Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guilt-Free Goodies from D-Lightful Designs

Because I am always talking about packaging, in particular about how recyclable it is (or isn't), I have to share something with you really quick.

I love the clay food made by Deborah of D-Lightful Designs.  Deborah is the artist behind the amazing cake slice that Sybarite Swallow is gazing at in my earlier post.  Here's a little reminder:

So anyway, I ordered more yummies from Deborah a while ago and she mentioned that she was testing a new type of packaging.  Cool.

I am always excited to get goodies in the mail, but imagine my glee when this eco-friendly package arrived:  

Ignore the postal stickers and look at the lovely blue stamp designs!
This tiny, beautiful package is not only recyclable, but is already being recycled.  That's taking it to the next level.   It's also easy to open:

It's a good idea to give me little tips like this.  I need them.
Made from the box of one of my favorite cereals. :)
The box was packed with golden tissue paper:

And just a little bit of bubble wrap:

Inside the bubble wrap was this delicate net drawstring bag:

With my four items all individually wrapped and perfectly intact:

These treasures are so tiny, and yet they have amazing little details.

The cake is attached to the china plate.  It even has tiny little crumbs!
This tall, elegant drink has a very realistic lemon slice at the top:

Admiring its own reflection...
This chocolate pudding and raspberry dessert makes me drool every time I look at it!

Oh, yum.
And last--a martini, complete with two miniscule green olives:

And here's that amazing chocolate cake, because I know you want to see it again:

This is still my favorite.  It looks completely real to me.
Chelsea rushed in and grabbed the pudding (the Ty girl's top teeth were still drying, so she couldn't have it anyway...):

Artsy tried the lemonade...

My Stardoll offered a toast to recyclable packaging...

And Rochelle grabbed the cake:

Oh, my gosh, you got me cake??
Well, I am pretty awesome.  It does make sense.
And, it has one of my favorite!
Wanna share?
Bottom line?  Deborah's highly affordable and beautifully made miniatures are the perfect treat for any day.  The cakes, cookies and drinks look every bit as appetizing in real life as they do in her gorgeous, bright pictures.  All of that, combined with what is literally the best packaging I have ever seen, make these purchases as tempting as real cake, but 100% guilt free.  


  1. Um...OMG, would anyone mind if I faint!!! I feel truly awed! (Yes I know you mentioned doing this post, but I am just gobsmacked at your high praise!) Thank you so much for your glowing review! I am on cloud 9 right now! =D

    1. Thank you for letting me do the review! I'm glad you like it. :)

      You know, your pieces inspire me to set up a diorama for my dolls. I love that bake sale series you did on Flickr with the Monster High dolls. Maybe I will do something like that this summer--it is a project I have always dreamed of! There's something so captivating about well-made realistic tiny things, and it is really fun to pose dolls with props like these!

    2. How awesome!! You do really wonderful work! It's incerdiable! good for you Deb!!

    3. Emily, I cannot wait to see the dioramas you come up with! Your photography makes my items look amazing! The Bake Sale series was so much fun! I look forward to doing more soon!

  2. Awesome review & awesome OOAK products!!(Princess booger better watch out or her cereal boxs might disappear before she's done eating it!LOL!) xoxo Abby
    ( I own a few of your first minis from a challenge/swap. The peeps!)

  3. I love Deborah's goodies! :D

  4. Totally fantastic goodies -- they look so REAL -- and great review! Dioramas definitely, because unique items need to be on display :)

  5. Hello from Spain: thank you for showing the work of Deborah. I'll look at your blog.The cups and cake are wonderful. I love the photo of your Chelsea the cup. It's all very real. Keep in touch.

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome!
    I really liked the chocolate cake in your Swallow photo so I'm glad you made a post about D-lightful Designs.
    I would love to have some of that cute food but since it has to come all the way from the US and I'm only fourteen and my mother already freaks out if I order something from a Dutch seller, I'll leave them.
    My compliments to Deborah though, make a photograph of one of those drinks or a cake slice without a doll beside it and I wouldn't have guessed that those are miniatures!

  7. did they come in your mailbox?