Wednesday, November 29, 2023

November Sale Dolls

Things are going slowly but surely with my November sales event...which will probably occur in December at this point.  The biggest problem is that I ordered tons of Priority Mail boxes on the 16th, but they still haven't arrived.  They're in Trenton, which is super-close to me, but have not made any progress since the 18th.  I ordered another batch yesterday, but don't really expect a different result.

I can't ship anything until I have boxes, but I figured I might as well get started posting some of the dolls that will be for sale eventually.  I'll probably try to collect a second batch of offerings before the sale, since I have a zillion dolls, but let's start with these!

Sybarite Couture Swallow by Superdoll.

I'm having to get realistic with some of my treasures at this point, which is sad.  I have no display space, and a lot of my most precious dolls are currently boxed up and unloved.

Once such treasure is Sybarite Swallow, who I reviewed way back in 2012.  She will come in her original box, with all of her outfit pieces:

Swallow has been stored inside acid free tissue paper and undressed, since her black outfit would probably have caused a lot of staining over the years.

Her satin-lined box is definitely showing signs of age, with yellowed glue spots all over the place:

Here's a better look:

Swallow herself still looks amazing.

The hairdo is mostly in tact, with some slightly loose strands on her right side:

There's a small mark above her upper torso joint:

And some faint staining on her ankles and feet, caused by her dark boots:

She still poses nicely and looks graceful and dramatic!

Here's a closer look at her face paint:

Her boots are stored in their original box:

And her two-piece dress is pristine.  I had Swallow on display for a few years, but she was wearing a different outfit, so these items were kept very clean:

Here's my favorite photo of Swallow from the 2012 review:

And here are a few more pictures that I took of her just the other day:

She's a really special doll, and I hope there's someone out there who will give her some love.

Also from Superdoll, I have two 14-inch Innoquii girls.  I don't think I ever reviewed these on the blog, but they're porcelain ball-jointed dolls that resemble the Sybarites.  They were made in 2008.

The first one is called Traveler, and she will come nude.  I somehow managed to lose her outfit:

She has a cool collection of body tattoos, including these passport stamps on her right arm:

She also has a black circle drawn over her left eye:

I especially love the compass on her back!

Traveler is definitely showing her age.  The glue holding the padding on her joints is very yellow:

Here's a better look:

You can see the same problem very clearly on the backs of her legs...along with the Vitruvian Man:

Bundled together with Traveler, I'm also selling the Innoquii Bride:

Her face is more conventional, with inset blue eyes and a single beauty mark:

She has some gunky glue residue in her ponytail, though, probably from a decaying rubber band:

She has some silverware tattoos on her arm:

And the padding in several of her joints is coming loose or missing:

Someone with BJD skills might be able to add new padding to the joints, but that's not my forté.

My favorite part of this doll is her elaborate back tattoo!

That makes me think of Skelita Calaveras!

She also has some candelabra designs on her right arm:

She's a lovely doll, especially for having weathered almost 15 years in my neglectful care!

The nice thing about this doll is that I still have her bridal outfit.  It's untouched, since I only ever displayed her nude:

I can't guarantee that this is the complete outfit, since I don't remember what it included.  There might have been a bouquet that I'm missing?

Next up is this rare Tonner doll with the Cinderella/Cami face mold.  She's called La Belle de Chenonceau:

She was released in 2011 as a limited edition of 100 for the Paris Fashion Doll Festival:

She was on display in my home in Maine for a while, but has been stored in her box for the last several years.

Her hair is slightly messy on her left side, as you can see here (it came that way):

Her gown is extraordinary, with lots of beaded and embroidered embellishments and opulent faux fur sleeves:

She even has rings on each hand!

I took her out of the box for two quick portraits:

Another Tonner doll that I'm reluctantly parting with is Silver Splendor.  She also has the Cinderella/Cami face mold:

She was also made in 2011 and was limited to 100:

Her head is slightly yellower than her body, which is something that's happening to a lot of the older Tonner dolls.  The vinyl simply ages differently from the plastic:

I think there are some remedies for this discoloration on the internet, but I haven't tried any of them.  My friend Sév tired this treatment on her Camis with good results!

Cami's face paint is still beautiful:

However, a bit of the rubber band that holds her hairstyle is visible at the top of her head:

I doubt that rubber band will last much longer, either.

She has stylish shoes, which have some mild glue yellowing at the heels:

Silver is a very pretty girl, and not an easy doll to find!

Sticking with the Cinderella theme, I have the Maru and Friends Mini Pal Cinderella:

She was a limited edition and is sold out.

She comes wearing her rag dress:

And she has a removable blonde wig with bangs:

My doll's eyes have yellowed.  If you look carefully at the sclera, you can see that poor Cindy is a bit jaundiced:

I kept this doll in her box, untouched, until November of last year...and then she went right back into her box.  So I'm not sure what happened to the eyes.  I hope this isn't a systemic problem for Maru and Friends.  I suspect the eyes could be replaced, but I have no time.

I bought Cinderella this lovely ball gown, which will be included:

I'm also selling my two Healthy Roots dolls.  Marisol was only out of her box briefly:

And Gaiana had a full review, including a beach trip and a lot of hairstyling:

The hairstyling involved adding products to her hair, so she is not mint (but her hair smells nice!).

The entire Zomibes 2 crew is for sale, including the very rare Eliza:

And I have a foursome of Zombies 3 dolls, too, all new in box:

Most of the boxes have some rips and storage wear, and Zed has a small spot on his nose:

Here are the other two dolls:

As promised, Skelita and Maria Garcia are both for sale (as a bundle) without their packaging, of course.  The original Skelita will tag along, too:

I realize that I'm never going to open Mowalola Bratz Jade, so she's for sale, along with my de-boxed Mowalola Felicity:

Here are a few photos from Felicity's review:

Quite reluctantly, I'm also parting with two of my three Monst dolls: Fern and Kani:

They've become good friends, and so I'm selling them as a package deal.

Kani had her bangs trimmed, but is otherwise factory original.  

Fern has a custom face-up, a handmade outfit, and a lovely mohair-like wig:

My next bundle is all about blind box BJDs!

I'm selling my Come4Free Bonnie rabbit, a duplicate Adou Street Series redhead, and one of the Penny's Box centaurs (the secret character!):

I don't know how I've gotten so lucky with the secret characters!

Penny's Box Dreamlike Tea Party secret character.
Here's a picture of my Adou:

And a better look at the Come4Free figure:

I'll probably also add these Penny's Box Antu girls to the mix--one of which is the secret character:

I'm selling two of my beautiful Paola Reina Las Amigas:

Here are their portraits from the review:

I have some random Calico Critters stuff that I might offload...assuming I can find a good shipping box:

This group includes the Bakery Shop Starter Set:

The Caramel Dog Family:

And a Bedroom and Vanity set:

I took the bedroom set out of the box, thinking I'd write a review, but I was overwhelmed by small pieces and gave up!

I'm letting two of my boxed Disney ILY 4ever girls go:

They will come as a bundle, and also include the used Tiana-inspired doll from my review:

I also have a bunch of leftovers from my Na Na Na Surprise Minis review:

The four new-in-box dolls shown here will come with all of the de-boxed dolls from the review:

Here's who was in the review, as a reminder:

Including the larger Roxie Foxy:

I have a bunch of Rainbow High dolls that I'm not quite sure what to do with yet.

I have Sheryl Meyer in her (damaged) box:

Kim Nguyen:

Rex McQueen:

And Olivia Woods (also with a damaged box):

I can't compete with Amazon's prices and free shipping with these dolls, so what I'll probably do is de-box the four dolls shown above, add them to the de-boxed dolls from my Rainbow High and Shadow High review...

And do some grab-bags.  I'm open to suggestions on this.

These are the four dolls from the review:

In a completely different category, I have a new-in-box Figma Tsumugi Kotobuki figure:

She was meant to be a follow-up to the Azone Mugi review that I did in 2015, but that never happened.

I'm also selling the used Azone Mugi herself!

She's been stored carefully in her box since 2015.

Here are a few photos from that review:

This bundle probably isn't worth the cost of shipping, but I have an unused Magic Mixies Pixlings set (Flitta the butterfly) along with two of the unboxed dolls from my review:

Here are some better photos of the two dolls I reviewed:

Last of all, at least for today, I have a My Twinn Danielle:

This girl has a Denver head on a 2005 replacement body.

She also has a replacement Monique wig, which is fine, bit not as silky-smooth as some of the newer custom wigs.

She has a medium skin tone and gorgeous original blue eyes!  She also has a small red mark above her left eyebrow, which you can see here:

I always meant to give this girl a new wig and remove that red spot, but she's pretty great as she is (pictures don't do her justice) and I have no time.

I'll send her in a My Twinn dress that looks good with her eyes:

That's it for now!  I wrote this post extremely fast (for me) so please excuse any typos!  I'm really hoping that my shipping boxes will come soon, but in the meantime I'll keep diving into my collection to see what else I can part with.

Once everything is ready, I'll announce a date when all of the dolls will be available in the shop.  I can't reserve dolls or put them on hold, because that makes a lot of people mad.  Thank you for being patient with me! 

And finally, I just want to say that I'm not selling dolls only to make space in my house, but also to support the blog and build up funds to move forward into 2024.  So thank you very much for your interest in this sale.  Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Oh this was a trip down memory lane! I can't believe your Swallow Sybarite is from all the way in 2012?? It feels like just yesterday! I wish I could help you (okay okay more like I wish I could buy all of these!) But I haven't bought a doll in years, and would like to keep that streak going! I hope you get them all sold!

  2. Totally coveting your Tonner dolls…. Not sure I can afford them—but I’ll see!

  3. Really enjoyed this post, Emily. Sometimes it's so nice to see a random assortment of dolls from different years and various companies. I hope you get your boxes soon. Will be excited to see what other dolls you might sell.

  4. Oh man, I'm definitely [eyes emoji] at some of these... I'll have to see if I can beat anyone to the punch on some of these! Even if I don't get a chance to directly send my support: thank you for all of your hard work this year! I always get a little jump of happiness when I see that there's a new entry on this blog :)

  5. That Sybarite is shockingly beautiful, so expressive. Those porcelain BJD dolls also were a real delight to see pictures of here. Thank you, looking forward to more news on the sale!

    1. I want to add to my quick reply from last night— I'm happy you're letting go of some treasures, such as the dolls you love but don't have time to repair and the ones that just aren't for you right now. It's hard to say goodbye to beloved things but makes room for new and old favorites. It's an important part of collecting even if it may not be as fun as buying. Thanks for running this lovely blog!

  6. Some real treasures! I wonder if I can afford them.

  7. Woah I can't believe you're selling some of your hand-painted Tonner Cinderellas! I thought those would stay with you forever.

  8. So many gorgeous and cute dolls, Emily! I applaud you for being able to let go of them, it must be tough. I hope they all end up in loving homes.

  9. Beautiful Reminder to All Dolls We Meet Thanks to You!(: i have some rh/sh & bjds pixies on my wishlist if only international shipping cost is more affordable!🙌🎉❤

  10. Oh! I have always liked Felicity and Jade, will they be a set?

  11. It depends on how willing you are to make several listings, but you could consider selling the various RH/SH outfits and accessories individually. At, say, $12 for the nude doll, $8 for an outfit, and $5 for accessories or a pair of shoes, you can recover the full cost of the doll while still offering a better deal for people who don't want the full set.

    1. Honestly, I would be open to buying pieces and maybe Zoe.

  12. Are you going to do a review of the blind box centaurs? I would love to hear more of your thoughts on them!

  13. Ohhh, such lovely treasures... will you not ship overseas?

  14. omg, i remember being so envious of your k-on doll! ill be keeping an eye out for her for sure!!

  15. Oh wow, a few blasts from the past, and secret treasures from the philosophers archive! I'd forgotten how beautiful swallow and her outfit were. And those tattooed dolls, wow!

    Very tempted by the ball joint minis, especially the special centaur. I'd have loved to see you review her, but time waits for noan, I get it. I'm just glad you got to see one, centaurs, cute dolls, and the rare doll is the perfect Emily Mix in a blind box. :)

  16. Oh my goodness, Fern and Kani!! I always giggle when remembering how "savage" and "barbaric" they were, and especially Little Bear (without hat). It is always sad parting with pieces of our collections, but it certainly makes room to appreciate the things we love the most. Always a work in progress :) I hope I can catch your sale in time to try to adopt these two girls!

  17. Ahhhhh that Pixling bundle 😍😍😍

  18. MnGrl here. Ahhhhhhh…so many fond memories of your reviews looking at these dolls. I understand your decision to re-home them though, as I’m looking critically at my collection as well. In my case, I had always assumed that my granddaughters (no grandsons, or they would certainly be included) would share in the fun of dolls. Alas, the two eldest are quickly growing up and we’re never all that interested in dolls anyway. Of the younger two, only the youngest has any interest and she lives in Michigan-and I rarely see her. Many of the other toys they have simply outgrown and will be passed on or donated,
    You know, as life goes on, it is really okay to evolve and shift interests. I still love my vintage Toni dolls in their various stages of dis-repair, and have some old bisque dolls that I have plans for. MyRecently, I went through a spell of Barbie mania, but I think I have enough now. So I’m looking critically at what I have and where my interests are now and will hopefully make some other doll fans very happy.

  19. Cripes, I think the review for Swallow was the first one of yours I read. I still think she's drop dead gorgeous.

  20. Love your blog and you collection. Are you shipping just within the US, any other locations? Interested in a few dolls.