I love.  It's very soft and realistic.  It's not glued particularly well, though, because it's a bit too big and I wasn't very good at gluing wigs back then.  You can only really see the wrinkles and glue when looking at the wig cap behind her ears.

Her body is from 1997 and is in good shape:

She will come in the My Twinn velvet dress shown in the photos, including white tights and shoes.

Here are some older photos of Clem from a My Twinn Project Shop post:

I always do GIFs with my makeovers, so here's Clementine's GIF:

The second Twinn up for sale is this dark-eyed Denver Lois:

I gave this doll a new custom wig, which is gloriously silky and long:

Her face paint and eyes are original, although it looks like I replaced her eyelashes:

Lois has one of the rarer face molds.

This girl is from 1997 and has a white body:

There is some staining on the back of the torso caused by the wine-colored dress:

Lois is not wearing shoes in these photos, but I'm sure I can find her some.

The third Twinn for sale is this handsome boy, Mitch:

I purchased Mitch from Peggy Foggio of Westport Dolls way back in 2013.  Here's the description that came with him:

As Peggy said, he's wearing regular children's clothing, not My Twinn items.

He has the Michelle face, with an 01 skin tone and original green eyes:

His wig, freckles, and lip paint were modified by the previous owner.  You can see that the margins of the lips are not as precise as with factory paint:

Mitch has a white 1997 body with stains on it:

I only noticed these stains recently because I've never had this guy undressed before!

The last Twinn for sale is serene Mallory:

I also acquired Mallory from Westport Dolls.  Here's her description:

I re-dressed Mallory in a My Twinn ensemble that I think suits her, but she will also come with the dress that Peggy mentions.

Denver Mallorys are very rare, and this one is especially beautiful.  I love her 01 skin and dark hair, with those piercing original blue eyes!

Peggy's face-up is beautiful, too--especially the brows.  I wish I could do that.

Mallory's 2001 body is in good shape:

With a few scuffs and marks, including this dark spot on her left arm:

Those are all of the My Twinn dolls that are ready to travel right now.  None of them will come in a My Twinn box--just a regular cardboard shipping box.

I have to say, before I finish up, that I've been trying to type up this post today while also worrying myself into a fit over a senior foster dog that I'm currently hosting:

This fellow is 14 years old and was on death row at a nearby high-kill shelter.  I drove to pick him (and 11 other animals) up, and today he has to go under anesthesia to have his teeth examined and a hernia repaired.  He's skinny and old, so I'm a freakin' nervous wreck.  Apologies if I'm not at my best.

Despite all of this, I did actually decide what to do with the Rainbow High dolls that I have.  

I'm going to sell Shanelle, Meena, Victoria, and Zooey loose in bags for $30 (any lower and it's not worth shipping them) but I'll add one extra de-boxed Rainbow High doll (from the four I showed you in my last post: Olivia, Rexx, Kim, and Sheryl).  And if they don't sell, it's not a big deal.

I'll end with one more doll who is different from all of the others.  This is an old Zapf baby doll.  Her name is Kirima and her mold was sculpted by the amazing Cathariena Teunissen:

I love the fur-lined bunting on this baby.  I doubt it's real leather (I hope it's not!) but it looks the part.  There are a few small marks here and there, but it's mostly like-new.  I never displayed Kirima in her bunting.

Kirima was designed to look like a little Inuit baby.

I think her face is gorgeous, and so realistic!

Her eyes are glass, which is something you never see anymore.

Hiding inside that bunting, Kirima has a beautiful knitted outfit that includes a romper, sweater, hat, and booties:

Under the hat, her hair looks very realistic at first...

But the wig cap is white, so it's ridiculously visible.  Like, they couldn't bother to match the wig cap to a darker skin tone?? 

Honestly, that wig cap wouldn't match any skin tone.
Everything else about this doll is so gorgeous and high-quality, why did they cheap out on the wig?

I always meant to give Kirima new hair, but never got around to it.  She looks cute in her hat, so it's mostly okay.

She has very detailed hands and feet:

Under all of the knitted clothing, Kirima has a cotton romper, too:

Her body is made out of durable canvas, and she has fully-sculpted arms and legs.  She's weighted so that she feels almost like a real baby when you carry her around.

I like carrying her around.
Here are some of the pieces from Kirima's outfit.  Notice that there's no velcro in sight--just buttons and ties:

If you can look past the wig cap, this girl is wonderful.

I have to stop now!  I might add a few things here or there as the sale goes on, but I need to try and control myself.  There will be another sale in the spring.

Now I need to get to work pricing everything!  It's not an easy task, especially with the rarer dolls.  That's one of the reasons why eBay is nice, because auctions typically set a fair value, but I really hate curating eBay auctions.  So, I'll do my best to set fair prices here and we'll see what happens.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions!  I hope to be back for more reviews during the week of December 18th.


  1. Oh my! I never thought you'd ever be separated from your gorgeous Aurora, what a fantastic treat to whoever she moves in with next!

    1. I'm keeping the 22" Cinderella, which gives me joy. She's not as nice a doll, in my opinion, but she's Cinderella, so case closed. ;D

  2. Exciting news!! Wishing you well with your pet fostering. Thanks for updating us and please take all the time you need if life gets to be too much, your blog is a delight but please put yourself first!

  3. That Aurora is stunning! I also like Mallory. She's lovely.

  4. As always lovely review. On a separate note, the Marx sindy grill you were eyeing is available on Ebay at a reasonable price...complete with box and instructions!!

  5. Good luck with the dog! I hope you can help him.

  6. Much love to your poor foster dog <3 I hope he makes it out alright :c

    This is another batch of wonderful dolls. The My Twinn modifications are all very nicely done. And Aurora is nothing short of breathtaking. Good luck with pricing, Emily!

  7. Hoping for better health for the doggie, I'm glad he's somewhere safe.

    Always excited for doll sales, I adore my MyTwinns from you! -Micah

  8. OMG, you know I love baby dolls. That inuit doll is just adorable. Yes, her wig cap is awful, but then baby hair can be pretty wild. lol I know I won't be able to afford that one, so I will admire from afar. :)

  9. Good luck to that little old man, I hope his treatment goes smoothly!

  10. Hope they things go well for the foster dog!

  11. I have an Inuit baby doll too! My aunt found him at a yard sale for five dollars. Perfect condition and cute outfit. I forget exactly but apparently his original owners bought him in Alaska. He's one of those weighted ones that are so much fun to hold. His legs and feet and most of his arms are cloth. There's a tag pinned to his outfit (a red sleeper with a bear on it, black and white handknitted sweater with a hood and beadwork trim and matching booties) that names the artist who made/customized him. Anushka Something. His people had named him Iceberg Andy, so I call him Andy; Andrei to give a nod to the Russian name of his creator.

  12. It’s absolutely crazy but I started reading your blog when I was 9 - I’m 20 now! Just got home to Ireland for the holidays from University abroad and got very sentimental and nostalgic and I always find comfort and home on this site. Haven’t bought or even really looked at a doll in a decade but the writing, beautiful photos and just cosy-ness of your posts is everything - I find myself popping back so frequently. You are the coolest person ever!

  13. I absolutely went wild when I read this post yesterday and saw your Mallory was going up for sale. She is an absolute stunner and I have admired her ever since you first showed her off in your blog post about My Twinn facemolds. The next best thing to owning an Emily repaint is a Peggy repaint Emily loved and cared for, right? I stalked the Sale page starting at 5:00AM Nebraska time to catch her when she went up!

  14. I saw some really cute little blind box dolls on Ali Express called Lady Doolli. When I saw them I immediately thought of your previous Ali express doll reviews! The dolls look somewhat pouty, but their outfits look nicely made.