Saturday, January 21, 2012

Moxie Teenz by MGA Entertainment

MGA Entertainment is responsible for producing a lot of today's hot dolls like Bratz, Moxie Girlz, BFC Ink and Lalaloopsy.  I am feeling the pull towards purchasing a Lalaloopsy doll, and if I do I'll let you know, but for now, the only MGA dolls in the house are Moxie Teenz.  Moxie Teenz are 14" articulated play dolls with inset eyes and changeable wigs.  Sound familiar?

First things first: "MGA" stands for Micro-Games America.  I did not know that.  I guess in my head I had MGA confused with MGM, which is Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and is a Hollywood movie-making studio.  MGA is a toy manufacturer.  Now that we have that straight, MGA released the Moxie Teenz line in the summer of 2010.  This was after the Liv release and at the same time as the Monster High debut.  In retrospect, MGA might have chosen different timing.

In any case, I was drawn to this line mostly because I was so smitten with Liv dolls.  Moxie Teenz, with their inset eyes and changeable wigs, seemed to me like fairly blatant Liv mimics.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Back in 2010, I had not yet fallen prey to Monster High dolls, and so there was plenty of room on my shelves for a teenage big sister to the Liv crew.  Also, FYI, I live in Maine, so I am legally required to have an inherent affinity for all things Moxie.

I am going to show you those original 2010 Moxie Teenz dolls in this post, but I'll also fast forward to the present and de-box the newest Moxie Teenz "Tristen" for you so that we can see what's up with the Moxie Teenz these days.

Got her on an awesome sale!
Before I get to the new doll, I'll show you the debut Tristen:

The back of the box describes Tristen's personality a little bit--she's the artist/fashion, basically, she's Alexis.

I am not going to do a full de-box discussion of this doll.  I'll just say the packaging is a plastic nightmare and leave it at that.  Here's Tristen out of her box:

These dolls can wear rings!
Look at her cute herringbone hat!

The Moxie Teenz wigs, in general, are pretty nice.  They are thick and long and have a natural mix of colors.  They don't touch the Lorifina wig in terms of feel and movement, but they're good. There can occasionally be a lot of "product" in the wigs, making them feel greasy or crispy.  With just a little bit of gel or conditioner (or whatever they use) the hair is easier to style and doesn't have static fly-aways everywhere.  With too much added, it's not very fun to touch.  

Unlike the Liv wigs, the Moxie Teenz wig caps do not have a plastic peg in the center to help hold the wig on.  They just have a plain clear plastic cap:

The good thing about not having a plastic peg to hold the wig on is that the Moxie Teenz heads don't have holes in them:

Like the Liv dolls, they have a short hair style painted on their heads.
Tristen has purple eyes!
The bad thing about not having a plastic peg to hold the wig on is that the wig doesn't stay on.  Some individual wigs stay on better than others, but for the most part, keeping the wig on through any kind of active play is a big problem.

Liv wigs can be used on Moxie Teenz dolls, but you have to cut the plastic peg out of the Liv wig.  Here's the red Liv wig with the peg cut out:

It's really easy to cut that peg out, but then the wig doesn't stay on Liv dolls as well as it used to.  
I love Tristen with red hair:
I also like the shorter hair

Liv wigs actually stay on better, too, even without the peg!

Moxie Teenz wigs can be used on Liv dolls, but the wigs don't stay on Liv dolls any better than they stay on Moxie Teenz dolls.  Also, the Moxie wigs are a bit long for the Liv faces and bodies:

Ok, so I do have one mini Lalaloopsy doll in the house...
The clothes on the older Moxie Teenz are great.  Lots of items come with each outfit and mixing and matching between the different dolls is fun.  Underneath Tristen's plaid scarf, she has a striped shirt and a cropped jean vest.  The shirt has cute pink ruffles on the sleeves and a nice graphic design:

Look at the tucks on the back of the jacket!

Moxie Teenz also have an online presence, and Tristen has a code
for the site attached to her back, but I have never used it.
The skirt is this cool pink bubble with a zipper trim and a pleather belt with a flower detail.  I love the skirt:

Attached to the skirt is a pair of pink lace tights and over those are some grey leg warmers:

The boots are plastic and not very interesting, and all of the jewelry is plastic, but it adds together for an intricate and eclectic overall appearance.  

Those bracelets didn't all come with Tristen
Tristen carries a gorgeous checkered purse with pleather accents and zipper details.  The purse opens and can hold a lot of accessories.  I like storing all of the extra jewelry in these bags!

Take a peek at the other great purses that come with the first wave dolls:

Arizona's purse
Melrose's purse
Bijou's purse
Now that you've met their purses, I should probably introduce the other Moxie Teenz girls.  There were four original characters; Tristen, Arizona, Bijou and Melrose:

Tristen, Arizona, Bijou and Melrose
Tristen and Arizona
Arizona and Bijou
Bijou and Melrose (my two favorites!)
With the most recent line, a red-haired girl named Leigh has joined the crew, as has a young man named Gavin.  He's pretty cute.  Amazon was the first place I found Leigh for sale, but she cost over $40.  Why, oh why do these dolls cost so much on Amazon?  MSRP is $26.99 and they are often on sale.  I saw them at Toys R Us just today for $23.  

Here are a few of my girls in some mix-and-match outfits and wigs so you can see the diversity of appearances:
Melrose in Tristen's wig, her own tank, Arizona's skirt and Bijou's vest!
Bijou in her own wig and Melrose's jacket
Tristen in Bijou's top and a sold-separately wig
Bijou in her own tank and a sold-separately wig
Melrose with Hayden for a size comparison
I would categorize the Moxie Teenz bodies right in between the awesome old Liv bodies and the stiff new Liv bodies.  There is not much up and down head movement, which is too bad, and that torso joint doesn't add a lot, but the bodies look really nice overall and have a good range of motion:

Lounging poses are a bit awkward...
The bodies sit nicely, with a slight temptation to tip backwards:

I love that the feet can switch from fashion heel to flat:

Before I get to the new doll, there's one more fact worth mentioning.  There was a second wave of Moxie Teenz that came out last summer and they were mostly unremarkable.  The dolls are face-wise very similar to the original wave, but the clothes, wigs, accessories and quality control took a hit.  The wigs are tighter and might stay on a bit better, but the quality (at least of the wig I bought) is poor, and it doesn't fit on my older dolls (too small).  You can read my review at Amazon if you feel like it.  The bottom line is that the second wave dolls don't have anything new to offer, the wigs can't be shared with the older dolls, and everything about the older dolls is of higher quality.

There.  Now you're armed and ready to look at the new Tristen!  I found her for $12 on clearance at Walmart, but she's usually $26.99.  The reason I didn't buy her until she went on clearance is that I can tell even through the box that she is not a wigged doll.  Her hair is clearly rooted, and furthermore, it seems rooted too low on the forehead (that could just be the hairstyle):

MGA scores big with me right off the bat because "Hundreds of Poses!" is spelled correctly with no errant apostrophes (unlike on the Tonner LittleMissMatched doll's box).

You can see the new characters on the back of the box
Oh, sigh.  How I wish the new Leigh character came with a thick red wig!  That would have been awesome.  

So, you have to rip and cut all of the plastic on the front and sides of the box off.  You're left with a cardboard back, which still has the doll securely connected:

It says she has "two different looks."  We'll need to explore that.
Her feet and hands are sealed into these plastic holders that go through the cardboard and are taped on the other side.
Would you wear those boots with that dress?
I had to cut about five plastic ties (a few stubborn ones connected directly to her head) and some thread to get her out, and she still has those plastic shackles:

These dolls come with a nice hair brush, just like the first wave.
 The hands are encased in plastic tied on by rubber bands:

That's a new trick.
 All of the plastic finally removed:

I never know what to do with the cut plastic ties sticking out of the head. I usually just cut them really short and call it done:

Let's take a look at her:

The skirt of the ball gown has a texture similar to silk shantung with a shimmery transparent overlay.  It has a chunky seam in back:

Her eyes are very similar to the first wave Tristen's eyes.  A bit lighter and slightly wonky.  They look great with the dress:

The rooted hair seems coarser (especially at the ends) than the hair on the wigged dolls. It is a bit hard to tame, and I worry that it will tangle easily.

My doll has shiny marks underneath the hair that is styled over her forehead. That's a little scary:

The bodice of the dress has nice pleated detail and transparent shoulder straps holding it up:

That bow is hiding a tiny button:

That button is the secret to Tristen's "extra look."  Under the skirt, there is a ribbon hanging down.  The ribbon can be pulled up and looped over the tiny button to hike up one side of the skirt:

Don't try this with the dress still on the doll.  Doing that almost drove me insane.  It is much easier to loop the ribbon over the button when the dress is off.

Could that ribbon have been purple?
Here's the inside of the dress' bodice.  It is fairly nicely finished with some strange netting underpants in there.  Not sure what those are for:

This Tristen's body is almost identical to the older body.  My particular doll couldn't sit very well, but I see no change in the mechanics of the body that suggest this would be a problem with all of the new dolls.  If anything, the head moves up and down even less on the new doll.

The new dolls can't wear rings, but you can still see where the ring hole would have been:

One of her knees was stuck at first because of a plastic defect, but I got it moving again:

Here are the two Tristens together:

While the purple dress is nice, you're just not getting as much for your money with that outfit as you did with the first wave.  I can't mix and match the way I do with my older dolls. 


The faces are very similar.  The older Tristen's eyes have a bit more depth, the newer Tristen has nice silver eyeshadow and more detail in her eyebrows.

New Tristen
Old Tristen
Bottom line?  The new Tristen is a pretty doll.  She is not a $27 doll.  I like her dress and her eyes and her sweet face.  I worry a bit about her hair getting tangled...but the issue here is larger than this particular doll, I think.  

MGA introduced Moxie Teenz as a line of wigged dolls.  I bought all of the dolls and several of the extra wigs and have had a really fun time mixing and matching wigs, dolls and outfits.  When a new line of Moxie Teenz is announced, I am hoping for new wigs, different faces and more fun wardrobe pieces to add to my collection.  Because the new dolls have rooted hair, they can't share wigs with their predecessors, nor do they come with new wigs for the other girls to try.  It's almost like buying a completely different type of doll...that looks exactly like the old Moxie Teenz.

Why did MGA make this change?  I think I get it.  The wigs on the first Moxie Teenz were a weakness. The second wave made an attempt to fix the wig but it didn't work.  While wig issues don't bother an adult collector like me, I can imagine that having wigs fall off left and right would be a huge irritation for a younger kid who wants to play.  I'd have been happier if MGA had chosen to invest more in improving the wigs rather than eliminating them completely, but probably any improvements (adding a peg, for example) would have rendered the new wigs useless to the old dolls anyway....while costing more to make.

So, maybe these new dolls are the best solution to a difficult problem.  Maybe for a collector just discovering the line, the dolls with rooted hair are interesting and appealing in their own right.  My opinion is that the elimination of the wigs spells the eventual end for Moxie Teenz.  There just isn't enough to make them stand out in the crowd anymore, especially at the high price.  However, if the line continues to produce new releases, I will keep watching.  Two things that would keep me particularly interested are if MGA makes more wigs for the older dolls, and if the clothing sets return to their original quality and their fun mix-and-match style.  That would be fantastic, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Summary (new Tristen):
Age Level
6 and up
Overpriced at $26.99
Good overall quality.  Dress is very pretty and solidly made.  Eyes are realistic, hair is a bit coarse, but thick and long, face paint is nicely done.
Poor.  Mostly plastic.  De-boxing is easier than with the first wave, though.
Not as versatile as the older Moxie Teenz.  Several of the mix and match options are gone: can’t change wigs anymore and the outfit is one-piece and very formal.
Recommended with two caveats: only if it is on sale, and only if it is for someone who isn’t expecting an older-style Moxie Teenz doll with a wig.



  1. It's a fun coincidence you posted this today. I recently discovered Liv and Moxie Teenz dolls, thanks to finding a $1.29 Liv Katie at the Goodwill and googling the SpinMaster name on her back ... and promptly fell back into the doll collecting rabbit hole. A few days ago I ordered first wave Tristen (those violet eyes! eyelashes! pale skin! awesome outfit!) from Amazon, but the estimated shipping time is 8 days. What to do, what to do... 

    She needs a friend, right? Yesterday morning I went to TRU and bought debut Bijou on "clearance" -- I don't consider $22 a clearance price when TRU claims the original price was $28, but whatever. She was worth it, the first Bijou is absolutely beautiful in person. I think the first wave dolls would've been an even bigger hit with some collectors if they had cost four times as much (and wore not-plastic jewelry). I'm only half-joking. :) It's really cool Moxie Teenz can wear Liv wigs, that adds to their value and my enjoyment. (An Amazon reviewer suggested putting Velcro dots on the MT heads and wigs, that solved the problem for her kids.)

    I also saw the new MT formal dress dolls at TRU, they were a dollar more than the "clearance" Bijou but the value is definitely not the same. Rooted hair and a non-versatile outfit are two big downgrades. It reminds me of SpinMaster using rooted hair and a body with fewer joints for some of their new Liv dolls. I think these are cost cutting measures, it might be cheaper to manufacture a doll with rooted hair than a doll plus wig? A dress is cheaper than a mix-n-match outfit with several pieces? 

    It'd be great if MGA would offer a MT shoe/boot pack, it seems like the accessory packs have only one pair of shoes and a bunch of junk I don't want. This probably has something to do with manufacturing costs too. 

    Anyway, thanks again for the great review. I think these MT dolls (esp. the first wave) are so much better than typical play line dolls so they're worth the extra cost. Unfortunately their higher prices hurt sales if the little kids aren't begging for them. I've been checking out the doll aisles at local stores lately and the kids are making the biggest fuss about Monster High dolls (mainly whining about the lack of them on the shelves and ooooohing over the few in stock) but none of them so much as glanced at Bratz/Moxie Girlz/Moxie Teenz. It was actually funny to witness, it happened repeatedly in every store I went to, the kids are crazy about Monster High! I remember when little girls did the same thing about Bratz when those dolls first debuted.

    Yikes, sorry for writing a novel here. 

    1. I love your novel! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I totally agree with you on everything. We should have coffee some time. :)

      I didn't say this in my review, but I agree that the first wave dolls are definitely worth the $27 price for exactly the reasons you said...they're just better made than other play dolls! And you're totally on to something when you say they might have caught more eyes if they had been more "deluxe." It isn't always the right choice to make things cheaper.

      I almost got into talking about the accessory packs, but I was writing my own novel and had to draw some lines. What you said really hit the nail on the head, though. The accessory packs have some great pieces (have you seen that blue coat??), but they have plastic purses (blah) and "a bunch of junk I don't want!"

      I missed the boat on one thing you mentioned--do some of the new Liv dolls have rooted hair?? Gads. I didn't know that. Asleep at the wheel, here.

      The Monster High phenomenon is truly something to behold. I think I understand it a little, though. Mattel is putting out wave after wave of cool new stuff and people really like the excitement of new stuff. I saw Operetta in Walmart yesterday and almost clapped my hands right there in the toy aisle. She's COOL! Sigh.

    2. Coffee would be great, do you happen to live near Seattle? :)

      Oh no, I'm wrong about some of the new Liv dolls having rooted hair! A quick google reveals the latest Livs all wear WIGS. Sorry about that, I hate spreading bad information. I think SpinMaster is saving money by using less articulated bodies on the new Livs, but maybe customer surveys reveal children think the joints are ugly? It'd be interesting to know the real reason.

      I don't know how much longer Moxie Teenz will be around, but I won't buy new MT dolls if they continue using rooted hair. The wigs have such a strong impact on the way dolls look, it feels like we get a new doll just by switching hair colors and styles. It's not like I NEED more dolls taking up display space though, and thanks to all the Liv/MT wig options the first wave girls are plenty (#1 Melrose is next on my list). And I really should learn how to sew doll clothes. :)

      I wrote a bunch of stuff about Monster High, I'll post it as a comment in your recent Monster High review. (It'll be so hard to resist Operetta at MSRP when she finally shows up around here, not sure if I can wait for a sale.)

    3. Yeah Spinmaster is trying to save money by eliminating some of the articulation but the good thing is they are passing the savings on to the customer instead of keeping them the same price. (I'm not counting the Brights since those are Target exclusives and they are clearly using that as an excuse to mark them up)

    4. I totally agree that Spin Master is likely trying to cut costs (and the Liv for Color girls definitely pass that savings on to us...which is cool) but what doesn't compute for me is that the Target exclusive Liv in Wonderland and Moonlight Dance dolls cost the same as the Brites. I see no excuse for this. If it's a $20 doll, leave the articulation as it was for the other $20 dolls.

    5. Blame Target for that. Target sets the prices for their exclusives at what they want. I guess Target figures all Liv exclusives should be the same price even if these new ones probably cost Target less. Maybe it is to make up for the profits lost on all the Moonlight Dance and Wonderland dolls they sold on sale.

  2. Can't you always chop the rooted hair off so they can wear wigs? I was planning on doing that with my Leigh but I fell in love with her lovely red hair and can't bring myself to do it now.

    1. That's a neat idea! Actually, the wigs might stay on better with a little buzz cut underneath...or maybe they won't stay on at all if they can't suction to a smooth vinyl head. Not sure.

      If I had Leigh, I'd leave her hair alone, too. I love red hair. :)

    2. If they don't stay there is always velcro.

    3. I got the Leigh doll and just didn't like her hair so long. It seemed to tangle so easy. I cut it to her elbow length and now I absolutely love it. It's still 'long' but very combable and stylable and she looks gorgeous. But I still love the first wave dolls for all the reasons above. I did try the velcro dot trick. The small white ones don't work. The heavy black ones are toooo strong. So if you get the big black ones and cut them in half, they work much better. As far as MH dolls, it seems a lot of people are buying them for OOAK repaints. Some look really great! Check out ebay for them. Regards, Moxie lovr.

  3. Awesome review! I love these dolls. Sadly though, I think they're going to be discontinued. MGA hasn't said anything about them since last year, and their brand page on Facebook disappeared. :( I've seen them go as low as $14 at Toys 'r' Us. (Snatch up the ones you want before they're gone!) I'll probably snatch another 1.0 Tristen and Leigh if they're still on the shelves.

  4. I better hurry up and snag a Gavin for my Tristen doll before they stop selling him. I have the older Tristen with the wig. I didn't even realize they made her without. I knew there was a red head with rooted hair. It's a shame that they aren't going to make them anymore. I love the sculpt. I think they are far more prettier than Liv Dolls. They are a bear to get clothes for though. Thanks so much for making this page.

  5. hi my 2nd wave melrose wig fitted my first wave tristan just right? and my first wave melrose wig fitted the 2nd wave melrose better than her wig did? must be a design flaw somewhere we seem to get slightly different dolls but im very happy with them though lol

  6. Thanks for this review. I found a second wave Arizona and a first wave Bijou on clearance in 2 different places. I've been drawn to Bijou since the first time I saw her, but I only recently discovered these dolls (same with the Liv dolls...I seem to just get into dolls as their line is being discontinued!). :(

    I completely agree with you on the quality between the first and second wave. Everything about Bijou felt sturdier and looked nicer. I'm planning on reselling Arizona, but Bijou is definitely sticking around. I'm so thrilled that I got her! She was the very last one left at my local Walmart. :D

  7. I really love these dolls. I have three from the debut line (missing Melrose) I got them at Toys R Us for 15 dollars (one was 13 on sale) The dolls pose great and even stand up ok. The clothes are easy to mix and match (although some of the tights are sewn to the skirts). My biggest con is the size, cause i can't find any other dolls the same size (any suggestions?) I plan on getting debut Melrose but I don't like the prom line of dresses. I hear rumors of a second wave but have yet to see any in person.

  8. Ahh...and another helpful review!! I went to my nearest Toys R Us today and was surprised to find the first wave Moxie Teenz dolls for $14.95. I think the Toys R Us website still offers them. There were only two of Tristen and two of Melrose left at the store. There were a few fashion packs and accessory packs too. I must have been at the store for half an hour deciding whether to get them or not since they looked absolutely stunning in person. But then I thought to myself that it would be pointless to buy them as a cheapo-amateur collector such as myself since I want to play with them without worrying about the wig and finding clothing for them will be difficult now that they're possibly discontinued. Ebay only has 3 page search results of Moxie Teenz items...that's not good. And I can't sew. And after learning about the second wave Moxie Teenz, I also am not sure whether any future clothing will be as impressive as 1st wave. It was so hard to leave Toys R Us empty handed...Hmm, I hope I made the right choice...heheh. But I managed to grab the rest of the Liv in Wonderland dolls at a 3rd Target I visited (went to a total of 4 in the last 2 days) all 5 gals are in my posession!

  9. Could you drill s hole in s moxie teens head so the liv wig would fit? Visit my site to leave a reply.

  10. Sorry that link was wrong. This ones right.

  11. I have just got my first Moxie Teenz doll (tristen 1st wave) yesterday. I had my eye on this doll for over a year and looked at her again since I heard on another doll page that they heard these dolls are getting discontinued and many are snapping up the first edition wigged versions and the current prom ones (I only like Gavin).

    I majorly collect 12" dolls and it's been a very long time since I wanted a bigger doll (I have Two early Gene Marshalls; red venus and a brunette simply) and my mom happened to be looking my computer screen's way -she's a porcelain doll collector; too fragile for my tastes- and asked "who's that?" Tristen 'She's very pretty, do you want her?" yeah, I have for a while... "Okay, I'll get it for you for christmas" Nothing like your mom to make you feel 6 years old again and back at the toy section of Emporium Capwell buying your holiday doll for you (now you know how old I am almost!)

    Anyway, back to the doll, I really am not liking what they did to the Prom Tristen (I just saw a newer one wearing Glasses so I call her the "new Tristen" Fashion designer I think they called her, unless she is another country's variant of the original) super el cheapo in production and no warmth in her eyes like the first one.

    I am a super picky adult collector and I pick up only what I really love so I don't regret the purchase and more timely before they are sold out most of the time. I just got into the kick of buying dolls with glass or shiny glass looking painted eyes (mini Pullip)last year and just purchased my two first nude liv dolls, I like the punk rock looking ones over the snooki faced ones but their wigs do not look right on their heads badly scaled and not styled very well -too thick-

    And oh, about those tag supports on the back of doll's heads? Clip them as sort as you can and then push the ends through the inside of their head with the solid end of a pen so you don't feel them while restyling their hair/ kid's fingers don't get pricked.

    And that lady above thought she wrote a tome! I hope I was within the subject enough, I do not comment often on these threads.

  12. ^ BTW My nickname was moxie before these dolls came out!

  13. My daughter wants a house for her Moxie Teenz dolls, but all the Barbie houses are too small for this 14 inch doll. Does anyone know what doll house would work for these larger dolls?

  14. I just got the new Bijou doll, and she was only $15. I also got a Liv doll, which was very cheap, because of being discontinued. ;( I like the new Moxie Teens, but I wished they had wigs. I want to buy the afro wig, do you think it would be a waste of money to buy it and stuff her hair into the wig?

  15. Hi,

    I stumbled upon you well-written review of the Moxie Teenz dolls while searching for information on the third (I guess) wave. I own Bijou from wave 1 and saw a $10 third-wave Bijou yesterday at Marshall's. I left it there because I was not overly enthused about the dress and those oh-so plastic shoes. Since I woke up thinking about the doll this morning, I thought I would investigate further and perhaps go back and purchase the doll as a body donor. I'm still on the fence about the purchase but that may change by the end of the day; it's still early. I definitely would not have paid retail for it.

    Here's a tip on cutting and eliminating the plastic ties from the head: I use fingernail clippers to cut the ties as short as possible. Any remaining visible tie gets pressed into the doll's head.


  16. Apparently there's such a thing now as Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pets. I didn't believe it but I looked on the toysrus and amazon websites and they're there. What do you think? :-P

  17. OMG. I was at ToysRUs tonight to get a Bratzillaz Meygana. Check. Then, at a random place in the store there's a box with a Moxie Teenz doll (Leigh) at a 75% discount. I had heard the name but didn't realize what they were so I was surprised to see set-in eyes, nice eyelashes and a very appealing size! I bought it, of course. Realizing that they've been discontinued I went to the ToysRUs web store. They had one Tristen and one Melrose. That was all! I just finalized the order and I feel lucky to have secured myself the last ones.

  18. How posable are the older ones? Can they stand on thier own?

  19. Hi! I LOVE the Moxie Teenz and am in the process of collecting everything form their line, from the time they were first introduced to their final wave. All I'm missing now is the Tristen variant "Fashion Designer" (with the black-framed glasses)and BOTH first wave and variant Arizona (with the boom box). Anyone have these dolls boxed that they'd like to sell to me? Please email me at --Please, please send me an email, I am very serious about purchasing these dolls!
    I completely agree with everyone who has said that the Moxie Teenz would have been absolutely magically beautiful and perfect if MGA had really added quality accessories to the entire line, and CONTINUED to make the dolls with wigs (but made them fit better) instead of making them with rooted hair. Other than that, I am a huge fan, they are the most beautiful ontemporary dolls f all, the shape of their faces, eyes, mouth, etc., are just superb. has anyone heard that MGA is going to be releasing a Special Edition wave of Moxie Teenz for Christmas 2013? I think I read that somewhere on a blog, so I emailed MGA and they said that they cannot divulge any future plans that the company may have to the public regarding any of their products.
    One more thing: Does anyone know if Monster High shoes fit Moxie Teenz? If not, which dolls do? Some peple have suggested other dolls that are plush or that wear clothing and shoes that look too "youthful" for the Moxie Teenz. Any suggestions would help.

  20. emmmmm i love moxie teens And, i LOve, every single CHARACTERSMelrose is the brainy and beautiful college girl who has a way with words and a passion for speaking her mind. Rocking a fierce fashion sense, this strong-minded smarty is the host of her own podcast where she shares her opinions on college life, current events, politics, relationships and everything else in between. Melrose is all about keeping a straight A average in school and when she’s not studying she can usually be found writing. She loves music and songwriting and she writes songs that express her feelings and ideas about the world. Melrose loves to debate so watch out because she seriously stands her ground when she thinks she's right. Melrose likes to chill out by watching reality TV, sometimes followed by a night of dancing with her best girlsHealthy and super-fit, Bijou’s the photographer with an eye on world events. Bijou dreams of saving the world one person at a time by helping to feed hungry people everywhere. Bijou’s a health nut and she hopes to study while abroad and take courses in nutrition, history, and the environment – all while volunteering for her favorite causes. She uses her passion for photography as a way of capturing the lives of those she encounters and she hopes these images can help educate people back home. Bijou hopes that someday her snaps might grace the cover of National Geographic or Time magazine.Tristen’s the artist with an eye for style. With an outside-the-box point of view and a passion for rule-breaking, Tristen fought to earn herself a coveted apprenticeship under one of the hottest up and coming fashion designers. Tristen’s always game for anything new and unexpected and she’s willing to work like crazy to make her dreams come true. This girl’s great at spotting trends and she spends her free time searching for inspiration from local street fashion, sketching big ideas, and studying foreign languages so that she can eventually move to one of the fashion capitals of the world like Paris, Milan, or Tokyo. Tristen’s not great with time management, but that has trained her to think on her toes.Almost too perfect to believe, Arizona’s the songstress with a gorgeously girly sense of style. Arizona dreams of becoming a Broadway star and she feels there’s no time to waste. She practices her singing for three hours every night, after which she rests her “instrument” with meditation, a long hot bath, and herbal tea. Every morning she’s off to auditions and in the evenings she takes grueling dance and voice lessons. Organization is everything for Arizona and she hates surprises. She always assembles her outfits the night before and she puts careful thought into how she’ll make a subtly chic statement. She gives fantastic advice, but she sometimes gets too caught up in talking about herself. Still, Arizona's a super-loyal friend you can always count on ahh my hand is hurting me ,

  21. Man... There discontinued now, and I just heard about them! The older version looks so neat!

  22. I have put several Liv heads on Moxie Teen bodies - one gets a much better proportioned doll. Sadly, this will only work with a couple of the skin tones. To me, the Moxie face is just too round to go on an adult body, too much like a cheap generic doll, in spite of the eyelashes and wigs. To me, the lack of an interesting sculpt is the main reason why this line failed.

  23. I have a question. The first comment I see is from Kristi, She mentions going to TRU and buying Bijou. Can anyone tell me what TRU is ? Or a link please .

  24. Hi Nifty, that's short for Toys R Us. I fear they're sold out of the Moxie Teenz now, at least online. Maybe some of the real stores still have them? They are certainly getting hard to find!

  25. Now pretty much impossible to find. They keep stopping production on dolls right when my DGD become of age to have fun with them. LOL!

  26. Will the Moxie Teenz come back in 2015...they are so pretty and tall.

  27. Please sign here to try to bring back the awesome moxie teenz!

  28. Hi are you selling any of your moxie teenz dolls?

  29. I like these faces so much better than the Liv faces. I bought some MT and Livs on eBay, but I wish I hadn't found them when they'd been discontinued so long. I like the articulation on MH dolls, but hate their torsos. (I like the liv articulation better than the MT articulation.). My kingdom for a pretty, nicely-articulated play line doll with a reasonable body.

    1. Oh, I want all that AND a regular-sized head. KTHXBYE!