Thursday, November 21, 2013

Disney's "Little Princess Cinderella" by Zapf Creation

While I was waiting for my 18" Annie doll to arrive, Connor gave me a tip to go check out some wonderful flickr pictures of a highly-articulated 14" Disney Ariel doll made by Zapf Creation.  As Connor noted, I am a big fan of articulated dolls, Disney Princesses and redheads, so the tip was perfect for me (thank you, Connor!).  I also like the Zapf company quite a lot and tend to be impressed with the quality of their dolls.  Given all of this, it should come as no surprise that I went directly from the flickr pictures to the online shops, trying to find one of these Zapf dolls to review.

The dolls are not easy to find.  I don't think they've ever been for sale in the United States and it seems like they are now discontinued.  Limited quantities remain for sale online--often at dramatically marked-up prices.  I believe these dolls were first made in 2010 and retailed for around £25.  If you live in Europe, you can probably still find a doll at a reasonable price: Amazon UK currently has Ariel for £15 and Puppen Toys in Spain has several of the dolls at retail.  Here in the United States, it seems to cost $50-100 to bring home one of these princesses. has the best deals that I could find, and they are willing to ship internationally, but they don't have many dolls left.

Zapf made five princesses: Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella.  The current prices and availability are linked to popularity.  Belle is the hardest to find and costs the most--often well over $100.  Fortunately, my favorite fairy tale princess, Cinderella, was the easiest to find and the least expensive:

"Little Princess Cinderella," by Zapf.
For anyone who is eager to start their own quest for one of these dolls, I should mention that Zapf has made several versions of the Disney Princesses, so peer at those pictures really closely.  I almost got fooled by this similar-looking (but unarticulated) Zapf Cinderella.

These dolls are 14" tall, so their boxes are much larger than Monster High or Ever After High boxes, but significantly smaller than an American Girl doll box.  Cinderella came in an octagonal corrugated cardboard window box:

There's a cartoon of Cinderella on the front of the box that looks nothing like the doll:

The doll has sweet, slightly plain, but fairly realistic features.  Her head and eyes are not overly exaggerated.  For some reason she reminds me of a Corolle Les Cheries doll:

The back of the box has some pictures of the other dolls in the line, and a few pictures of Cinderella and her mouse companion:

The articulation looks promising...

Viewing the box from the top down, you can see the octagonal shape and the "Little Princess" title of this series of dolls, with "Cinderella" written in several languages.

The German "Aschenputtel" is my favorite.
A blue and white cardboard backdrop slides out of the main box:

The backdrop has two mounted cardboard pictures that are repeats of pictures from the back of the box. 

It looks like the mouse has a bobble head:

Cinderella is secured to the backdrop with a few large paper ties that hold her up against a molded plastic base.  

The backdrop has a landscape scene with a castle in the background, a heart-shaped sandbox in the foreground, and a lot of pumpkins lined up along a picket fence.  Ugh...pickets.

The mouse is tied into his own plastic holder with a single clear rubber band.  This looks like Gus from the movie:

He's made out of flexible vinyl and is pretty cute.  He's just under two inches tall.  His head does bobble a little--or at least it moves back and forth if you shake him.  His arms look like they should move, but they do not.

Cinderella has a nice weight, and she stands well on her own:

Right away, I could tell that she has a torso joint, because this joint is wobbly and frequently causes her to tip slightly to the right:

She is wearing her blonde hair mostly down with a bouffant ponytail at the back.  She has ringlet curls framing her face and one of the curls has a mind of its own:

Her hairstyle is accented with a pale blue satin ribbon that is reminiscent of the Disney Cinderella's iconic outfit.

The hair is a lovely natural blonde color and is very soft to the touch.  There is no hair styling product in this hair.  Instead, it comes covered with a high-quality hair net...and looks fine right out of the box.

Cinderella has a beautiful, mild face.  I am glad that she doesn't attempt to look anything like the Disney Cinderella.  Her features are understated and appropriately childlike.

She has bright blue painted eyes with large dark pupils.  All of the painted details around her eyes are black, except for her eyebrows, which are fairly bright orange.  The color choice for her eyebrows is a bit of a head-scratcher.  Those would look great on Ariel.  Her lips are a natural matte pink.

Cinderella's blue shiny dress feels much nicer than I assumed it would.  The fabric is fairly thick and has a soft feel and an elegant drape.  It is not at all stiff, crinkly and cheap-feeling like so many of the play doll princess outfits.

The dress is mostly pale blue satin, but it does have some tulle peplums and tulle puff accents on the sleeves.  The tulle is translucent white with some painted silver dots.  No glitter.

Well, actually, the bottom of the skirt does have a little glitter.  There's a silhouette of adult Cinderella with a clock in the background, and these designs are dark blue with a coating of iridescent glitter.

I am not crazy about this decoration and would prefer the dress if it were plain.

The hem and the neckline of the dress are trimmed with a thin strip of delicate white lace.  The neckline also has a dark blue satin ribbon.

The dress has a long, sturdy velcro closure in back and is easy to get on and off.  

Underneath the skirt, there is a short petticoat made out of white tulle that is thicker and stiffer than the tulle peplums.

Under the dress, Cinderella is wearing pink stockings and blue vinyl shoes:

Here's a closeup of the pink stocking texture.  These stockings have almost the same feel as nylons, but they're slightly thicker and seem more durable.

The shoes are molded flats with minimal decoration.  There's a bow on the toe of each shoe and a strap that does not unfasten.

The outfit is simple, but it's easy to use and seems very nicely made for a play outfit.

I was pretty excited to inspect Cinderella's articulation. I have to admit that I rushed through the clothing evaluation a little bit...eager to see those joints.  It's really fun to get a new doll that has completely different joints from the other dolls I own.

This doll is made out of hard plastic (with a vinyl head) and has twenty points of articulation.  

At first glance, Cinderella's most unique joints are in her legs.  She has hinged knees and ankles, but she also has swivel joints just above her knees and in the middle of her lower legs:

That's a lot of joints.
Her head can rotate all of the way around, but she can not look up and down.  This is a disappointment, but what makes it ok is that when she does move her head around, the angle of her face stays about the same.  She doesn't end up looking at the some other dolls I know.

The torso joint does not move front-to-back at all, just side-to-side.  As I mentioned earlier, this joint is pretty wobbly.  I can get Cinderella to stand up straight, but her upper body really wants to tip to one side or the other.  The range of motion in this joint is not huge, though, so it doesn't create a major posture problem: 

This doll has thick limbs, so her joints have large, bulky hinges:

She has a wonderfully childlike curve to her belly.
Her shoulders, elbows and wrists all have chunky hinge joints:

There's a lot going on in the arm articulation.  Let's take a closer look:

The elbow hinge has its own rotational movement.  In the pictures below, you can see the elbow before (L), and after (R) it was rotated at the elbow:  

In this third picture, the arm has been further rotated by using the joint just above the wrist:

The wrist itself has a simple hinge joint:

This doll has large, strangely-shaped hands.  

Banana fingers.
Cinderella has hinged and rotational movement in her hips.  She can not do a full side-to-side split with her legs straight underneath her...

But with a little hip rotation, she can do much better:

She has no trouble with her front-to-back splits:

Her lower legs have a design that is very similar to what you saw in the arms, except that the knees do not have a rotating hinge, they have a simple hinge joint and a separate rotational joint that sits just above the knee. 

The disadvantage to this design is that the knees look pretty pointy when the lower legs are angled away from the body:

The knee and ankle hinges have a pretty good range of motion, though:

I am a little concerned about the seams on the back of the doll's lower legs.  These seams get stressed when the legs are rotated:

There's already a little split in the seam.
Here's a sample of some of the fun poses Cinderella can achieve:

She balances on her own in most of these positions, too:

Cinderella can't sit in a chair (or on a box) with her knees together or she tips backwards:

If she splays her legs a bit, she can sit upright very nicely:

Similarly, Cinderella can't hold herself upright when she's sitting on the floor with her legs out in front of her:

Good for the abs, anyway.
She looks much more natural leaning back on her hands: 

The first two dolls that popped into my head for a comparison shot were my Makie doll, Glythia (because she is the most poseable doll I own), and the China Girl from Oz (because I thought she might be similar in size to Cinderella).

Indeed, China and Cinderella are very similar in size.  China's dress looks great on Cinderella, although the bodice is a little loose:

 Glythia showed Cinderella a few of her best moves...and Cinderella tried to keep up:

Do... or do not. There is no try.

'Cause this is thriller, thriller night...

Glythia balances better than Cinderella, but I was very impressed by how well Cinderella did overall.  If Cinderella's head could look up and down, her articulation would be almost perfect.  The only other critique I can muster is that her joints are not as elegant-looking as Glythia's.  

I found this doll's height and scale difficult to predict based on the online pictures.  She is actually smaller than I expected she would be.  I knew that she would be larger than my 12" dolls like Liv and Monster High, and smaller than 18" child dolls like American Girl, but I guess I pictured her as being more like a Hearts 4 Hearts doll.  Here she is with Lauryce:

These two dolls have a very similar torso size, but Lauryce's large head puts her in a different scale.  Lauryce could be a younger sister to an American Girl doll, but Cinderella would look strange paired with a typical 18" play doll.

Although Lauryce's shoes are too big for Cinderella, her dress is a near perfect fit.  I am tempted to try some other Hearts 4 Hearts clothing on Cinderella.  In contrast, Cinderella's dress does not fit Lauryce.  The sleeves are tight over her large hands, and the dress won't close in back. 

Here's a comparison between the Zapf Cinderella and two Disney Store Princesses:

16" Singing Cinderella and 12" Rapunzel.
And a shot with a Moxie Teenz doll and Liv Hayden:

14" Moxie Teenz and 12" Liv.
Other than the China Girl outfit and the Hearts 4 Hearts dress, the only clothes I have found that fit this doll are items made for Tonner's 14" Betsy McCall doll.  

I found this adorable outfit on eBay at a store called Wonderful Worlds.  All of the pieces are very well-made and fit Cinderella perfectly:

Seeing this doll in regular clothes inspired me to take down her princess hairstyle.   Her ribbon headband is not plastic-tied into her head or sewn into her hair, which is refreshing.

It stays in place so nicely because it has a small section of white elastic in the back:

The hair is parted on the side and a small area of hair from the top of the head is pulled back into a ponytail that doubles back over itself to create a bouffant effect.  The ponytail is held in place with two clear rubber bands.

The hair feels wonderful and has a nice rooting pattern:

When the hair is brushed out, the ringlets leave two areas of frizz on either side of Cinderella's face.  The hair that was in the ponytail won't lay flat, either:

I gave Cinderella a quick boil rinse to help straighten her hair.  The hair is really lovely and well-cut.  After the rinse, it's impossible to tell that it was supposed to be styled into a ponytail:

Now she looks like a regular little girl.  In fact, like this, she looks like Zapf's Jolina doll, who I believe has the exact same body.  Jolina is also very hard to find in the United States.

Here is Cinderella back in her gown for a few more pictures.  I love how the elasticized headband can easily be put back on her head:

Bottom line?  I love this doll.  I wish this line of Little Princesses was sold in the United States.  It's hard to quote exact retail in US dollars, but if the dolls are selling for £25 in the UK, that's about $40.  That price seems high for a medium-sized play doll, but if you compare this doll to Princess & Me Rapunzel, for example, everything about this doll is superior, and she costs at least $10 less.  I think $40 is a fair price.  However, as much as I'd love to have another Little Princess in my collection, I don't think they're worth the $100-and-up prices on eBay.

Cinderella's articulated body has a few flaws.  I think her knee joints look bizarrely angular in some poses and she has very strange, clunky hands.  Her body feels heavy and sturdy overall, but the seams along the backs of her legs worry me a little.  This area gets torqued when the doll is posing and the seams could be at risk of splitting.  The only other problem I had with the body is that the torso joint is loose and causes the doll's upper body to flop back and forth more than I would like.

Other than those small criticisms, everything about this doll is wonderful.  She has a substantial weight to her body and feels sturdy and durable.  Her size is nice--she's large enough for young children to manipulate, but she's small enough to be easily portable.  Her face is mild, but she's charming and versatile.  She makes a lovely young Cinderella, but she can quickly transform into an ordinary modern girl.  Her rooted hair is silky and easy to work with, and it has a beautiful, natural color.  The original hairstyle is fancy without being overdone, and there is absolutely no styling product in this doll's hair.  When the hair is let down, it has a nice shape and could be restyled in a number of different ways.  The Cinderella gown is surprisingly soft and well-made.  It does not have any of the cheap-feeling stiffness or caked-on glitter that other princess play clothes tend to have.  The dress is carefully sewn and has some nice details.  I find the Cinderella silhouette a little cheesy, but at least it's clear who this doll is supposed to be.  

Above all, the articulation in this doll is incredible.  She gives my Makie doll, Glythia, a run for her money.  Her twenty joints allow her to strike a huge variety of poses, many of which she can hold without any support.  I think that this doll's posing range gives her a wonderful personality that her plain facial features cannot offer on their own.  She would be perfect as any kind of athlete--a gymnast, a dancer...a horseback rider.  My next quest will be to find a horse that fits her.  

The shelves are overrun with fairy tale dolls this season, making it difficult for any one princess to stand apart from the crowd.  Amidst such a competitive market, this little gem (released years ago) has not only managed to grab my attention, but she stands out as one of the best princess play dolls that I've ever reviewed.  


  1. She looks amazing! It's a shame these dolls are not more commonly available, because the combination of great articulation and cute face is a winner.

    1. I agree, N! The biggest problem with these dolls is that they're so hard to get.

    2. I blame you. I blame you for tempting me into another doll. Just logged into auction page and put my bid on Sleeping Beauty, your pics of princess and Glythia proved me these dolls are worth it...

    3. hello, such dolls u can buy everywhere in germany. at it cost 20 Euro.
      the dall name is JOLINA von Zapf Creation.
      they are availible, but i dont like it course its to small like Moxie Teenz. The best Size i think is 18 inch like BFC Dolls

    4. Jolinas are also everywhere in Poland.

  2. Oh wow, that is a really nice-looking doll. I'm a sucker for good articulation, and her face and hair are just lovely. On one hand, I'm disappointed that there's no Rapunzel...on the other, if there was a Rapunzel, I'd be having a major shut-up-and-take-my-money moment!

    1. LOL! I'm with you, Jen. I probably would shell out eBay prices for Rapunzel. Her hair would be amazing!

    2. Jen, I'm totally with you--if there were a Rapunzel, I'd burn up the internet to find her.

  3. I though Liv was your most posable doll. Well, I certainly prefer them to Glythia. Don't like that girl's eyes. It seems like a lot of trouble to get one of these dolls. I don't think I'll bother.

    1. Liv probably was my most poseable doll...until Glythia came along! :) Cinderella reminds me of Liv in a lot of ways, though--both dolls have spectacular articulation for their price and for play dolls.

  4. Wow, these are amazing! I agree that the hands and the knees look a little clunky, but other than that she's pretty amazing. My Beauty and the Beast collection might eventually need a Little Belle. :}

    1. Belle looks wonderful--she has gorgeous green eyes and I love her dress! I couldn't find one for sale, although I admittedly haven't been looking for that long. I'll keep an eye out for you, though. She'd definitely be a nice addition to your collection! :)

    2. Thanks! In the meantime, I'll just enjoy your review. Money may be tight for a while anyway. My husband just totaled his car, so any spare cash will go towards replacing that. :{

  5. Wow she looks awesome! I've never heard of these dolls but I love their articulation. I love the looks of Ariel of course. :)

    1. Ariel is especially lovely with that flame red hair! I thought I had found an Ariel on Fishpond for around $30, but their inventory was just out of date. :(

  6. Hi! I just found your blog about two days ago and I love it so much! You have inspired me to (hopefully) get an Ever After High doll sometime soon. I have always loved dolls and I have quite the collection of American Girl dolls. Your reviews are spectacular! The Little Princess dolls are lovely, but sadly my favorite Princess is Belle- and I don't feel like shelling out another $100 for a doll! ;) Hmm, I guess I'll have to find a different Belle that suits my tastes. ;)
    ♥ Muzzy

    1. Hi Muzzy! Thank you so much for your nice comments about the blog! It's great to have you here. :) The Ever After High dolls are fun. Which one do you have your eye on? I keep looking at Madeline at the store--I love her blue hair and her polka dot hands. It's exciting to see the new characters that are slated for release, too. The Ever After High dolls seem to be well-stocked at most of the stores (at normal prices), which is great so close to the holidays! Paying too much for a doll can definitely take away some of the charm, and that could be an issue with these Little Princesses as they become rarer.

    2. I am also interested in Madeline, or Apple White. I really like how yours has that cute little snarky grin- seeing as I make that myself quite a bit! :P The only thing I don't like about Madeline is that she only comes with the blue hands. I think perhaps it might have been a good idea for Mattel to include some regular hands for when she's feeling a bit less "mad". ;) Although that could be a little scary to potential young buyers. :P We shall see if I get one of these dollies for Christmas, otherwise I'll beg and plead to get one myself ;) Have a great day!
      ♥ Muzzy

  7. She is wonderful! And your photos are so much fun. As always, I love your review.

  8. A really cool doll! I dislike child dolls, but this one has a mild, modest face, not a kind of needy, in-your-face childlike expression. It fits the Cinderella character very well. You could lightly brush some ochre or straw blonde paint over the eyebrows to make them match, I think it would look great.

    1. That's a great idea for the eyebrows--it's not as glaringly obvious in real life, but the mismatching color does bug me a little.

      I agree with you about this doll's face. It's not exaggerated in any way--just very pleasant and appealing. :)

  9. I love the Disney Princesses! My favorite is Belle:) Cinderella's really pretty and has great articulation!

    1. Belle is awesome! I wonder which Princess is favored by most people? I also wonder how much it has to do with the quality of the movie. I LOVE Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. Those are my two favorite movies...and yet I have this thing for Cinderella! Huh.

      I bet there's been some research done on this, but I could always do a poll, too. :) I'd love to know everyone's most and least favorite Princess!

  10. I deleted my comment, sorry, didn't see there that you already know Jolina, but the Jolina horse should fit this lovely lady too :-). Linda

    1. Hi Linda--no worries! I love the Jolina dolls--especially the riding doll. I saw her on eBay international (for $80!). Because Cinderella and Jolina have such similar coloring, I couldn't justify buying that doll just for her riding outfit. It is amazingly cute, though, and I like the roller skating doll, too!

      However, I had not seen or heard of Jolina's horse!!!! Ahh! Where did you see the horse? These dolls would be so perfect on horses! Thank you so much for the tip! :D

    2. I saw the Jolina horse riding doll and the horse together in an advertising of a Dutch toy shop, maybe they are sold together. If you Google "Jolina", there should be a photograph :-), it's so lovely! This is a link to one of the pictures, but I'm not sure if I did the copying the right way, I'm not so technical :-). Linda,d.d2k&psig=AFQjCNFR6OZDnV4QVUPex0ycpP3vAk-WMA&ust=1385217672030608

    3. Oh--I see it! It's a wonderful (articulated!) horse, but he's so small for her! He might be better for a 12" doll. Looks like maybe the horse comes in white, too? I love it! I will definitely keep my eye out for this. Thank you again, Linda! :)

  11. I'm glad you liked her! I've been seeing these girls around for a long time but I could never get much information on them. Who knew such an elaborate body type lie underneath that dress! I hope eventually, come doll company will make a similar articulated toddler doll- a posable Ariel doll with the Disney Animators collection face would look legendary!

  12. Great review. She's really quite sweet.

  13. She's really nicely articulated! I love her face :) I saw these dolls yesterday and immediately thought of you because of all the joints they have. There called Enchanted Dolls ( and you can get them custom ordered with personalized tatoos, it's really quite amazing. You should go check out the photo gallery.

  14. I have both Jolina and Snow White, their bodies are not the same. :) In fact when SW's leg broke off, I wasn't able to give her Jolina's body as a substitute, even though the skin tones match closely. Jolina is a few cm smaller.

  15. I'm looking at the photo of the her box - the hair depicted on that cartoon Cinderella is a very similar colour to the doll's eyebrows. I wonder if that's a coincidence?

  16. I love her! She has such a sweet face.

  17. Have you tried seeing if she can kneel?

  18. I've never heard of, or seen, these Zapf dolls until reading your review, so it was quite informative.

    While you didn't care for it, I like that glittery silhouette pattern on her dress (do all the Zapf Disney dolls have that, or just Cinderella?)--it adds to her unique look. I just think that they should have extended it around the entire circumference of the dress instead of just having it on the front, as that would have given it a more cohesive, rather than plastered on, feel.

    I was surprised that her knees weren't double jointed (like Liv dolls), because that's what they looked like they were before I saw the later photographss of her in action. While she's smaller, she reminds me of a MGA BFC Ink doll in terms of general appearance/construction, although, from your comments, it's clear that she's a better quality toy.

    Cinderella is great, but I also love that adorable Gus figurine--that's the only toy of him I've ever seen in my life. Somebody should make a little PVC set of all the mice from the film, ideally in scale with 12-18" dolls.

    It really is a shame that these weren't available in the states . . .

  19. GREAT review! The Flickr pics of the Ariel are mine and I love her to bits!! I didn't realise that these dolls were not readily available in the US. They do pop up in the shops over here fairly regularly.

    I haven't tried out the articulation in Ariel too much, so this is great to see exactly what she can do. I love their faces and the bodies are such a nice sculpt. I was wondering about a Jolina myself and hesitated because she's a blonde (99.99% of my dolls are red or orange/pink haired!) but when I saw Ariel I HAD to have her! My only complaint was that her hair isn't particularly long but I suppose she is a child version and might not have been growing it for too long! LOL! I really like what you've done with CInderella's hair. I may try getting the side curls out of Ariel as they tend to ping about and stick up where you don't want them to!

    BTW, after reading your review on the Once Upon a Zombie Rapunzel I went looking. These don't seem to be very widely available in the UK! BUT I was very lucky to spot one in TRU last weekend, and now Hubby has bought her for me for Xmas!! I LOVE the pictures and comparisons you show!

  20. She is adorable, especially when you let her hair down and dressed her in different outfits. Her articulation is fantastic but her joints look a little clumpy to me. I guess anything would when you are used to the nimble limbs of MH. lol. Lovely review of a very sweet doll. Thank you.

  21. How does she compare with a BFC Ink doll?

  22. She has such a sweet face. Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of these dolls before.

  23. Aww i'd love to have one these girls! Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow and of course Cinderella all look so cute. I only wish that they could actually be found. I'll have to check out this Fishpond place to see what the prices are and if there's any in my price range haha! I've never even heard of Zapf dolls before, Will have to do some research on other dolls too..Are there other articulated dolls made by them?

  24. Hi, you may remember me as the one who told you about Once Upon a Zombie. I'm so glad you enjoyed her, i ended getting Rupenzel myself and i know I'm happy with my purchase. Wow, you always seem to find the most interesting dolls! I may get one of these for my little cousin, she's about 3 1/2. Anyways, I have out up some hats for sale, and 50% of proceeds go to Philippine typhoon relief, and they are quite cheap, so I'm hoping I sell them out. However, I only own Barbie, Monster High, and Bratz, and I was wondering if you could verify how many other dolls they fit. If you could do a review on them that would be super!!! Thanks so much! (Click on my name for the link!)

  25. Hey, can you put her next to Ivanca? Cinderella kinda reminds me of her.

  26. I read in an earlier post that you were interested in buying the Monster High High School playset but you weren't thrilled about the eighty dollar price tag... I found the playset for sale here for about $35, if you are interested :)

    much love, Callie

  27. I'm so glad I saw this review! She looks adorable. I love her sweet, mild expression. She has a great "every little girl" look to her after the hot water rinse. You inspired me to check eBay, and I found Cinderella for a great price! Can't wait to get her home, fix up her hair, and play! Now I'm thinking of names :D

  28. Your review haunted me, so I just got a nib Belle off amazon uk! I'm super excited! The total with shipping was $90 tho, oops!

  29. Wow! I think Cinderella looks adorable as a little princess though the cartoon puts me off it looks a bit too...weird. Also in my opinion I think she looks like Alice from Alice in wonderland with her hair all straightened though it's a shame that these are quite hard to find.

  30. The simpler hair style is more accurate to the sort of era depicted in the Disney movie, too. Though they might have put some ringlets in the loose hair, little girls didn't wear their hair done up.

    You probably knew that, though.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry, not gymnast, dancer. I have Jolina dancer.

  32. I love your Star Wars reference up there. Because Glythia has Yoda-esque ears, I actually giggled.

  33. My three daughters have owned Jolina Dancer, Jolina (roller)Skater, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Aurora and Snow white from the Zapff company for years now. They are sturdy and are not broken after 6 years of play. Although largely from the same mold, the legs on Jolina are a tiny bit longer than the princesses. Appr. 1 cm. Not a huge difference, but noticable when they wear leggings.
    As for clothes: the Les Cheries clothes (Corolle) fit them nicely, but no other brands carry clothes for them. Zafp used to sell a few leotards, but no dresses or ordinary day clothes.

  34. I don't know how else to contact you. May I please use the photo of your poseable Zapf Cinderella to accompany an article about Cinderella dolls?