Sunday, April 15, 2012

JAMIEshow's Winter Grace

Ever since I saw the Winter Grace prototype at Angelic Dreamz in February, I have been waiting for this glorious girl to arrive.  Whenever I have to wait a long time for something, I tend to worry that it won't live up to my expectations.  I needn't have wasted any time worrying about this doll.  If anything, she is more beautiful than I remember.  Grace is a 16" resin ball jointed fashion doll who is part of the 2012 JAMIEshow collection.  She is limited to only 50 pieces.  You can read more about JAMIEshow dolls in my Lee post, and you can see Grace and all of the other dolls in the Winter line at Angelic Dreamz. *Update 2017: Angelic Dreamz is closed and JAMIEshow dolls are now available at this site.

I feel like Grace was made for me.  She is the most lovely thing I have seen for a long time. Instead of chatting away as a I often do, I am going to let her pictures do most of the talking.

JAMIEshow Winter Grace
*As with many of these resin art dolls, some of the nude photos of Grace might not be work appropriate.
JAMIEshow dolls come in very simple, elegant cardboard boxes:

She's extremely secure in her box with a custom cut foam insert.  Her hands come separate from the rest of her body, which I think helps keep them well protected.

Grace is wearing a fur-intensive outfit (it is fake fur, of course) and comes with a coordinating knitted hat and scarf.

The back of her head is removable, and can be replaced with a rooted pate.  Grace comes with long light brown hair.  You can buy additional wig caps at Angelic Dreamz.

 Here's Grace right out of the box:

Grace stands on her own like a dream.  The hassles I had with JAMIEshow Lee are non-existant with this doll.  She stands is positions where I think there's no way she's going to stand.  It's incredible.  

Her coloring and makeup are exactly the natural tones I love.  She is extremely versatile with this coloring.

Under that fur vest she has a black scoop neck leotard top with fur cuffs:

Perhaps the only thing I could criticize about Grace is her profile.  I am not wild about her chin--not sure what the problem is.  It seems like maybe the jaw slopes downwards too much:

She comes with balls attached to the ends of her arms. These are great for dressing, but I was anxious to get her real hands attached.  JAMIEshow dolls have beautiful hands.

The skirt is so poofy, it isn't the most flattering garment in the world.  She can pull it off, though:

Nice scooped back.
The top of her head is attached with a strong magnet and comes off easily:

The rooted wig cap attaches with its own magnet:

The hair is soft, thick, shiny and manageable.  It isn't at all goopy and static isn't a problem.  I love how it feels and how this color looks on her:

The hat and scarf are perfectly woven to be in scale with Grace, and the colors are rich and earthy:

I think when she's wearing everything all at once, it looks a bit bulky, but to be fair, I didn't play around with this outfit to get it just right:

All of the clothes are beautifully made.  The vest is fully lined:

The knee-high fur boots have hidden resin high heels:

The skirt has a leather waistband and is also fully lined and beautifully stitched:

The black stretch leotard is attached to black fishnet stockings.  I kind of wish that the stockings had been separate (I could have used those for tons of other outfits) but it isn't a big deal to me.

Grace's body is fantastic.  The resin is smooth and luminescent.  She is very realistic and subtly blushed:

Grace has 17 points of articulation and poses beautifully.  My Grace is very tightly strung and so she holds poses well and isn't the slightest bit kicky.

Her torso joint moves forwards and back and also side to side:

She has double-jointed elbows and can touch her face.  I LOVE this feature.

The only joint that doesn't do a lot is the waist joint, at least on my doll.  It is pretty stiff and stationary.

I had an extra blonde curly wig cap already, and it goes really well with Grace's palette:

Wearing Tonner Basic Cami's outfit.

Look at how intricately her eyes are painted:

She has eyelashes.

Lee has been waiting to meet Grace for a few months, too.  Lee's resin is much darker, but they still go together in a believable way:

He also likes her as a brunette:

Since I am a Cinderella type of person, it is important to me that Grace be able to pull off some frilly ball gowns.  She has no trouble, of course:

Wearing Tonner Vintage Beauty Miss America's gown.

Look at the detailed sculpting in her fingernails:

She is also comfortable in a more modern look, wearing Wigged Cami's wig and part of Fare Game Cami's outfit:

I wanted to try some AvantGuard clothes on Grace, so I borrowed On Edge's tailored little black dress.  It is a bit too tight for Grace, and restricts her arm movement, but it still looks good.  She is wearing it with some red patent JAMIEshow stilettos that I adore:

She can't sit down in this dress.

The AvantGaurd wig fits, but only if I use a tape roll to hold it on:

In a Qipao by Joe Tai (thank you, Wendy).

This older beaded Tonner dress might be my favorite match for Grace.  It goes beautifully with her eyes, and is a nice compromise between a ball gown and a more modern dress.  It is from Love is Blue Sydney.

What can I say?  This doll is perfection.  Ok, if you push me for a few critiques, I am not crazy about her furry outfit.  Fur is not my thing--even if it is fake.  Still, I think the hat and scarf are wonderful, and the overall look fits in well with the whole JAMIEshow Winter collection.  I can respect that.  I don't think Grace's profile is exactly right, either, but I find myself drawn in by her face and eyes in a way that makes her profile almost irrelevant.

I buy a lot of dolls, and it is so stressful to put down this kind of money on one doll.  Grace is inexpensive for a resin ball jointed doll ($395), but she's still expensive, and she represents so many other less pricey dolls I could have had instead.  With Grace, though, there are no regrets.  Zero.  I like her better than my Sybarite Swallow (who cost twice as much...) and that is saying a lot.  She is the best doll purchase I have made in a long time and I absolutely treasure her.  If you're in the market for this kind of doll, get yourself to Angelic Dreamz before the last Winter Grace is gone.  I cannot recommend her enough.


  1. Oh my, she IS perfection, especially wearing that long-haired wig. If you hadn't written about the chin I wouldn't have noticed anything, but in my opinion it doesn't look bad. Wonderful doll - maybe someday... ;) Greetings from Poland

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the wig she comes with suits her really well and is much higher quality than the Tonner or AvantGuard wigs. I'd love to try some other wigs on her because I get the sense that she'd look nice in anything! :)

  2. I do believe she's the most beautiful doll I've seen, WOW! I can imagine she's even better in person. She looks great with Lee too. So very lovely!!!

    1. Thank you, Kristi! It is very fun to review a doll like Grace that does almost everything exactly right--it's like those car commercials where they say the car "sells itself." This doll reviews herself by being SO easy to photograph and pose.

  3. The last outfit you put her in looks like Fairytale Princess meets Dynasty :D which might sound like I'm criticizing but I am not! It looks WAY better on her than it does on Sydney, probably because Syd has nothing Fairytale Princess in her whatsoever. Grace has the perfect dreamy eyed look to pull it off.
    I love the way Grace's body is sculpted for one reason, and this is something you don't often see in fashion dolls- in the picture where she's kneeling on the sofa she actually has a -belly-! Kudos to the sculptor/s for noticing that women have, you know, curves.

    1. LOL! No criticism taken! Princess meets Dynasty is pretty much exactly what I was going for! :) I agree that Grace is special because she can pull off both of these looks--even at the same time! She is beautifully sculpted, I agree, and certainly more realistic than many!

  4. That dress isn't a kimono hun. It's a traditional Chinese dress. It's called a Cheongsam in the Catonese dilect. In the Mandarin dilect it's called a Qipao.

    Here's some info:

    1. Ack! Thank you so much, Wendy! I even got the country wrong. Ugh. I have to give Joe Tai (who grew up in Taiwan, which should have been a clue) credit for labeling this dress correctly because I recognize the word "Qipao" from the eBay auction! My bad. I will go fix it in the text so I don't mislead anyone.

      Thanks again! :)

  5. Grace is exquisite. You could dress her in burlap and she'd make it look like a Dior!

    1. Thank you, Barb. That would actually be a really interesting fashion collection for these slightly edgy resin fashion dolls--haute couture dresses made of burlap! I'd love to see that! :)

  6. Hello from Spain: you're right that your new doll is really pretty. she has a perfect face and a melancholy look. I like all the clothes she is wearing. The pink dress is beautiful. The pictures are very wonderful and elegant. I like long hair. Keep in touch.

    1. Thank you for sharing my excitement about her, Marta! That pink dress is one of my favorites, too.

  7. She is beautiful. I generally just sit and admire dolls from a distance but she is the first that I've ever wanted for myself! Your photographs show her off so well. :)

    1. Thank you, Hannah! She'd be a good one to have for yourself--especially if you like photography. She makes it effortless to get beautiful photos. :)

  8. She's so stunning! I agree with the previous comment, I have seen other pics of Jamie show dolls, but yours actually make me want to buy them :D I want a Grace now, too.

    1. Uh, oh. I am an enabler! ;) Grace's resin is not at all shiny, which makes it much easier to get a nice shot. I actually take all of these pictures with my husband's underwater camera, so when a doll looks good, it's definitely the doll and not the camera!
      Thank you for your nice comment, Alice.

  9. Wouah! This doll have a so cute face! Very nice picture! I really enjoy seing them! :)

  10. WOW - I have American Girl dolls (recommend Molly before she retires), Adora baby toddlers (very realistic faces) and I am the My Twinn addict that Loves their childlike faces - so real. Was never into fashion dolls. Never. Ever. Your reviews of Lee and Grace have prompted me to haunt their pages and check out all the fashion models. They are more than dolls, they are exquisite pieces of sculpture and so much fun to have photo sessions with! I simply adore the graceful lines and Lee looks like a man, not a girl's face with a cropped wig. I actually preferred the trim you gave to his wig. And you can change their looks so quickly. The prices make me nervous, but look at what you are getting. Lee and Grace are on my dream list . . .

  11. Omg if Lee had a spikey black wig and she had wavy black hair they would look just like me and my boyfriend. ><

  12. I so would love one of these along with the clothes but id need to win the lottery first! she is a stunner! x

  13. oh..i will desperatelly try to un-seen it!
    (the last styling is amazing!)